TRS-02 Media (formerly known as TRS-02 Holdings, TRS-02 Entertainment, and TRS-02 Globe Media) is a Canadian media company.


File:TRS-02 Holdings.png
NewEarth Holdings brought TRS-02 Pictures in 1984 and changed their name to TRS-02 Holdings.


File:TRS-02 Entertainment 1985.png
Because the TRS-02 Holdings name was already used by the non-film division of TRS-02 Pictures, TRS-02 Holdings became TRS-02 Entertainment in 1985.


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File:TRS-02 Globe Media.png
TRS-02 Holdings became a joint venture between Thomas Hendren (the owner of TRS-02 Pictures until 1984, bought TRS-02 Media as well as NewEarth's holdings, including TRS-02 Independent Films (NewEarth Pictures before 1985), NewEarth (kept the NewEarth name, NewEarth Television before 1989) and the whole pre-1977 RKO Pictures library in 1992) and Bell Globemedia/CTVglobemedia/Bell Media in 2005 and changed its name to TRS-02 Globe Media.


File:TRS-02 Media.png In 2011, Bell Media backed out of the deal and TRS-02 Globe Media became TRS-02 Media.