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2009-2016 2016-2022 April-May 2022 2022-present
2009-2016 2016-2022 April-May 2022 2022-present

NBS Corporation


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Star Spain & France was originally named NBS Corporation. The company was founded in March 1990, when the company acquired NBS TV in the United States in February 1990. Getting here, NBS teamed up with News Corporation for the launch of Star TV in 1993. Its head office is in New York.

Had become a global company, but finally NBS Corporation went bankrupt in 2007-2008 after experiencing financial and financial problems, it was also after NBS TV was forcibly taken by CBS. Seeing this, finally News Corporation, while restructuring Star TV, bought completely NBS Corporation in 2009. This made its name to Star TV Spain & France as it is known today.

Star TV Spain & France / Star Spain & France (first era)


Star TV (1998).png

In 2009, NBS Corporation became Star TV Spain & France. This resulted in a number of Star channels in Spain and France becoming channels owned and operated by their own parent.


Star TV.png
Designer:  DesignStudio
Typography:  Cádiz
Launched:  Unknown

On April 8, 2022, Star Spain & France changed to RedeCom International.

RedeCom International - Spain & France

April - May 2022


On April 8, 2022, RedeCom International was launched in the Spanish & Francis regional divisions to complete their fortopolio. In May 2022, They acquired various channels, from the former WIN legacy (Spain & France), to channels from both Fenix ​​& TMK Corp. from the Spanish channel Lava News. Also in May, this logo remains unchanged until May 30, 2022.

Star Spain & France (second era)


Designer:  Nomad
Typography:  Custom-designed by Miles Newlyn (logo)
Launched:  May 24, 2022

On 24 May 2022 at 4:00 in both Spanish & French local time, RedeCom through its partnership with The Walt Disney Company announced the official launch of Star in both regions. With this, the name RedeCom International in Spain and France returns to the name Star Spain & France for the second time.

Star's Spanish & French divisions finally launched on May 30 in both regions, where they will change their existing channels to be similar to parent Star.

RedeCom eventually relinquished ownership of Star Polska and Star Spain & France, making Star Spain & France a company permanently owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company.

VTE Star Spain & France
Current multichannels:

Channels in English: Star Zone | Star Channel | Star Sports | Star Life | Star Movies | Star World | Star Gold | Star Movies Gold | Star Kids | Star Extra
Spain region-only channels: Star News | Star Niños | Star Más | Star Oro
France region-only channels: Star Nouvelles | Star Galaxie

Upcoming multichannels:
Channels in English: Star Travel
Spain region-only channels: Star Jabón

Media production:
Star Studios | Star News Productions | Star Films | Star Pictures | Star Home Videos | All-Access Productions

Digital assets:
Star XMax1 | Star+ | Star Play | Star Games | Star Living | Star Cooking | Star Rush | Star Music

Other assets:
Star Advertising | Star Ventures | Star FreeWheel2 | Star Online | Star News Live | Star Movies Live | Star All-Access | Star Vision | Star Select (Channel lists: Current | Changes) | Star Records

Star Live | Star Plus Online (France) | Star News (France)

1Joint venture with Satellite Television Network.
2Joint venture with Comcast.


Onwed by The Walt Disney Company