The player races against time and another psychotic cab driver through Los Angeles to get the cash. The game is divided into 4 difficulties, each of which contains 3 different levels (with the exception of "Boog Sky," which only contains one). If the player manages to beat the rival cab in all 3 levels of a difficulty, he would be taken to a bonus stage with the only available route being all of the Risky Routes. At the end of a stage, the players score would be based on the amount of time it took to reach the destination, the cab's condition, the rival being beaten, the number of Turbo powerups obtained, and the number of Risky Routes traversed. Unlike many racing games, the horn actually has a functional use of making (most) mobile vehicles move aside. If the player runs out of time before completing the stage, he will get a continue screen. A 10-second countdown will be then given to the player if he/she wishes to try again. After it expires, the game is over. However, on the console version's Head-to-Head mode, there is no continue feature. After time runs out, the game automatically ends.

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