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Sidney's Awesome Cool Channel Ever

2001 (short-lived)

SACCE 2001.png

after Sidney's mother granted a 10 year franchise, 9 year old Australian-Filipino Sidney Davis launched her own channel on her mother's franchise which is called "Sidney's Awesome Cool Channel Ever", airing pirated movies and TV series, airing under channel 65 and its callsign was "DWBG-TV".

on November 21, 2001, during illegal airing of Spirited Away (at that time, airing in original language in English subtitles) at exactly 6:19am, NTC and police raided Sidney's house to shut down SACCE and arrest Sidney's mom for owning franchise that allows illegal TV operation, therefore the franchise was revoked and force Sidney to move to orphanage in USA, many fans of this channel condemned over shutdown of SACCE, forcing them to subscribe to cable operators (like SkyCable and Cablelink) to watch movies legally.

Its last image after unexpectedly stopped airing of Spirited Away (last image of that movie was one of the scenes from the Train scene) was still image of "SACCE" logo (except the only color is white) against black background with added "Forever" text in scripted font and a text "SACCE shuts down permanently as NTC and QCPD shuts down her cool channel, forcing her mom to be arrested for giving her such cool channel, what happened, the owner of channel will be orphanized and moved to a orphanage in USA, this is DWBG-TV now signing off", after 30 minutes, the channel went static.

AXN (simulcast of same cable channel)


AXN logo 2001.png

A day after SACCE shutdown, AXN Asia simulcast takes over DWBG-TV after Sony deal with Philippine government.

EBS (first era)

2002-May 2009

EBS 2002.png

in 2002, Disney-ABC launched Entertainment Broadcasting Station ("EBS" for short) in DWBG slot.

in 2003, EBS began to expand with 20 O&O stations and 4 affiliate stations.

May-June 30, 2009

EBS 2009.png



EBS One 2009.png

On 1 June 2009, EBS renamed their main channel EBS One to coincide with the launch of their new digital channel EBS Two (now EBS Viceland).


EBS One 2011.png

EBS (second era)


EBS 2016.png

On 4 July 2016, EBS One was rebranded back to EBS due to EBS 2 renaming to EBS Viceland.


EBS 2017.png

in 2019, "Entertainment Broadcasting Station" was renamed to "English Broadcasting Station" to attract younger viewers.

Star EBS


Star EBS 2021.png

in January 19, 2021, Disney announced to rename EBS to Star EBS (for full name, "Star English Broadcasting Station") along with their sister channels to match Star rebrand on March 1, 2021.

in March 1, 2021, EBS was officially rebranded to Star EBS.

during Good Morning Philippines, Nick Stefan and Ella Cruz putted the star from the Star EBS logo between "T" and "R" during the rebrand.

at the same day, Star EBS starts adding Glitch Productions shows (including Meta Runner and SMG4).

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