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Sky Connetìon is the internet service provided by Sky (Espalia) launched in 2021 after the launching in England (As Sky Broadband) and in Italy (As Sky Wifi).


Sky Connectìon 2020.svg
VTE Sky Espalia
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Part of: Comcast

VTE NBCUniversal Espalia
Television channels

Telemundo | Bravo | E! | Universo | Syfy

News channels


Owned by:Vincenzko

Sky Noticias | Sky Ocho

Pay-tv Channels
Generalist Channels
Sky Uno | Sky Series | Sky Revida

Entertaiment Channels
Sky Atlantic | Sky Series | Sky Witness | Sky Comedy | Sky Travel

Documentaries Channels
Sky Documentaries | Sky Crime | Sky Nature | Sky Arte | Sky Knowledge

Sky Cinema Channels
Sky Cinema Uno | Sky Cinema Duo | Sky Cinema Collection | Sky Cinema Premiere | Sky Cinema Animation | Sky Cinema Action
Sky Cinema Family | Sky Cinema Comedy | Sky Cinema Suspense | Sky Cinema Romance
Sky Cinema Drama | Sky Cinema Sci-Fi Horror

Sky Sport Channels
Sky Sport Noticias | Sky Sport Uno | Sky Sport Tennis | Sky Sport Hockey | Sky Sport Liga Espalian
Sky Sport Arena | Sky Sport Action | Sky Sport Football | Sky Sport Golf

Pay-per-View Channels
Sky Primera

Other Channels
Sky Radio | Sky 3D | Sky Tiempo

Other Assets
Sky Connetìon | Vision (Espalia) (10%)

Sky Go | Now

Owned by: vincenzko