The Arena is a children's gaming channel owned by Scratch Media

ScratchTerrel Hyper

Early-Mid 2016

ScratchTerrel Hyper 2016

In 2016, ScratchTerrel Network announced to launch a gaming chanel under the name "ScratchTerrel Hyper.

TerrelTheAnimator Network Gaming

Mid 2016-Late 2017

TerrelTheAnimator Network Gaming 2016

This logo was changed to look like the main channel's design during the time however this remains as the only channel to have the neon look.

Mega G4

Late 2017-April 2018

Mega G4 2017

In 2017, Mega announced to revive the G4 brand under the Mega G4 replacing TerrelTheAnimator Network Gaming.


April-August 2018

STN E3 Original logo

The logo was changed once again to match STN's. The name was changed.

August 2018-February 2019

STN E3 August 2018

February-April 2019

STN E3 February 2019

The logo was changed to have the box smaller.

The Arena

April 2019-present

The Arena April 2019

In 2019, STN E3 became The Arena

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