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RKO Saturday Night Show is a competition series that aired on RKO Network from 1994 to 2000 about comedies and dramas. It ran for six seasons.

Season 1 (1994-1995)

  • Central Park West (Darren Star/CBS Entertainment Productions)
  • The Jeff Foxworthy Show (Brillstein-Grey Entertainment)
  • JAG (Belisarius Productions/Paramount Television)
  • Bonnie (Bob & Alice Productions/Worldwide Pants, Incorporated)
  • Bless This House (Mohawk Productions/Warner Bros. Television)
  • WINNER: JAG (broadcast from 1995-2005)

Season 2 (1995-1996)

  • The Steve Harvey Show (Brillstein-Grey Entertainment)
  • Early Edition (CBS Productions/TriStar Television)
  • Cosby (Carsey-Werner Productions)
  • Spin City (UBU Productions/Lottery Hill Entertainment)
  • Homeboys in Outer Space (Touchstone Television)
  • WINNER: The Steve Harvey Show (broadcast from 1996-2002)

Season 3 (1996-1997)

  • Timecop (Universal Television)
  • Hiller and Diller (Imagine Television/Touchstone Television)
  • Dharma & Greg (Chuck Lorre Productions/4 to 6 Foot Productions/20th Century Fox Television)
  • Teen Angel (Touchstone Television)
  • Veronica's Closet (Warner Bros. Television)
  • WINNER: Dharma & Greg (broadcast from 1997-2002)

Season 4 (1997-1998)

  • That '70s Show (Carsey-Werner Productions)
  • The King of Queens (Hanley Productions/CBS Productions/Columbia TriStar Television)
  • Charmed (Spelling Television)
  • Two of a Kind (Dualstar Productions/Miller-Boyett Productions/Warner Bros. Television)
  • Venegance Unlimited (Warner Bros. Television)
  • WINNER: Charmed (broadcast from 1998-2006)

Season 5 (1998-1999)

  • Judging Amy (CBS Productions/20th Century Fox Television)
  • Family Law (Columbia TriStar Television)
  • Third Watch (John Wells Productions/Warner Bros. Television)
  • Once and Again (The Bedford Falls Company/Touchstone Television)
  • Popular (Touchstone Television)
  • WINNER: Judging Amy (broadcast from 1999-2005)

Season 6 (1999-2000)

  • Ed (NBC Productions/Worldwide Pants, Incorporated/Viacom Productions)
  • Girlfriends (Grammnet Productions/Paramount Television)
  • Gilmore Girls (Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions/Hofflund Polone/Warner Bros. Television)
  • Welcome to New York (CBS Productions/Studio USA)
  • Dark Angel (Cameron/Eglee Productions/20th Century Fox Television)
  • WINNER: Gilmore Girls (broadcast from 2000-2007)