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ICHC Radio


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The new radio station was launched online by ICHC Holdings in 2014. In 2016, ICHC Holdings merged to Leopard Holdings.

Lumix Radio Tone

Lumix Radio Shake

Lumix Radio Smooth

Lumix Radio Oldies

Cannon Netradio


Cannon Netradio broadcasts from San Francisco, USA and London, UK.

Lumix Radio Trending


Crystal Radio iTunes


Crystal Radio iTunes was a radio channel that played top iTunes songs.

Crystal Netradio


WBC 日本語 Radio

Village 88 FM


Lumix Radio

Roadshow FM

2016-2019, 2020-present

Village Lava International Group revived the Athens radio station in 2016.

In 2017, Village Lava bought Crystal Netradio from Polar Night Inc and the concept of a contemporary music station from John River Group. On January 30, 2019, Roadshow FM was closed down and its assets were transferred to R2 Radio.

Roadshow FM was revived in Greece in January 2020 by GamerCraft. They operate other radio networks in Wasabi Isles and Australia, and will operate them as Roadshow FM's international affiliated network in their respective countries, aside from branding which will remain the same.

VTE GamerCraft

GamerCraft logo 2020

GamerCraft Broadcast Group logo 2020

GBG Local
CBS affiliates: WSOE-TV | WNWR-TV | WYLP-TV
LTN affiliates: WLGR-TV | WLJK-TV | WWIL-TV
NBC affiliates: WDSN-TV | WGNB-TV | WMMN-TV2
ABC affiliate: WJKM-TV | WVLY-TV
CW affiliate: WWDS-TV
ITV affiliates: WNT-TV1, WMMN-DT2
MyNetworkTV affiliate: WMMT2

GamerCraft Radio Group
Radio network brands
Radio Alex | Talkwave FM | Radio Iwerks

US radio stations
AM stations: WGA | WGPN | WNT | WMTP | WTMT | WXB

International radio networks
Spain | Wasabi Isles | Italy | Australia | Greece | Tahiti | Thailand | France | Russia
Netradio: R2 Radio

1Flagship station
2Acquired from Craftsman Broadcasting merger

Cable channels
GamerCraft Cable International: GCM (GCM Bollywood | Canada | Piramca) | GC Wasabi (Original Productions)
Children's entertainment: GC K! | GC Kids (Danland | USA) | GC Max
GamerCraft-RKO Cable Group: RKO Black | RKO Drama | RKO Woman | RKO Space | RKO Horror | RKO Mysteries

MSC (Listings) | WeSat

The Checkmasters Company
Checkmasters UK | Starbucks at Checkmasters1 | MyCheckmastersOnline | Seriously Financial Services

1 A joint venture with Starbucks to serve locations inside the bank's branches.

SEGA Gasoline | Beuren Gasoline | SBC Gasoline | Ub Iwerks Gasoline
(All will be merged to form the GamerCraft Gas convenience chain)

Affiliated companies:
GamerCraft Studios

VTE Board of Members
GamerCraft-owned properties can only be edited by the people below.

Red Gordonia (user page)1

Board of Directors:
AestheticEthan | Ootwar

1 Owner of GamerCraft and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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