Super Mario Advance 5: Super Mario Bros. and the Lost Levels (known as just Super Mario Advance 5 in Japan) is a 2003/2004 Game Boy Advance remake of the classic NES game from 1985 Super Mario Bros., and the 1986 Japan-only sequel Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (aka Super Mario Bros 2 in Japan), using similar graphics and sounds to the Super Mario All-Stars version, released for the Game Boy Advance on December 4, 2003 in Japan, January 5, 2004 in North America, and February 27, 2004 in Europe and Australia. It is considered one of the worst video games ever beating Cobra Triangle Advance. Like the previous Super Mario Advance games, it also included was the updated version of the 1983 video game Mario Bros., this was also used in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Which is worse than killing Luigi in the croat