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TVNZ El Kadsre is an El Kadsre satellite television channel was launched on February 1, 1996. It is owned by El TV Kadsre and Television New Zealand. TVNZ El Kadsre provides the El Kadsreian people programming with TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Three, TVNZ Duke and Prime in New Zealand TV channels.




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VTE Pay TV Channels in El Kadsre
Pay television providers:

ElStar | Interstellar | Extennel | Cignal | DirecTV

El TV Kadsre Dish Corporation:
El Kadsreian Theater | The Docs | Home Economics Channel | TVNZ El Kadsre | TV Australia | TV Japan | TV Mexico | ETVK-NBC (50%) | El TV Kadsre Globo (50%) | RecordTV El Kadsre | CBC El Kadsre | SABC El Kadsre | El TV Kadsre Explore 1 | El TV Kadsre Explore 2 | El TV Kadsre Explore 3 | El TV Kadsre X-Zyte | El TV Kadsre Inside | El TV Kadsre Spark | El TV Kadsre Series | El TV Kadsre Christmas Channel | El TV Kadsre Halloween Channel | Family Channel | Family Jr. | TV5 El Kadsre

Banushen Media Corporation:
The Big Channel | Animax (Co-owned by Sony Pictures Television El Kadsre) | Cinetoon/Cinetoon at Night (Co-owned by Corus Entertainment) | Al Jazeera (Co-owned by Al Jazeera Media Network) | beIN Sports 1 (Co-owned by beIN Media Group) | beIN Sports 2 (Co-owned by beIN Media Group) | beIN Sports 3 (Co-owned by beIN Media Group) | BeIN Movies (Co-owned by beIN Media Group)

Laserium Networks:
Screen | Ultra EK

Other channels:
ElStar One | ElStar Two | RT | FTV | TFC | PTV | RTC El Kadsreian | TV2 | Fashion TV | Gulli | Tiin | Super3 | Qubo | UDO | PBS America | M6 | RTQ International | Tresai International | Cignal Series | TSN World | Europa TV | Schelipoerys Global | Nostalgic El Kadsre | Manmade | Jetix

Defunct channels:
KidsCo | Home Theater Network | FitTV | Discovery Health | EK F&G

VTE El TV Kadsre Television Network
El TV Kadsre 2017.png

El TV Kadsre 1 (Other) | El TV Kadsre 2 (Other) | El TV Kadsre 3 (Other) | El TV Kadsre 4 (Other) | El TV Kadsre 5 (Other) | El TV Kadsre 24 | El TV Kadsre Spanish | El TV Kadsre Japanese | El TV Kadsre Français | El TV Kadsre Crootch | El TV Kadsre Filipino | El TV Kadsre Vicnoran | El TV Kadsre Korean | El TV Kadsre German | El TV Kadsre Arabic | ETVKK | ETVKK Retro | ETVKK Labs | ETVKPS | El TV Kadsre HD | El TV Kadsre 4K | El TV Kadsre Parliament | El TV Kadsre Explore 1 | El TV Kadsre Explore 2 | El TV Kadsre Explore 3 | El TV Kadsre X-Zyte | El TV Kadsre Spark | El TV Kadsre Christmas Channel | El TV Kadsre Halloween Channel | El TV Kadsre Inside | El TV Kadsre Series | El TV Kadsre Education | El TV Kadsre Sports | El TV Kadsre Eukestauzia | El TV Kadsre Ikeda | El TV Kadsre Taugaran | El TV Kadsre Lechutan | LECTV | TVDH | El TV Kadsre Artist Center | El TV Kadsre Community Support Foundation | El TV Kadsre Television (On-screen logos) | El TV Kadsre Television Centre | El TV Kadsre Dish Corporation (Interstellar | Extennel) | TVNZ El Kadsre (co-owned with Television New Zealand) | TV Australia | TV Japan | TV Mexico | TV Chile | TV Bulgaria | RecordTV El Kadsre (co-owned with Grupo Record) | CBC El Kadsre (co-owned with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) | SABC El Kadsre (co-owend with South African Broadcasting Corporation) | El Kadsreian Theater | The Docs | Home Economics Channel | ETVK-NBC (50%) | Rede Globo El Kadsre (50%) (co-owned with Grupo Globo) | Lauren Television | Nickelodeon (65%) | Nick Jr. (65%) | Nicktoons (65%) | Sonic Nickelodeon (50%) | Disney Channel | Disney XD | Disney Junior | El TV Kadsre Television (On-screen logos) | NTV (Other) | CER2 | PAX (Romrac) | UKN (Co-owned with the Banushen Media Corporation) (Other) | ETVK American Greetings | El TV Kadsre 90 Years

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VTVEN (Other) | TWO2 (Other)

Treet 2017.png
Treet TV1 (Other) | Treet TV2 (Other) | 2k | MNC | Treet Television | Treet Films | Treet Home Entertainment | Treet News | Treet International

STN 2017.png
STN 1 (Other) | STN 2 (Other) | STN Productions

EYE Network Official 2017.png
EYE TV1 (Other) | EYE TV2 | EYE TV3 | EYE TV Update | EYE Films

El TV Kadsre News 2017.png
El TV Kadsre News at 6 | El TV Kadsre News at 3 | 8.00 | El TV Kadsre Sportflash | The Newsroom | Breakfast | Insiders

SCL | SCL2 | SCL3 | SCL4 | SCL5 | SCL Premiere | SCL Everywhere | SCL ETVKK | SCL Vicnoran

Current Super News 2017.svg:
CSN | CSN 2 | ATORZ | ATV | Central | Grampian | HTV | Southern | QTV | Uluru | UTV | VTV | WPFT | CSN Star | CSN USA | CSN Spike | CSN Viva | CSN Select | CSN4Kids | CSN BBC News | CSN Studios | Columbia TriStar El TV Kadsre Productions

El TV Kadsre International 2017.png
El TV Kadsre America | El TV Kadsre Africa | El TV Kadsre Europe | El TV Kadsre Asia | El TV Kadsre Oceania | Current Super News (Australia) | Ras 2 (Cyrumuland) | Canal 11 (Olivera) | HT El Kadsre (Helvmark) co-owned by Helvsk Televisen | Hjallfordian Three (Hjallford) co-owned by Hjallfords Televisjon | CNT (Croeya) co-owned by Turner Broadcasting System | Q1 (Kensland) co-owned by Que Communications Network | Q2 (Kensland) co-owned by Que Communications Network | Alexonia 1 (Alexonia) | CNP (Philippines) co-owned by Bombo Radyo Philippines | TVA (Celdonia) | TVES (Rastvania) co-owned by CubenRocks | GTN (Goiky) | GOLD (Oceania) | Deluxe TV (United States) | Central 12 (Aubarole) | Engary8 (Engary) | Network Land (International and USA, 100% mistake)

El TV Kadsre Radio Network 2017.png
Radio 21 | Radio 22 | Radio 23 | Radio Classical | Radio Italo | Triple J (Triple J TV) | Triple J Unearthed | Double J

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Top 40 and hit radio
Self Radio (El Kadsre) | Lips 106 (Mahri) | Non-Stop-Pop FM (North El Kadsre) | The Splash (Sentan) | Jam FM (Vicnora)
Hot adult top 40 and adult contemporary
Hits FM (El Kadsre) | Head Radio (Mahri) | Power FM (North El Kadsre) | Yellow Radio (Sentan) | Stars Radio (Vicnora)
R&B and hip-hop
Yo! (El Kadsre) | Game FM (Mahri) | Beat FM (North El Kadsre) | The Vibe (Sentan) | Radio Vicnora (Vicnora)
Rock and alternative
EKRock (El Kadsre) | Channel X (Mahri) | Winamp Radio (North El Kadsre) | Radio Z (Sentan) | Vicnora Hardcore (Vicnora)
Easy listening
Smooth FM (El Kadsre) | Free FM (Mahri) | Jupiter Plus (North El Kadsre) | Sky Radio (Sentan) | Wildstyle (Vicnora)
News and talk
The Big Radio (El Kadsre) | Chatterbox FM (Mahri) | Radio Live (North El Kadsre) | RadioSentan (Sentan) | Intergrity 3.0 (Vicnora)
Latin music
Salsa FM (El Kadsre) | Radio Esplanade (Mahri) | Beach Radio (North El Kadsre) | San Sentan FM (Sentan) | El Radio (Vicnora)
J-Pop and Japanese music
Japan FM (El Kadsre) | Tomoshi (Mahri) | Radio Nico (North El Kadsre) | Sauzki (Sentan) | Vicnora Metropolis (Vicnora)

Subarashi Productions | Technic | Globalshi | Ster

Movie, Home Entertainment, and Animation:
El TV Kadsre Films (On-screen logos) | El TV Kadsre Film Classics | X-Scope Films | Helcar Films (Capulco) | Lumi Pictures (Glonisla) | R.A. Releasing (United States) | National Productions | Qix Films (India) | Teatro Pictures (Iberia) | Takibayan Interactive (Philippines) | El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment (Warning screens | On-screen logos) | El TV Kadsre Kids Home Entertainment | El TV Kadsre Animation (On-screen logos) | El TV Kadsre Cinemas | El TV Kadsre Advertising | Power Network

Games and Media:
El TV Kadsre Video Electronic System (game console) | El TV Kadsre Video Electronic System 2 (game console) | El TV Kadsre Games | El TV Kadsre.co.ek | El TV Player | Lio Books | El Kadsreian Melody (co-owned by Yaseen Film and Television Group and Universal Music Group) | E Records | United El Kadsreian Publishing

El TV Kadsre Magazine | El Design Group | El Kadsre News World

420 Pictures (United Kingdom) | Atlantic Video (New Zealand) | Code 82 Corporated | El TV Kadsre MCA Communications, Co. | El TV Kadsre Digital | El TV Kadsre DVD | El TV Kadsre Originals | Junvic Pictures | Junvic Television | Matura | N17 (United States) | NPX Disturbition | Rinoshi Video (Japan) | Ryu Hamasaki Releasing | Paora Pictures | Tsukuda | Visão Vídeo (Brazil) | VTV Home Video | Video A+Plus | Highlight Communications | United Vlokozuian Publishers | CSN UHD | Anglia (CSN) | Associated Rediffusion (CSN) | Border Television (CSN) | Meridian Television Australia | Sydney Weekend Television | Television South Western Australia (TSW) | TVS | TWW | Tyne Tees Television (CSN) | Westcountry | Westward (CSN) | Yorkshire Television

1All shows including Jamie's got Tentacles!, Irritating Stick, Turbofighters, Unwind with the Sweeties, Rage, Blue Peter (El Kadsreian version co-owned by British Broadcasting Corporation), Nexo Knights, Emergency Room, Y2K, Friday Night Live, El Kadsre Extras, Standing on the Top of the House & Neighbours are owned by El TV Kadsre Television Network. Technic Heroes is licenced by El TV Kadsre Television Network.

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VTE CPN Holdings

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CPN 2019 Logo Magneta.png

CPN Media Group (83%)
Co-owned with Seagrounds Financial Group (17%)

Pogobon Media & Entertainment:
Pogobon StudiosPogobon Originals

CPN Productions:
Wonder Media ProgramsBumblebee StudioCPN OriginalsRepublic Film EnterprisesCPN FilmsCPN Home EntertainmentCPN Distribution

Television channels:
CPN Media Channels: CPN Box OfficeCPN Movie ChannelFunbox TVCPN MixCPN Lifestyle
CPN Television: CPN One (Other)CPN Two (Other)CPN News (TV channelOther)CPN Kids (Other)CPN InternationalCPN 3 (Sentan) (Other)CPN 5 (Vicnora) (Other)CPN 6 (Screencold and Line) (Other)CPN 8 (Mahri) (Other)CPN 9 (North El Kadsre) (Other)DMP 1 (Taugaran)A2Z Taugaran (Taugaran)
Pogobon Media & Entertainment: Pogobon (TV channel)Pogobon Jr.Pogobon Extreme
CPN Sports: CPN Sports 1CPN Sports 2CPN Sports 3

United World Media new logo.png

TheCuben2006 Entertainment
Film production companies: United World FilmsGreen Seas FilmsAlagoas PicturesCalifornia INC. ProductionsWild Films (Vertinelia) • Insignia Productions (Hjallford) • VertineFilmThaifilmNotey FilmsObjectmation Productions
Television production companies: Hot Screen TelevisionUWN Original ProductionsObjectmation Original

CubenRocks Animation StudiosUWN+TodayCubenRocksSyracuse Games Inc.CubenRocks eWatchThe Graphics Design

Youtube channels
CubenRocksCubenRocks AdvertsCubenRocks GamesCubenRocks MinecraftCubenOnROBLOXCubenRocks MusicCubenRocks LogosCubenRocks LearningCuben's Rides and Attractions

CubenRocks Interactive video games
Scratch BattleThe Scratch Movie VideogamePen and Eraser Movie Videogame

TV channels
UWN (OtherHD3D (now defunct)) • UWNNPus4Glare!Network 17The FN (50%)1

UWN 2020.svg

Current multichannels (UWN branded)
UWN 2UWN ComedyUWN MusicUWN AdultsUWN CinemaUWN KidsUWN SportsUWN FamilyUWN ActionUWN AnimeUWN LivingUWN CookingUWN DokuUWN PerkeylandUWN HistoryUWN SciFiUWN TechUWN EntertainmentUWN PreschoolersUWN TeensUWN News 24UWN PowerUWN ClassicsUWN ZoneUWN Hits

Current multichannels (non-UWN branded)
Muchingbus NetworkThe FNGlare!Pus4Network 17

Owned Television Stations
KFLE (Springfield, MO) | KUDW-TV (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) | KUNC-TV (Sacramento, CA) | KUWA (Anchorage, AK) | KUWH-TV (Honolulu, HI) | KUWN-TV (Los Angeles, CA) | KUWU (Salt Lake City, UT) | KWSM-TV (Kansas City, MO) | WCIK (Cincinnati, OH) | WCN-TV (Atlanta, GA) | WMFL (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL) | WUCO-TV (Columbus, OH) | WUIN (Indianapolis, IN) | WUNO-TV (New Orleans, LA) | WUWC (Chicago, IL) | WUWD (Detroit, MI) | WUWK-TV (Louisville, KY) | WUWN-TV (New York City, NY) | WUWP-TV (Philadelphia, PA) | WUWT-TV (Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL)

VTE UWN Sports
UWN Sports.svg

UWN Summer OlympicsUWN Winter OlympicsUWN FIFA World CupFormula One on UWNUWN La LigaUWN Commonwealth GamesUWN Copa America


Canceled multichannels
UWN Hero

Defunct multichannels (CubenRocks branded)
CubenRocks Channel 3CubenRocks ChoiceCubenRocks Knowledge

Defunct multichannels (! TV branded)
Learning Zone! TVLiving TV!Life! TVDiscover! TV 2Objects! TVDrama! TVKids! TVChildren! TV

Defunct multichannels (non-CubenRocks or ! TV branded)
The Cartoon ChannelThe Kids ZoneFranceNetworkTheCuben2006 ComedyIndia ZoneThe Teenager ChannelThe Drama StationThe Sitcom ChannelThe Cinema ChannelKpop Live Cuben


CPN Television: CPN Online (CPN+TheCoolTimesCPN News OnlineCPN Sports Online) • CPN News Radio (under CPN News)
Pogobon Media & Entertainment: Pogobon Music

CPN Media Group: CPN InteractiveCPN MusicCPN StoreCPN FoundationCPN MagazineCPN ToysCPN Media Tower

1Co-owned with Glitch Productions.
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