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Walt Disney Pictures (2008)/PBS and Viacom Productions (2014)

Main Credits

Scene 1: Welcome to Logotown!

Scene 2: TV commercial for the Golden Nickelodeon/Look Out! it's Nesquik Bunny!

Scene 3: I like to move it.

Scene 4: Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly

Scene 5: Were goin' to my lab through the tunnel!

Scene 6: Were Going Swimming!

Scene 7: It's Dr. Nickglove!

Scene 8: He stole the golden nickelodeon!

Scene 9: Welcome to Planeta!

Scene 10: The Icy Mountain

Scene 11: The return of Nickglove

Scene 12: Nesquik Bunny is Gone!

Scene 13: Nickglove says "Prepare to meet your DOOM!"

Scene 14: Hello, Nesquik bunny!

Scene 15: Saving the gold nickelodeon

Scene 16: Shashin' Faves - We're in this together.

Scene 17: End Credits

Scene 18: Walt Disney Pictures (2008/short version)/PBS and Viacom Productions (2014/short version)