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The following is a list of the Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior logos in Heartlake. CreationBeTheWorld23 does not own the name Heartlake, the name Heartlake is owned by The LEGO Group.

As Playhouse Disney (first era) (1999-2012)



Playhouse Disney in Heartlake originally launched as a block on Disney Channel and HLNN (now HLN-TV) in June 1999.


Playhouse Disney 2002

This logo was used from 2002-2012. There was also an alternative variant used from 2010-2012.

The block on Disney Channel continued even when the channel launched in 2004, due to Playhouse Disney Channel being premium. The block on HLN-TV stopped in 2009 when Disney Channel went terrestrial.

As Disney Junior (2012-2016)

Disney Junior

Playhouse Disney Heartlake rebranded to Disney Junior on December 1, 2012. Playhouse Disney Channel was replaced with Sky1 rather than rebranding to Disney Junior Channel, so Disney Junior Heartlake was only a block on Disney Channel.

As Playhouse Disney (second era) (2016-present)

1219px-Playhouse Disney.svg

Disney Junior Heartlake backed to Playhouse Disney and relaunched a channel version on November 16, 2016, due to fan demand. Sky3 was replaced with Playhouse Disney Channel.

The logo is exactly the same as before.

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