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V β€’ T β€’ E GamerCraft

GamerCraft logo 2020

GamerCraft Broadcast Group logo 2020

GBG Local
CBS affiliates: WSOE-TV | WNWR-TV | WYLP-TV
LTN affiliates: WLGR-TV | WLJK-TV | WWIL-TV
NBC affiliates: WDSN-TV | WGNB-TV | WMMN-TV2
ABC affiliate: WJKM-TV | WVLY-TV
CW affiliate: WWDS-TV
ITV affiliates: WNT-TV1, WMMN-DT2
MyNetworkTV affiliate: WMMT2

GamerCraft Radio Group
Radio network brands
Radio Alex | Talkwave FM | Radio Iwerks

US radio stations
AM stations: WGA | WGPN | WNT | WMTP | WTMT | WXB

International radio networks
Spain | Wasabi Isles | Italy | Australia | Greece | Tahiti | Thailand | France | Russia
Netradio: R2 Radio

1Flagship station

2Acquired from Craftsman Broadcasting merger

Cable channels
GamerCraft Cable International: GCM (GCM Bollywood | Canada | Piramca) | GC Wasabi (Original Productions)
Children's entertainment: GC K! | GC Kids (Danland | USA) | GC Max
GamerCraft-RKO Cable Group: RKO Black | RKO Drama | RKO Woman | RKO Space | RKO Horror | RKO Mysteries


MSC (Listings) | WeSat

The Checkmasters Company
Checkmasters UK | Starbucks at Checkmasters1 | MyCheckmastersOnline | Seriously Financial Services

1 A joint venture with Starbucks to serve locations inside the bank's branches.

SEGA Gasoline | Beuren Gasoline | SBC Gasoline | Ub Iwerks Gasoline

(All will be merged to form the GamerCraft Gas convenience chain)

No image yet.
SEGA Drinks | SEGA Cola | SEGA Foods | SEGA Soda | Sega Ice Cream

No image yet.
RKO Food Stores β€’ RKO Seafood β€’ RKO Burgers β€’ RKO French Fries β€’ RKO Submarine Sandwiches β€’ RKO Cheese Products β€’ RKO Hot Dogs β€’ RKO Milkshakes β€’ RKO Potato Chips β€’ RKO Tortilla Chips β€’ RKO Popcorn β€’ RKO Pies β€’ RKO Golden Sponge Cakes β€’ Game Over Breads β€’ Hostess Potato Chips β€’ RKO Banana Cupcakes β€’ RKO Blueberry Cupcakes β€’ RKO Golden Cupcakes β€’ RKO Grape Cupcakes β€’ RKO Orange Cupcakes β€’ RKO Strawberry Cupcakes β€’ Sergeant Soggy Cereal β€’ Winey Wine β€’ Magic Pudding β€’ Carp Cakes β€’ Donkey Kong Cereal β€’ SpookDog β€’ Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal β€’ Chocky the Chipmunk's Allergy Clusters β€’ Grin Toothpaste Kegs β€’ Soup-in-a-Cone β€’ Brownana Banana Toasters β€’ Vitanim Holy Water β€’ E-Coli Diet Shakes β€’ Creamy

Craftsman Publishing
The Mattupolis Times

Amalgam Inc.
Beuren Newspaper: TBA
Other assets: TBA

GamerCraft Books Group
Infinity Pocket (pocket books) | JP Comics | Ducky Comics | Shooting Star Comics | Continuity | Roadshow Comics1

1 Co-owned with Village Roadshow Limited.

Ub Iwerks Radio Group | Craftsman Media

Affiliated companies:
GamerCraft Studios

V β€’ T β€’ E Board of Members
GamerCraft-owned properties can only be edited by the people below.

Red Gordonia (user page)1

Board of Directors:
AestheticEthan | Ootwar

1 Owner of GamerCraft and Chairman of the Board of Directors.