Background: Real Deal Enterprises(originally called Shift Zone) is a Canadian company known for several films some of which later got releases in the United States by Japanese movie distributor Media Verse(as they got them from an unknown Japanese person at a flea market along with releases from another, lower budget Canadian company). They also had a home video branch under the name, "Action Video Entertainment".


Logo: A purple, blue, & green pyramid fades in, & spins around on a metallic background. A white, & cyan lazer pops out of the upper right corner of the screen, & seamlessly cuts open the cube to reveal what is 1 letter(the letter is S) which then becomes the company name by an explosion.

Logo Variant: From 1988 to 1996, the logo will say, "Real Deal Enterprises". On home video releases, the logo will say, "Action Video Entertainment".

FX/SFX: The pyramid spinning, the lazer moving, & cutting open the cube, the letters, & the explosion. Really good CGI for the time similar to 2000s CGI.

Cheesy Factor: Too bad the music is ok at best.

Music/Sounds: A mediocre trumpet tune.

Availibility: Seen on all of their films including: Cyber Spinner, Control To the Brake, Seed For the Mail Boxes, Corridor Beware, Corridor Beware 2, Sunset Action Night, etc.

Scare Factor: Nightmare due to the beyond terrifying animation though in a rather good way. The metallic background makes it scarier.

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