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Reveal was launched in 1993 as a Woman channel but was closed down in 1997. The logo shown here is an version of the "circle 9" logo currently being used by United States television stations KMBC-TV and WTVC.

In 1997, Reveal was shut down for good and were split into two documentary channels called Reveal Nature World and Reveal Criminal 2 World which were originally two entertainment channels for family and became timeshift channels.


In May 2006, Reveal was relaunched in Sweden, and Reveal was again alive. The relaunch identity was developed in just a few months by English & Pockett, and the idents featured a R with attitude, with the animation for the robot idents being done by Rivaa.


In May 2009, a new set of idents was launched to Reveal. They featured Reveal's logo formed out of basic materials such as wood,ice and foam. At the same time, the word "Viasat" was dropped from the logo.


In December 2016, Reveal replaced its 2010 look in favour of a pink version of the same logo with a set of new idents and also a new typeface with a new theme music and brand new animations.

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