Sonuel Films is a joint-venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Samuel Corporations, established in 1982 as Colosseum Films.

Colosseum Films


On July 8th, 1982, Samuel Corporations and Columbia Pictures decided to make a joint-venture for themselves. Samuel Kosch, the co-founder loved Italy, so Kosch named it as "Colosseum Films". It made International prints of Italian films on that era.

SC/Columbia TriStar Productions


On 1991, Samuel Kosch, the co-founder announced that he will cancel making international prints of Italian films using the company, and Kosch's company, Samuel Corporations made a separate company for making International prints of not just Italian Films, but also films from almost every non-English foreign country, so Kosch renamed it to "SC/Columbia TriStar Productions".


SC/Sony Pictures Productions


Sonuel Films


On March 26th, 2013, Samuel Kosch decided to rename the company to "Sonuel Films".

NOTE: Sonuel means Sony/Samuel.