Please note that this is a work of fiction, and shouldn't be treated as a real thing.

Scratch Television Network (refered to as STN) is a web channel designed to make quality content more accessible on the site It is commonly seen as a competitor against notorious channels on the Scratch website.

ScratchTerrel Network

Early-Mid 2016

ScratchTerrel Network 2016

Early, there were attempts to capitalize on the Scratch channel industry. This is one of them. However, this logo and name became short-lived and quickly died.

TerrelTheAnimator Network

Mid 2016-Late 2017


The logo is changed to take advantage of Terry, the oc of the Scratch account TerrelTheAnimator.

Note: This is not the actual logo. The original was flashy and could possibly give you a seizure. In this one, the saturation is turned down to make yourself feel comfortable. This lasted for more than a year.

Fun Fact: A character similar to Terry named Montihood is used on the account "MontyDoggo".


Late 2017-April 2018

Mega old logo

In 2017, TerrelTheAnimator Network was rebranded to become MEGA.

Smith Television Network

April 2018-August 2018

STN original logo

MEGA recieved a makeover. It now refered itself as Smith Television Network, but this soon changed.

Fun Fact: This was the first logo to refer the network by the name STN.

Scratch Television Network

August 2018-February 2019

STN not final logo

The logo was changed to be inside a 3D box, and this later became the basis for the designs after this.

Interesting Quip: Blair (the current owner of STN) considered adding I Am Weasel to the show lineup.

February 2019-April 2019


When Blair (me) started to handle art more seriously, I made an updated STN logo. The box is smaller, and the colors aren't as saturated.

April 2019-August 2019


The logo's font is now pixel, and it's in the center, and the box is given shadows to emphasize the 3D box logo.

Alternate Version


An alternate variant was created by @JoshsAccount on Scratch but the design was a revision.

August 2019-present

Stn logo hq

A new logo, designed by MontyDoggo, utilizing a cleaner and better logo, with the Minecrafter font.

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