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MTV Asia


MTV Logo 1981.png

Channel V (original)


Channel V Logo 1994.png

Channel V was switched to the Japanese entertainment channel in 2007 now competes with JSTV and NHK World Premium, moving all music programming to the newest channel V.


Channel V Logo.svg

The idents, bumpers and promos were now the same as the Taiwanese version.

FX (first era)


FX Asia.svg

Fox Showbiz


Fox Showbiz Centralia (2012).png

In 2012, Channel V Centralia merged with FX Centralia (both are original versions) to form Fox Showbiz, the new channel consists of Japanese programming and J-pop music programming, However, Fox International Channels Centralia still carried V as the alternative of Channel V International until the channel was replaced by this revived version of Channel V (this uses the international feed until 2021) in 2019.

The first program to air on this channel was VS Arashi.

FX (second era)


FX international logo.svg

Star Hits 2


Star Hits 2 Brasil 2021.svg
Designer:  Nomad (logo)
Superestudio (on-air)
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avenir (logo, on-air)
Launched:  January 1st 2022

On January 1st 2022, FX was rebranded as Star Hits 2, following the retirement of Fox brand in Centralia.

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