Qualis Holdings Inc. is a conglomerate mostly owned by Brittany Kurosaka (through her legal entity Kurosaka Investments). It has headquarters in New York City.


Qualis 2019

Following the split of Old Dominion Media into three sectors, a parent company was founded called Qualis. The name means "quality" in Latin. The logo was designed by Dreamcatcher Design New York.

In December 2018, Will Apple and Karin Wilson announced to step down as co-owners and key figures, in order to focus on their philanthropic efforts (through Oddly Good Partners) and their productions (through Apple Wilson Productions and Legacy Pictures).

On January 30, 2019, the company was delisted from Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This led to a closedown of joint head offices in Zürich, London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. In July 2019, they sold most of their assets to Quest, with the remaining forming three new divisions within the company: Old Dominion Media (now Laserium Networks), Lava Entertainment (which they soon sold off to Quest) and the JV Laserium Sega Experiences.

VTE Qualis Holdings
Qualis 2019

Qualis Holdings Inc.

Other assets:
Salovaara & Kukkonen Group | Qualis Radio (New York/Chicago) | Qualis Entertainment | Qualis Music Group (List of labels)

Acquisitions pending:
Viva, Inc | Williams Grand Prix Engineering | Bonduego Films

Former assets:
Qualis Family Entertainment, Old Dominion Interactive Media Group, Oak Acres Entertainment, Octagon Cable Entertainment and Dreamcatcher Entertainment | Luckykids Middle East | Ultra Productions | Ultra Kids U! | Q2 Entertainment | BadHat Games

Past consoles and computers:
Nitrome Pong Console | Nitrome II | Nitrome Text to Speech TV Fun | Nitrome Enjoyment System | Nitrome 32 (Nitrome 32 CD | Nitrome 64-i) | Nitrome Unity | Nitrome Unity 128 | Nitrome Unity 256 | Nitrome Unity 512 | Nitrome Unity 1024 | New Playing Engine | CCG Engine 2 | CCG Engine 3 | CCG Engine 4 | CDX | CCG Core | CCG PC One | Eagle Hybird Entertainment System | Eagle Visual Computer | Eagle PCDVD | Z2000 | DBC 3D World | DBC Adventure | DBC Super | DBC TeleGame | DBC Toy TV | DBC Vision | Nitrome Handtrome | Nitrome 32 Portible | Nitrome Handtrome Unity | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 2 | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 3 | CCG Nano | CCG Nano Colors | Stereo Pocket | CCG Alpha | CCG Spire | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 4 | Nitrome Unity 2048 | Laserium Durango | CCG Nano Silm | Ben's Period (brand and group of consoles) | Eagle 4 | Mars

Affiliated companies:
Legacy Pictures | Ultra Limited | Quest. | Nimbus Electronics

Shareholders and controllers: Ootwar
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