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VTE Star Spain & France
Current multichannels:

Channels in English: Star Zone | Star Channel | Star Sports | Star Life | Star Movies | Star World | Star Gold | Star Movies Gold | Star Kids | Star Extra
Spain region-only channels: Star News | Star Niños | Star Más | Star Oro
France region-only channels: Star Nouvelles | Star Galaxie

Upcoming multichannels:
Channels in English: Star Travel
Spain region-only channels: Star Jabón

Media production:
Star Studios | Star News Productions | Star Films | Star Pictures | Star Home Videos | All-Access Productions

Digital assets:
Star XMax1 | Star+ | Star Play | Star Games | Star Living | Star Cooking | Star Rush | Star Music

Other assets:
Star Advertising | Star Ventures | Star FreeWheel2 | Star Online | Star News Live | Star Movies Live | Star All-Access | Star Vision | Star Select (Channel lists: Current | Changes) | Star Records

Star Live | Star Plus Online (France) | Star News (France)

1Joint venture with Satellite Television Network.
2Joint venture with Comcast.


Onwed by The Walt Disney Company