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Ultra Noticias (first era)

October-December 1997

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Ultra Noticias (second era)


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Lava News


Lava News.png

It was rebranded as Lava News in January 2020, after acquisition of Ultra News by Qualis.


20191023 134717.png

On May 24, 2022, Fenix and TMK Corp. sold Spanish Lava News channel to RedeCom.


LavaNewsSpain 2022.png
Designer:  In-house designer
Typography:  Texto Bold (LAVA)
Texto Regular (NEWS)
Gotham (on-air, print, social media)
Launched:  May 25, 2022

Since the Spanish version of Lava News was sold to RedeCom from its former owner, the channel started changing logos on May 25, 2022 the next day. The channel is now starting to use the version that was not used by RCT News on May 1, 2022, before finally using the original version on May 14, 2022. The name Lava News in Spain finally lasted for a short time on June 17, 2022, after its name officially became Star News.

Star News


Star News 2020.svg
Designer:  Nomad (logo)
DixonBaxi (on-air, print, social media)
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avenir (logo, on-air, print, social media)
Launched:  May 29, 2022 (leaked)
June 17, 2022 (official)

With the inclusion of RedeCom with The Walt Disney Company for the launch of Star Polska, RedeCom-Disney announced on 29 May 2022 that the name Lava News channel in Spain will be replaced by the name Star News en Español, launching on air as Star News. Star News was originally planned to be launched on July 17, 2022 to coincide with the launch of Star News, but it was eventually pushed back to June 13, 2022. Star News launch in Spain has finally been pushed back to 17 June 2022.

Star News finally officially launched in Spain on June 17, 2022 at 15:00 local time, completely replacing the name Lava News. This channel is a news channel that broadcasts 70% pure Spanish news programs, with the remaining 30% broadcasting news programs in English (Star World relay). This is part of the first RedeCom-Disney partnership to acquire channels from a third party in a long time.

Also on June 24, 2022, Star News officially became a full-fledged part of Disney after RedeCom officially left the company in Star Polska and its Spanish and French divisions.

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1Joint venture with Satellite Television Network.


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