PBN2 is a public free-to-air Television channel in Sakaria. It is owned by Peoples Network

Formerly named dreamtv, it ceased operations in 2014 due to financial issues. Its frequencies were replaced by CPN International

Then, in 2018 Karo Media launched a channel using the dreamtv name and logo.

After 6 years of the frequency being used by CPN, Peoples Network announced that they had bought out the frequency again and was planning to re-use it. They later relaunched the channel as PBN2, a sister channel to PBN.



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After its closure, CPN International replaced the channel (except for the Summik Islands)

In December of 2018, Karo Media launched a brand new channel using the 'dreamtv' name and logo.

CPN International


After being replaced in 2019, CPN announced plans to relaunch its international channel In Sakaria using another frequency by 2023.



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