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===2020 (upcoming)===
{{RKO News programmes}}
{{RKO News programmes}}

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RKO National News is the flagship daily evening program of RKO News, the news division of RKO Holdings and it's broadcast by RKO Network, RKO News and MSNRKO. Currently, it's anchored by Piers Morgan on weekdays and Sarah Silverman on weekends and also by Nancy Grace, Mike Huckabee, Alan Colmes and Jane Velez-Mitchell as substitute anchors. Its current theme is Epcot Entrance Medley, in use since 1985.

RKO News Tonight




RKO News at Night




RKO News at Night open 1981

The main titles were designed by Information International, Inc.

RKO Nightly News


RKO Nightly News open 1985


In January 7, 1991, Henry Cooper left the RKO Nightly News presentation and it was replaced by Jim Adams.


RKO Nightly News open 1991


RKO Nightly News open 1995

RKO National News


RKO National News first 1997 open

On January 5, 1997, RKO Nightly News was renamed to RKO National News.


RKO National News open 1997

In 1997, Jim Adams was replaced by John Roberts in the RKO National News presentation because Jim Adams died of a car crash in San Francisco, CA on May 15, 1997. On September 11, 2001, an edition of RKO National News began early at 9:00 a.m. ET and lasted for 69 hours, ending on September 14 at 6:00 a.m. ET.




RKO National News

On January 9, 2012, RKO National News launched a new opening, new graphics and a new studio.


RKO National News with Piers Morgan open 2012

2020 (upcoming)

RKO National News 2020 Logo

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National programmes:

RKO National News | RKO Afternoon News | RKO Midnight News | Wake Up America | RKO Sports News | RKO Newsroom | Face to Face | Great Reportage | The Week in Review

Local programmes:
RKO Local Newscenter (New York | Los Angeles | Miami | Baltimore) | Wake Up Local (New York | Los Angeles | Miami | Dallas | Lakeland | Vice City | Baltimore)

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