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VTE Fenix

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1 Co-owned with TMK Corp.

To-do list

  • Come up with a name for the general entertainment brand under which these channels will be revived and integrated under.

List of assets

Television channels

General entertainment

Timeshift channels
  • RTV+1 - United Kingdom, nationwide




News and sports

Thematic channels

Nation-specific thematic channels
Thematic programming blocks
  • Asahi Showcase - movies, United States


Original content production

  • ben's32 - cable television production company, similar to fox21
  • Rainbow Pay Television - pay-per-view content distribution company
  • Rainbow Network Television - network television content distribution company
  • Crocodile Originals - international television production company based in UK and Canada
  • GBC Television Animation - television animation division

International broadcasting

Other companies

Technology, digital media and gaming

Filmed entertainment

  • Castle Moon Entertainment - a film production company similar to New Line Cinema, Miramax and Castle Rock Entertainment, etc
  • Cinv - Japanese film investment fund
  • Optimum Kinowelt - German film distributor
  • Alive Films - an arthouse film production company similar to Focus Features and A24, etc
  • Aurum Films - Spanish film distributor
  • Google Pictures Imageworks - in-house visual effects division
  • Rainbow 1440 Entertainment - direct-to-video film division
  • Home entertainment companies:
    • Bealina Video (South Korea)
    • Manhã Video (Brazil)
    • Actuación Video (Argentina)
    • DuMont Home Video (Southeast Asia)

Theme parks and real estate