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On December 30, 2021, Star Living launches in Spain and France alongside Star Cooking. This is a news portal that discusses family life and activities. Initially only limited to Star Channel, on January 6, 2022, Star Living moved to Online as part of the Star Online family.

VTE Star Spain & France
Current multichannels:

Channels in English: Star Zone | Star Channel | Star Sports | Star Life | Star Movies | Star World | Star Gold | Star Movies Gold | Star Kids | Star Extra
Spain region-only channels: Star News | Star Niños | Star Más | Star Oro
France region-only channels: Star Nouvelles | Star Galaxie

Upcoming multichannels:
Channels in English: Star Travel
Spain region-only channels: Star Jabón

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Star Studios | Star News Productions | Star Films | Star Pictures | Star Home Videos | All-Access Productions

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Star XMax1 | Star+ | Star Play | Star Games | Star Living | Star Cooking | Star Rush | Star Music

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Star Advertising | Star Ventures | Star FreeWheel2 | Star Online | Star News Live | Star Movies Live | Star All-Access | Star Vision | Star Select (Channel lists: Current | Changes) | Star Records

Star Live | Star Plus Online (France) | Star News (France)

1Joint venture with Satellite Television Network.
2Joint venture with Comcast.


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