South TVi


South tvi 1985 1997 logo

Originally, the frequency now occupied by the ITRG (International Television of the Republic of Guy) was occupied by South TVi, an international television channel made for Guyish diaspora. It was broadcast around the world and carried programming from all Guyish television stations. The channel was also viewable in the Republic of Guy.

South TV3


South tv3 logo

Broadcasts of South TVi were continued from the same headquarters, but, when other South channels were rebranded too, South TVi had to close down and be transferred either to ITRG or South TV3.

South TV3 launched on September 8, 1997 at 6pm, when the entire organization was rebranded. It is a terrestrial TV channel which broadcasts on the frequency used for domestic viewing of South TVi. Nowadays, both South TV3 and ITRG broadcast from the same headquarters, and an agreement was reached in 2005, which allows both channels to share studios.


January-February 2018

South 3 logo 2018

On November 26, 2017, South TV2 revealed the perhaps biggest logo change in its history, set to debut on January 1, 2018 at 12:30am.

February 2018-present

South 3 logo 2018 updated

On February 5, 2018, South TV3 updated its logo by changing the number three's look to look in line with the custom font designed for the channel, alongside its sister channels South TV1 and TV2.

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