The '80s was a comedy show that aired on Fisk! and EmoTV from June 13, 2003 to May 12, 2008. It was the only show that was moved to EmoTV after Fisk! went defunct in 2005. The series revolves around a nostalgist who has a longing for things "to go back the way it was back in the past", but quickly finds out that it's not all good. It received mostly positive reception but suffered low ratings, which caused it to be canned in 2008, and has since developed a cult following.

The show was originally supposed to be titled The '80s Show (as seen in the pilot), however Fisk! felt that people may confuse it as the unrelated show of the same name.





Some minor alterations were made, such as the text becoming steel and Fisk! being changed to EmoTV.