Switchover Media was an Italian broadcasting company, owned by TVOD Ventures LLC, in turn owned by Old Dominion Media.

Switchover Media (first era)


Switchover Media 2009

Between 2009 and 2013, Switchover Media was an Italian broadcaster of television channels, starting in a management buyout of Jetix Italy in July 2009 and ending in its purchase by Discovery Communications in January 2013.

Switchover Media began with the Jetix Italy management agreeing to purchase the Jetix Italy company and channels GXT and K2 from Jetix Europe in July 2009 while managing the Jetix Italy channel until it re-brands as Disney XD in the fall. In June 2010, Switchover launched a channel for boys, Frisbee (not to be confused with Frisbee (SM&E), broadcast on Sky Italia and Digital terrestrial television. In 2012, Switchover moved out of the youth market with the launch of two specialized adult skewing channels. On May 14, SOM launched Giallo (“Yellow”) via digital terrestrial with crime drama, thrillers and whodunits programming from the US and Europe. In the Summer, the company launched Focus TV channel based on the popular science magazine of the same name on Italian digital terrestrial television. The channel was planned to be male focused factual based programming. In January 2013, Discovery Communications acquired Switchover Media, and all of channels has been fold into Discovery Networks.

Since then, GXT has been discountinued (in December 2014).

Switchover Media (second era)


SwitchOver Media

In June 2016, Suius M&E International Networks Europe acquired the channels Giallo, Focus and K2 from Discovery Networks Europe, integrated Focus into Max and Giallo into Julie, and revived Switchover Media as a parent company to the Max, Julie and K2 channels and planned upcoming channels.

On January 30, 2019, Max and Julie were replaced by Screen Spadek. The same day, Switchover Media was merged into Octagon Cable Entertainment.

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