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TV Asahi Holdings Corporation partnered with CTV Corporation to launch it's Centralian network, which based of the Japanese counterpart of same name.

In 1991, It was added to CSB Multichannels.

The same year, it improved it's startup/closedown sequence, while the startup is like 'starts with an sunrise with callsign, number logo, japanese name, and english name, the music called "Join Us" plays, the things from centralia, and the "arena made of ice and snow" snow/ice part breaks, and then there more things until TV Asahi Centralia logo appears on white background', the closedown is 'at the night city, the music called "Join Us" plays, you see persons walking from Centralia, and then it fades to white background, making a cube that represents TV Asahi Centralia programs at the time "an several live-action shows from TV Asahi, and center of the cube on the other side represents Doraemon (1979)", and then the text "TV Asahi Centralia" slides from right to left, and then the other view of Centralian buildings like "Shizu Hotel, CTV's building, FamilyMart, Union Pinewood Studios, Centralia City bridge", and then it goes to an view of the then-current building with callsign, number logo, japanese name, and english name, for 10 seconds until fading to same TV Asahi Centralia logo seen in 1991-2001 startup'.


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TV Asahi Centralia 2003.png

Until 2014, Doraemon was TV Asahi Centralia's mascot.