The Greeny Channel is a cartoon channel that is owned by CyMedia (formerly GreenyWorld Enterprises). The channel was originally known as Pix until September 2019.

The Greeny Channel (first era)


Tgc prerelase

1987, Robert Stainton and Audel LaRoque got rights from to FOX, Nickelodeon, Sony, Disney, WB, MGM, Universal, Paramount, and much much more to put their shows all in one channel. 1 year later, the prelaunch of TGC showed a montage of classic cartoons and classic Greenytoons. And thus, The Greeny Channel was born.

At first, the then-impoverished Greeny Channel was forced to make many concessions on behalf of its severely limited budget. The company's flagship television block, Greeny Time!, was hosted by Howard and Bill (who were actually two unsold Snerf muppet puppets by Ideal Toys being operated by a former bus driver) and a guy in a Gorilla suit, "Barry the Gorilla," who, sounding bored, told what was coming up next. Many people did not know that the channel existed.


The Greeny Channel logo.

During the early 1990's, the channel became more noticed, as a result of extensive funding by Apple Entertainment, Inc. with new idents and branding that would later be adapted for Minimax in Spain.


The Greeny Channel Custom Splat


The greeny channel


Tgc new logo



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The Greeny Channel (second era)

2018 (unused)

Originally Pix was renamed back to The Greeny Channel but the deal was a total fail.

2019 (tentative)

TGC new

In July 2019, a deal was made to relaunch The Greeny Channel. The channel will relaunch on September 1st, 2019.

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A prototype ident.

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