MEGA Distribution



This company has been created by Bay to distribute We Might Not Be Able to Find Him Productions' and Edei Edge Productions' TV shows.

Oxygen Media Distribution

In 2019 after the 2019 pcj Media vs Doy Pack and Bay war, Bay sold his 50% of control of MEGA Distribution to Doy Pack. Doy Pack renamed it Oxygen Media Distribution.


VTE Doy Pack
Film production and distribution:
Doy Pack Pictures | Chestnut Home Entertainment | Camila Jones

Television production and distribution:
Camila Jones | Checago Productions | Oxygen Media Distribution

Other assets:
WinRAR Games

Circuit Productions | Victory Pictures | Wild Horse Productions | Black Horse Entertainment | White Horse Entertainment | Carrefour | Educación Para La Salud | Vantage Run | Bay Focus | WinRAR Productions | Zinrar | Jam Jar | Paramore | pcj Media | Caballo Artes | Caballo Artes International | Bic Hippo Arts | Bic Hippo Arts International | Bic Hippo Arts Video | Violeta Que Se Hizo Rosa Por Liquid Paper Productions

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