Vicnora Hypermarket


The logo had the words "Vicnora Hypermarket" in black in the Vicnoran language, in 1969, it was translated into Englsh.

Pick n Pay


Following the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, Vicnora Hypermarket was renamed to Pick n Pay, it expanded into the Carribean.


The Pick n Pay brand, which had previously remained largely unchanged since the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, was redesigned in 2007. On 12 November 2007, the company announced a brand transformation in the form of a brand redesign, new uniforms, advertising campaigns, and the slogan "Inspired by You". This rebranding of the iconic Pick n Pay brand led to the disappearance of the apostrophe which appeared before the "n", which led to uproar among those working for the preservation of the apostrophe.

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