Disney 2 (first era)

2008/09 - 2011

Record 2 Plus was launched in 2008 with no medias as Disney 2. Suddenly, it wasn't launched until February 27, 2009 with Disney Media Corporation (now known as Record Networks Corporation).

2011 - 2013

Disney 2 isn't start a 3D logo so the logo is changed to a Disney logo and the BBC Two 2007 - present symbol.

The graphics are..

  • The ident is resembles the 2014 Rede Globo ident. An another ident is a 1990 - 2007 BBC Two symbol vortexing around the corner till it appears to a Disney logo magically appeared.
  • ==The bumpers==
  • ===Well be right back===
  • The Well be right back is produced an ident which appears a word Well be right back till it disappeared and till the ident is ended.
  • ===We're back===
  • The We're back bumper in reversing the ident till the started to appeared the word We're back.

2013 - 2014

Disney 2 still isn't use a 3D logo so this is the last logo to be changed in 2014. It looks like the 2009 Disney 1 logo as the graphic is the Disney 1 graphic.

The Youth

2014 - 2016 Disney 2 is rebranded as The Youth in 2014 due to healthy programs. Now they used the 3D logo.

Disney 2 (second era)

2016 - 2017

Disney 2 returns to their own logo. The new logo is now using the Rede Globo 2013 symbol and the previous wordmark.

Record 2

2016 - 2017

Record 2 was launched while Disney 2 still airs. The last ident in 30 March 2017 is a Sky 3D ident.

Record 2 Plus

2017 - present

Record 2 Plus was launched in 31 March 2017 due to merged Record & Disney 2. 

A new graphic called the “Star Globe" is a graphic that shows an impossible planet is a symbol that the rocks looks like the Saturn planet.

That graphic is used for all channels except Record 5 Extra