Channel Two


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TWO TV began transmissions on October 26th 1987 under the original name (Channel Two).


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On January 2nd 1996, Channel 2 updated it's 1987 logo where both the number two and the circle changed their color to blue. In addition, the number two was modified.


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To coincide with the new year's day coverage, on December 31st 1999, Channel 2 has got a new look, with the number 2 being placed on a blue square instead of a circle.


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On January 17th 2005, Channel Two replaced the 1999 logo with a new one. The new logo features the "Channel" text in black color, with the "TWO" text appearing in RGB colors. This logo is considered popular among viewers.


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In February 2009, Channel 2 updated its logo where the texts had their fonts changed.



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On January 2nd, 2017, Channel Two has changed it's name to simply TWO, though it is also called TWO TV on promos.

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