20190704 204442.png Dare.png Cloo-main-logo.png GoTV.png MemeTV.png Dice 2019.png OD.png
20190706 141306.png Thrill logo.png
ZEBC 2019.png
El Pol.png Ene.svg Blk 2019.png 20191024 134809.png

20190724 211127.png



AMC Networks International LATAM Zoytex (10%)

AMCNI LATAM channels (AMCelgourmetMás ChicFilm&ArtsSundance TVEuropa EuropaTVCortos) (distribution to Zoytex only) • Canal FamilyFamily CHRGD ZoytexMinimax ZoytexQubo ZoytexCanal Panda Zoytex

RKO IntLat 2009.svg

RKO International Latin America


Other channels:
GanadorTV RintiriCPN 28 (Zoytex) • CPN 21 (Tqak) • UWN Latin (Saluran UWN (Croeya)Livre (Brazil)UWN Latina (Peru) • Sony Cuben (Schelipoerys, co-owned with Sony Pictures Entertainment) • UWN Pernambuco (Pernambuco state only))

International versions of CPN channels:
RTC: RTC South AmericaRTC Central AmericaRTC CaribbeanRTC Croeyan
ZEBC: Latin America
UWN: GawahBarokia

Channels operated under license:
WarnerMedia: Pogo (Latin America)

Disney: Fox Premium Thriller (Other)Fox Premium Sci-FiFox Premium 3 (Brazil)Fox Premium 4 (Brazil)

RTC logo 2019.png

RTC Communications

RTC 1RTC 2RTC 3RTC 4RTC 5RTC NewsRTC +1RTC EspañolRTC ZhongwenRTC NihongoTelemontecarloTeleGenovaImolaVisioRTCinema (RTC Amore)

Vivo 2019.png

(UK, Germany, Ireland, Benelux, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy)

VivoVivo Cinema (Vivo Cinema Family)Vivo Screensport

20190820 201221.png

Antena Televisi Media


SKY 2009.png

Sky Nuclear Islands LP

Sky Cuben

A joint venture with Comcast.

Five.tv: Seven.tv

UWN Europe

Voiture (France)Kanal Zwei (Germany)Imperium (Sweden)Intelligent (Austria)Unghiuri (Romania)Objekter (Denmark)Lokal (Norway)Przejścia (Poland)Replondiam (Ireland)Canale Tre (Italy)Linghinea (Robloxian)Monte Carlo Fernsehen (Switzerland, German language) • BTV (UK) • La4UWN France (France) • Cubentonia Channel

Other channels:
DuriaSpadekNovePGCinecorn (Cinecorn On Demand)TV4 (Herzoland)QMusic (France)CPN 10 (Okatia) • CPN Sallygarazetba (Island of Sally)

International versions of CPN channels:
Channel 36: 36Nordic
RTC: RTC EuropeRTC British IslesRTC NordicRTC Cubentonian
Dice: Italy
Wyldlyfe: Italy
Ganador: France
Lyf Kitchen: Poland
Thrill: Italy
Centrum: Romania
ZEBC: UK (Fox 35 (On-air graphics/In-program station IDs/Classic station IDs) • FX 38)VarkiaNordic1
EmoTV: Italy
Channel Z: Floweria
Manmade: EuropeItaly
Blk: Europe
Puffy AmiYumi: Europe
UWN:United KingdomUkraineSerbiaEngary


1 Co-owned with N2Media


Other channels:
Select (Middle East)Lucky 7 Arabia (soon Inch Arabia)Island Television (Israel)

International versions of CPN channels:
Ganador: Middle East & Africa
EmoTV: Middle East & Africa
Dare: Middle East & Africa
Manmade: Middle East
Blk: Africa

UWN: UWN AfricaUWN Middle East

NMGConlandia Logo.svg

National Media Group (Conlandia)

Television channels:
NTVNTV PlusNTV DocsNTV News 24

Radio stations:
National Radio NetworkRadio ZVirgin RadioThe Breeze

Radio Network of Conlandia

RNC OneSportRadio ConlandiaSub FMPower FMVibe FMSmooth FMKiss FM

GauLife 2016.png

GauLife Entertainment1: YTV GauTeletoon Gau (Japanese version)Treehouse GauMyx GauGulli GauCanal J GauTiji GauCBBC GauBBC Earth GauCBeebies GauDTour GauDiscovery Family Gau2Knowledge Channel GauAsianovela Channel GauInch GauGreen Channel GauMMG2 GauDejaView GauMetro Channel GauSlice GauBBC Lifestyle GauFYI Gau10Nelvana Skoyoto

Vietnam Television Broadcasting logo.png
Vietnam Television Broadcasting

VTB 1 (Other)VTB 2 (Other)VTB 3 (Other)VTB 4 (Other)VTB 5 (Other)VTB 6 (Other)VTB 8 (Other)VTB 9 (Other)

StarSKA 2020.svg


StarNipponStarBlueStarEmeraldStarGoldStarKamustaStarLifeStarMusicStarSilverStarSportsStarTravelStarNGAYONStarKidsStarfish!Central NewsCentral BalitaCentral HabanCentral.com.rk
Central: Central 1 (Other)Central 2 (Other)Central 3 (Other)Central 4 (Other)Central HD

TVK Entertainment
(Gomezado, Hong Kong, Nueva Peking, Taiwan and Zhukara)

TVKTVK 2TVK MagicTVK JapaneseTVK Korean

CPN Kapamilya Networks
(Philippines/Taugaran, in partnership with ABS-CBN Global)


Channel Z 2019.png

Channel Z

Greater China & TaiwanSouth KoreaHong KongJapanIndonesiaSingapore

UWN Asia

Guanxia (China)Zahabi (Pakistan)Tokyo Bandoru (Japan)Pengalaman (Singapore)Kanal yeddi (Azerbaijan)Peregruzka (Russia)TV Mandarin (Chinese, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau) • UWN Zone (India) • TVES (Rastvania) • Megakarya 1 (Lechutan) • Thaedal One (Thaedal) • One Cuben (Philippines, co-owned with The 5 Network and Cignal)

Other channels:
Ex-CNP Corporation channels (CNP EncoreCNPBeCNP NewsCNP SportsCNP MoviesCNP Power)TV5 (Schaalberg)K3 (Pubog)PBS & Viacom Chinese ChannelPBS & Viacom Chinese InfoNewsThe CW Viva CinemaUltra Cinema (FamilyPlus5 Star) • NZ4KThe Six Network (Australia) • Ultra EduAVTIndependent Television (Sakaria)TvQ1ZEBC PanasiaCPN 4 (Ringia) • Light TV (Taugaran)12CPN 16 (Scratchia)

International versions of CPN channels:
RTC: RTC OasinanRTC Harmonian
Cloo: India, China and Southeast Asia
The Lane: India, China and Southeast Asia
Lyf: Southeast Asia, India & China
Ganador: Australia
Lyf Kitchen: AustraliaSoutheast Asia, India & China
Thrill: India and ChinaSoutheast AsiaAustraliaEshia
Centrum: AustraliaSoutheast Asia, China & India
ZEBC: Ringia (ZEBC Ringia Japanese)IndiaRandomia
Otherkind: Australia (Pride)India and Southeast Asia
UWN: SakariaKazakhstanAustralia

Channels operated under license:
WarnerMedia: CN RandomiaAdult Swim Japan

1 Co-owned with BBC Studios, ABS-CBN, M6 and Corus Entertainment
2 Co-owned with Discovery Inc.
10 Co-owned with A&E Networks

12 Co-owned with Viva, Inc.

Prime AN 2019.png

Prime Network Group
Prime Television Prime (Other): Prime Go!Prime GemPrime Nihongo
Prime Radio The Edge | The Rock | The Sound | Radio Live

CapitalTV 2019.png

Free-to-air television channels:
Capital TV (Other) | CapitalTwo
Cable channels
Capital Home | Capital Food | CKlub | CMelody (other) | Capital Comedy | CapitalNews
International Channels
Metro TV (other)

Quest Broadcasting Inc.

Quest Broadcasting TelevisionQuest RadioQuest News NorthQuest News South

Star Media

Star TVSFTVOne El Kadsre News NetworkAWE


SimMedia Inc.

SimMedia Inc.'s FTA channels (SimTVSimTwoSimKidsSimJRSimNewsSimSportsSimMusicSimLiving)SimHBOSimMTVSimDisneySimNickSimStyleSimCBSSimCultureSimWorldSimUSASimEK

Other channels:
USVIAbeta TelevisionManmadeArcadiaCPN 7 (Alexonia) (Other)Eleven ScotilandiaUakerunuu/UWN AzaraQueksis/UWN Canada (5 Network)UCP-TV/UWN Seahaus

International versions of CPN channels:
RTC: RTC El KadsreianRTC VertinelianRTC Alexonian
Lyf: El Kadsre (Other)
ZEBC: AlolaCanada1RobloxiaDanlandEl Kadsre
EmoTV: El KadsreFrancophone Canada
Dare: El Kadsre (CX+)
Otherkind: El Kadsre
Puffy AmiYumi: YingYangiaInfinityLand
UWN: El KadsreVicnora

Channels operated under license:
WarnerMedia: HBO Plus (El Kadsre)
Discovery: Investigation Discovery (El Kadsre)
Globo: Globo Canada
SBS (licensed to Star Media): SBS El KadsreSBS 2SBS FoodSBS World MoviesNITV
Corus Entertainment: TBA

11 Co-owned with Viacom, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures and AMC Networks

12 Licensed to Pira TV Group.

Notable series: Angry Birds: Supreme UniverseAdventures of MYCUNBig Brother (Brysen)ChrisStadium Academy: The SeriesIce BreakersThe Adventures Of D&PPotions 101 (Potions 101 Live) • Forts (CanadaUKUSARomania)The Walk HomeFibreOP StreetBehind The Scenes With Horsehead StudiosBrysen UniversityUp To Date With Brysen BrodieNash!

VTE Programmes
Current programming:

Azara Live MusicRock n' MusicCubenRocks Channel's New Year Wonderful Rocking Live (New Year's Eve) • Country LiveCubenRocks Channel 1o'clock Movie TimeCubenRocks' Christmas Movie Session (Christmas' Day) • Laughing Comedians • Two and the Half Men • This is Us • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. • The 5 Mrs. Buchanans • The Ping Pong LadiesCubenRocks • The Robbies • Mrs. Housewives • New Yorkers • 2 Broke Girls • Middle School BoysGirls GangzHigh School GirlsSelf-Preservation • The X Files • Chicago • Countryballs: The Animated SeriesBattle for BFDIInanimate Insanity IISonic BoomThe Loud HouseTotal Drama IslandThe Powerpuff GirlsThe CubenRocks ShowCountry NinjasObject InvasionNonexistent Living • Jelly Jamm • TROC • Stickers Together • Ollie and Friends • Total Drama Ridonculous Race • Open Source Objects • Yet Another Gameshow • The WispsCash AttackEarthquakeTime Travel BattleFire EmblemDark SoulsBaby Alive • Emmerdale • The Picture and Video ReviewThe OJ ShowThe Making • Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes • Entertainment Movies • The Oprah Winey Show • WeeklyHeartbeatThe Money TreeWheel of FortuneJeopardy! • Blockbusters • Good Morning CubenRocks (7am) • CubenRocks Channel News at 3pmCubenRocks Channel News at 6pmGood Evening CubenRocks (11pm) • The Sole Survivor (UEKN) • SurvivorBig BrotherThe Green Island Challengers • That Mitchell and Webb Look • Strike it Rich • The Chase • The Passage • Gifted • The Wild • The Addams Family • The Look-Away • Cookie Run • Numberblocks • Hi-5 • Mrs. Brown's Boys • Star Trek • Doctor Who • The Fresh Price of Bel AirCuba and Friends

Former programming: Mens in the Airport • King of the Hill • Family Guy • Doctor Who Confidential • MacGyver • Brawl of the ObjectsObject CrossoversBattle for Dream Island • Megaman • IDFB • Johnny Bravo • Object Obesity R'Donkeyless RaceDexter's Laboratory (with Talpa) • Inanimate TVIt's... The Eric Crepitu Show!The Mouse Trapz ShowMalachi TyrusObject InsanityBecky BucketBattle of Object Destination • Fist of the North Star • Anything EverObject OverloadObject Lockdown

Upcoming programming: Little Britain • The Wrong Mens • Code RedCubenRocks's Animate Your ImagineThe Fight for ParadiseEntity WarfieldObject TrekTurbo Object BrawlCool InsanityMelody StarThe Land of Brimton • We Bare Bears • Koopatroopa: The Animated Series • The Amazing World of Gumball • Tickety Toc • Object RedundancyCookie to the Clocktown • Top Gear • Mock the Week • The New LookPress Your Luck • Who Want to Be a Millionare? • Action SessionCubenRocks Channel 3pm Movie TimeCubenRocks Channel's Biggest RealityObject ColorsObject MultiverseObject Saga • Object Lockout

VTE UWN Comedy Programmes
UWN Comedy 2020 logo.png

Current programming: TBA


Kpop Live 4 shows and album seasons
Weekly Idol • K-pop ShowMomoland (album)

Kpop Live 9 shows and album seasons
K-RUSH • M Countdown • MAMA Music Awards


36Media International Productions: Asia:
CNP Studios (Philippines)CNP Cable Productions (formerly CNP20; Philippines)36Studios (Gau)36Dub (Citoyens Republic)TVK FilmsSix Productions (Australia)Q Media Asia (Singapore, serves entire Asia) (RKO-SMG Ventures ChinaRKO-Disney Ventures India) Europe:
Crater Films (Netherlands)A Studios (UK)RKO-FOX Ventures Germany (50%)RKO-MGM Ventures UKRKO-Troma Ventures Scandinavia (50%)RKO-WB Ventures Italy (50%)RKO-RTÉ Ventures Ireland (50%) Oceania:
Elepeart Media (Australia) Latin America:
36ContenidosRKO-Globo Ventures Brazil (50%)RKO-Sony Ventures Latin America (50%) North America:
36Media: WOW NetworkSLN! Media Group
Others: CNP Studios El KadsreVertinelian Television (Vertinelia)

Joint ventures:

Wyldlyfe Television Partners and Marketing Services SA: AnimalWyldlyfe

CubenRocks Channel joint ventures: Nick Cuben (co-owned with ViacomCBS) • Showtime Cuben (co-owned with ViacomCBS) • BBC Cuben (co-owned with BBC) • ITV Cuben (co-owned with ITV plc) • Globo Cuben (co-owned with Grupo Globo) • FXC (co-owned with Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer International)

Quest International Home Entertainment Group:

Media Sales: Quest Advertising Sales
Syndication: Ben's Programs Services
Home Entertainment: Ultra Video and Ultra Home EntertainmentCNP Studios Global Entertainment

Quest Media&Entertainment Private Networks:

RTC Communications TV Stations

RTC Radio 2019 logo.png

RTC Radio 1RTC Radio 2RTC Radio 3RTC News (radio)

RTC Communications Home Entertainment
RTC CartoonsRTC MusicRTC SportsRTC NascarRTC EduRTC KindRTC World (RTC North America)

CubenRocks Home Entertainment
Wild Home Video (Vertinelia) • Xuxa Video (Brazil) • Line Home EntertainmentNext Star DVD (Japan) • Crossovers Video (UK) • Rush Home Entertainment (Australia) • CBFrance (France) • Q145 VideoCubenRocks Home EntertainmentVertinelia Video (Vertinelia) • Swediben Home Entertainment (Cubentonia) • Qauzy Home Video Distribution (Oasina) • Big Video (Harmonia) • Notey Home VideoObjectmation Video

Other Prime Network Group assets:
Prime.co.anPrime NewsPrime World of SportsPrime FilmsPrime FM

Quest Radio assets:
Zoop Radio (Zoop Radio ClassicalZoop Radio Live)KCTW (Los Angeles) • WBMA 94.7 (classic hip hop, Boston) • DQRM (Metro Manila) • CNP RadioSimRadio 1SimRadio 2SimRadio 3SimRadio 4SimRadio Light • Qualis Radio (New York/Chicago)RKO Radio (RKO Country RadioRKO R&B RadioRKO Oldies RadioRKO Jazz RadioRKO Radio BrazilRKO Radio New Zealand)CubenRocks on Radio FMCPN Radio

Other CPN International Channels assets:
CNP Hub (Philippines)CNP Sport (CNP Racing)CNP News (CNP BreakfastCNP Newslens)The BBB GroupIslands-FENYG SLN! (majority stake)



Outcome (after being acquired by TanardoLava)

  • Must sell everything once owned by UWM to T&C Corporation.
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