• The show is similar to Scaredy Squirrel, Numb Chucks, Grossology, MAD and Willa's Wild Life.
  • The style is similar to the MAD sketches like "The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker", "uGlee", "Extreme Renovation: House Edition", "Batman Family Feud", "Ben 10 Franklin", "Malcolm in the Middle Earth", "CSiCarly", "GleeVR", "Captain America's Got Talent", "Konan the Kardashian", "Jurassic Parks and Recreation", "The Poop-seidon Adventure", "MAD of Steel" and "Dog with a Captain's Log".
  • Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine are voiced by Bryn McAuley and Denise Oliver. Cat was originally voiced by her TV actor Ariana Grande for the first 4 episodes until she was replaced over complaints of getting carsick during her travels from Los Angeles to Toronto.
  • Production funding is from the Canada Media Fund and the Shaw Rocket Fund.
  • The music is composed by Paul Intson.
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