Starz Encore Classic in China is called Starz Encore Love.


Encore Love (China) 2007

Starz Inc. launched Encore Love in China in 2007. the star burst on this logo is red. Along with Encore (China), Encore Action (China), Encore Drama (China), Encore Wam (China), Encore Mystery (China), and Encore Westerns (China). it wired love ltories and mostly rated R in the US.


Encore Love (China) 2013

In 2013, Encore Love in the US, changed into Encore Classics. but Encore Love in China, kept the same name as before.


Starz Encore Love (China)

In 2016, Starz Inc. changed all of the Encore Channels into Starz Encore channels. and Encore Love became Starz Encore Love.

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