TeléOcho, an acronym for Televisión Canal Ocho de Alacratino (English: Channel Eight of Alacratino Television), is one of the Mexico major television networks, being owned by Televisa. The network is headquartered in Alarañito, Mexico

TeléOcho (first era)


TeléOcho (1960-1973)
TeléOcho was bid by Japanese television broadcaster Fuji Television.

1969-June 1970s

TeléOcho was bid by Chile television broadcaster Canal 13.

Televisión Canal Ocho de Alacratino

June 1970s-March 1978

Globo Logo 1966
Televisión Canal Ocho de Alacratino was bid by Brazilian television broadcaster Rede Globo.

The evolution of this station logo did not follow the evolution of the station's brand. It consists of the 1966 Rede Globo logo but was used until March 1978.

April 1978-April 25, 1980

Globo 1975 2

April 26, 1980 - March 20, 1986


March 21, 1986 - January 1, 1991

Rede Globo 1989

January 2, 1991 - March 21, 1994

Rede Globo 1991

TeléOcho (secound era)


TeléOcho (1994-1996)

TeléOcho was bid by Televisa and make televisa logo with a fusion with first logo in 1959


TeléOcho (2001-2016)


TeléOcho (2016)
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