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{{Gulf+Western TV Group}}
{{Gulf+Western TV Group}}
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[[Category:Fictional Television networks]]
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[[Category:Fictional television channels]]

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QUAD (formerly called NickeloonDisney) is a television network created by LDEJRuff (Jimmy Campbell), and offered the best from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery Family and their sister channels. It was launched on November 11, 2011. On April 1, 2017, QUAD will be acquired by Keegan Networks (75% of it's intellectual property) and Gulf+Western (25% of it's I.P.).



Nickeloondisney logo by ldejruff-d399lq4


Nickeloondisney second logo by ldejruff-d399m3t


2010-2011 (prelaunch)

Quad logo by ldejruff-d32meci


QUAD logo 2011

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VTLtd.?action=edit E Keegan, LLC
Keegan Networks:
Keegan TV (HD) | Brick TV1 | Keegan TV on ABC2 | The Garrett Network5

Keegan Ltd. Interactive

Keegan Entertainment:
Gorilligan Entertainment3 | Keegan Limited Television Production, Inc. | Keegan Limited Television Distribution, Inc. | Keegan Ltd. | Keegan Ltd. Home Entertainment | Gorilla Keegan Ltd. Home Entertainment3 | Keegan Ltd. Quebec

Thunderbolt Cola4 | Keegan Records, Ltd. | Keegan Ltd. Consumer Products

Defunct Properties:
None has been defunct yet

1Joint venture with NBCUniversal, LEGO, Brick Group, CBS Corporation, and Gorilla Communications.
2Co-owned with The Walt Disney Company
3Co-owned with Gorilla Communications
4 Co-owned with The Coca-Cola Company
5 Assets owned by Penguin Garrett Inc, Gorilla Keegan Ltd owns 68% of it

Keegan ltd
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