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România Broadcasting


RB 1925.png

The Romanian radio company was started on August 1925.


RB 1931.png

The logo was updated in March 1951

Radio RDR


RDR 1957.svg

When the RTR was introduced on November 1957, It was renamed to RDR which originally stood for Radiodifuziunea Romaniei (Romania Radio Broadcasting). Same thing to RTR.



RDR1 1964.svg

In March 1964, Radio RDR was renamed to RDR1 due to the launch of RDR2.


RDR1 1975.svg

RDR1 updated a new logo in May 1975. Same thing to the RDR logo, but between the and the 3 rectangles, it has the 1 on the dark blue box with the detailed word "Generic" in light blue.


RDR1 1982.svg

The logo was redesigned in 1982. The detail and the rectangles were removed (but the rectangles was still used as the corporate logo), The number 1 and the box now has colorful gradient.


RDR1 1992.svg

In February 1992, The logo was updated again. The box change back to blue but now it's sky and still kept their gradient, but this time the box moved to the right side of the RDR logo


RDR1 2000.svg

Following its new millennium in January 2000, It updates once again. The box became flat and slightly changed back dark blue

RTR Radio 1


RTR Radio 1 2012.svg

Following its 55th anniversary of RTR, RDR1 was renamed to RTR Radio 1 on November 2012. It uses the same style as the television

VTE Radioteleviziunea Romaniei
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