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Starz Swim 2001 Starz Swim 2005 Starz Swim 2008 Starz Swim 2016
2001-2005 2005-2008 (United States), 2005-Present (International) 2008-2016 (United States), 2008-Present (International) 2016-Present


Starz Swim 2001

This logo debuted when the channel launched on September 2, 2001, consisting of the words "STARZ! SWIM" in capital red letters. In some bumpers, the logo would be spelled backwards.

2005-2008 (United States), 2005-Present (International)

Starz Swim 2005

This logo debuted on March 28, 2005 dropping the red color and capital letters. In promos, this logo would be inside of an blue circle. This Logo Is Still Used Internationally.

2008-2016 (United States), 2008-Present (International)

Starz Swim 2008

This Logo Is The Same As The 2005-2008 Logo. But It Uses The 2008-2016 Logo.


Starz Swim 2016

On April 2016, the 2008 logo was changed to an horizontal layout and brackets were added, stylized as "[STARZ swim]", and the font has changed from Franklin Gothic Bold to Helvetica Neue Condensed Heavy. And The 2008 Logo Is Replaced By The 2016 Logo.

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