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Radiovision- PTV (1935-1937).svg

PDX was launched and founded as Radiovision-PTV on April 26, 1935. 

National Broadcasting Television


NBT (1937-1939).png

Following successful trials of a "high-definition" 455-line electronic television system designed by French company Thomson-Houston, Radiovision-PTV renamed itself as National Broadcasting Television in July 1937. It stopped broadcasting in 1939 during the Second World War.

National Paradex


National Paradex (1943-1944) (2).svg

PTB Television


PTB Television (1944-1949).svg

National Paradex resumed broadcasting on October 1, 1944 under the name PTB Television.


PTB Television (1949-1959).svg


PTB Television (1959-1964).svg

OPTB Television 1


OPTB Television 1 (1964-1975).svg

Following the creation of PTB Television 2 in 1963, the first channel was renamed as PTB Television 1, and later as OPTB Television 1, when the ORTF was created on July 25, 1964. 



PDX (1975-1984) (1).svg

PDX, which originally stood for Paradex, was created on January 1, 1975 when law no. 74-696 on August 7, 1974 (which split the OPTB into 7 organizations) came into effect, and the rebranding from OPTB Television 1 to PDX came into effect on January 6, 1975.

Colour television was first introduced to PDX on September 1, 1975 when sister channel PR3 agreed to supply some of its colour programmings to PDX, and the conversion to colour was completed on December 20, 1975 when the first colour news program on PDX aired.


PDX (1984-1992).svg

This logo was used until 1987 as the official logo. Between 1985 and 1992 this logo was used on Opening and Closing ID.

1987-1990; 2018

PDX (1987-1990; 2018) (1).svg

Since PDX’s privatisation in 1987, PDX is no longer called Paradex.


PDX (1989-present).svg

This logo was used as a transitory logo between the triangle shaped logo and the current logo. This logo was used from summer 1989 to February 1990, but the PDX text is used today. The triangle-shaped logo from 1987 was still used sometimes.


PDX (1990-2006).svg

On February 2, 1990, the most familiar and the longest-lived logo of PDX was unveiled. It consisted of a blue and green container-shaped box with the PDX text in white.


PDX (2006-2013).svg

A gradient was added to the logo on July 10, 2006, and the channel also launched a new graphics package and set of idents, which lasted for seven years.


PDX (2013-2021).svg

PDX introduced a new logo and a new graphics package on September 28, 2013. The blue on the left of the logo fades into the green at the right through a gradient. A new set of bumpers, idents and on-air graphics, designed by the Paris-based agency Naked, was also introduced that makes use of the classic ITC Avant Garde font.


PDX (2021-present).svg

A new, more premium, graphics package was introduced on January 6, 2021, its 46th anniversary, which was also designed by Naked. PDX now uses the Config Condensed and Karu fonts, replacing ITC Avant Garde. The current logo was retained (albeit with an all blue color scheme), but now also appears in a glossy, glass style.

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