These companies are the predecessors to Old Dominion Pictures Group and, on the television production side, Suius M&E Studios.

Thorn Emi Studios Denmark


Due to not being asked for in auction, Thorn Emi Studios sold its Danish and Australian film production companies to be merged into what would become Old Dominion Pictures.

Thorn Emi Studios Australia


Black Dove Productions


By the time of it's merger into Bel Air Entertainment, the company acquired Cinema Plus LP, Gemini Film (Czech Republic), Delta Video (France), SBP Worldwide S.A. (Argentina), Consorzio Italiano Distributori Indipendenti Film, Norstar Releasing, Produzioni Europee Associati, Planet Pictures (Italy), Alcor Films, The Stuffed Dog Company, Lantia Cinema & Audiovisivi, Filmek & Cinematograph A/S, Northern Lights (Norway), Varus Video, Filamyer (Spain), Ognon Pictures, Gateno Films (Peru), Argus Film Produktie, Icelandic Film and Elliniki Kinimatografiki Enosi.

Bel Air Entertainment


Bel Air Entertainment was a production company founded in 1998 by Steve Reuther. It was a joint venture between Warner Bros. and Canal+.


In 2001, Steve Reuther bought out Canal+'s 50% stake in the company and Bel Air spun off as independent. Later, European media conglomerates Kirch Group and Mediaset, along with distributors Svensk Film Industri and Lusomundo invested in theatrical, video and television distribution rights to pre-2000 films over five years for Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, the former Soviet Union, Scandinavia and Portugal.

In 2002, they acquired Black Dove Productions.

In 2005, they bought GoodTimes Entertainment, Luxembourg-based Carousel Picture Company, Zoma Films, Spain-based Araba Films' distribution business, German-based CinePlus Home Entertainment GmbH, FirstFilm GmbH, Allied Funds Management GmbH, Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH, IM Internationalmedia AG and it's subsidiary Intermedia, and Gaylord Films and its France-based subsidiary Pandora.

In 2007, they bought out The Ladd Company, which was also formerly a Warner Bros company, and they merged to form Highway Film Company, operating in Los Angeles and Paris.

Bel Air Distribution


Bel Air Distribution was formed in 2000 to distribute films internationally, starting operations in Russia, Cezch Republic, France, Spain, Iceland, Peru, Netherlands, Argentina, Norway, Italy and Greece. It merged into Highway Film Company in 2007.

Highway Film Company


By 2008, the American companies Ascendant Pictures, Samuels Media, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Mirage Enterprises, NPV Entertainment, Yari Film Group, Entertainment Manufacturing Company, FilmEngine, Virtual Studios, Skylark Productions and Rising Star Pictures, the Romanian distributor Empire, the Argentinan Gativideo, the Spanish SOROlla Films and the German VIP Media Group were acquired by the newly-established Highway Film Company.

In 2012, Highway Film Company acquired Five Drops, Moviemax Movie Group, Ascension Pictures and Cascade Film, which then became the German, Italian, Singapore/Malaysian and Russian production and distribution operations.

In 2013, the staff in the Los Angeles office moved to the new London headquarters to focus more on international distribution of independent films.

In 2015, they bought Enelmar Productions, A.I.E., Cott Productions, Fu Works, Fuqua Films, Shore Z Productions and SC Films International.

In 2017, it was acquired by, and shortly after merged into, Mirum Pictures International.

Cellulose Films Co Ltd


Cellulose Films was established as a Hong Kong-based division of Metro Optimum Films. In 2016, they bought out the Hong Kong operations of Great Warrior Films Co Ltd.

Armada Pictures


Armada Pictures was established as a Pakitsani division of Metro Optimum Films.

Angel Cat Films


Angel Cat Films was established as an Indonesian division of Metro Optimum Films. In January 2017, Angel Cat Films bought out Metro Optimum Films' operations in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey.

Northern Star Media


Northern Star Media was established as an Vietnamese division of Metro Optimum Films.

Sunrise International Pictures


In 2016, Metro Optimum Pictures bought out the operations in Argentina, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Lebanon and Montenegro.

Seven Seas Pictures


Seven Seas Pictures was a Tirindad division of Metro Optimum Films.

4th Dimension Film Distribution


4th Dimension Film Distribution was an Urugaian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Heartbeat Pictures


In 2017, Heartbeat Pictures bought out Metro Optimum Films' operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Israel and Peru. In exchange, its operations in Albania, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia and Iceland were sold to Metro Optimum Films.

The Egyptian and Israeli operations were merged into Jaris Sunrise in February 2017.

Santa Maria Productions


Santa Maria Productions was a Chilean division of Metro Optimum Films.

Crystal Clear Film SRL


Crystal Clear Film was a Paraguaian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Jaris Films


Jaris Films was a division of Metro Optimum Films, based in United Arab Emirates.

Noite Films


Noite Films was a Brazilian film production and distribution company owned by Metro Optimum Films.

Fairy Films


Fairy Films was an Ecuadorian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Jaris Sunrise

February–May 2017

In March 2017, Jaris Sunrise bought out the international sales operations & international distribution, remake, television, syndication, sequel, franchise, adaptation, acquisition rights and copyright holdings of the intellectual properties of TF1 International, MarVista Entertainment, Mandalay Pictures, Troma Entertainment, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Toei, Hoyts Distribution, Participant Media, Davis Films/Metropolitan Filmexport, Red Granite Pictures, Alcon Entertainment, New World Pictures, JVC, Taft International Pictures, Spelling Films International, BMG, Jim Henson Company, Carolco, Lucasfilm, Icon Productions, American Zoetrope, October Films, Mosfilm, ITC Entertainment, Goldcrest, SF Studios and Lakeshore Entertainment.

In April 2017, they bought out Sony Pictures Releasing/Home Entertainment's (joint venture and non-JV) operations in Belgium, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures' operations in Austria and Norway; Italia Films and Revolutionary Releasing

Touchstar Films (Japan)


Touchstar Pictures (Japan)


Froxonium Studios


Froxonium Studios was an Australian division of Metro Optimum Films.

Hygo Films


Hygo Films was a film studio division of Laserium Entertainment geared towards theatre and direct-to-video film production and distribution, that acquires, produces and distributes 10–15 low budget, "niche" and genre films each year, along with specialty films such as documentaries, independent and art films.

Mirum World


Mirum World was created as an on-demand label of Mirum World for the video on demand market and streaming services.

Shockshow Pictures


Shockshow Pictures was a Japanese distribution and production company, which covered live action movies and television series from Japan and other Asian markets and obscure horror and exploitation films. It's a subsidiary of Laserium Films Japan, and it distributed through a label of the same name owned by Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment.

Evan Features


Evan Features was a label responsible for Christian oriented films.

RKO Television Stations Productions International/Skycat Group

RKO Television Stations Productions International, located in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and Malaysia, was a production arm of RKO Television Stations Productions. In 2008, it gained offices in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, China, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and San Diego.

The international offices were spun off as a worldwide group of companies, Skycat Group, in January 2009, but was soon bought out by a group of investors in 2014, who then went on to found Crystal Television in 2016. However, Skycat London was excluded from the deal and remained as a part of RKO Television Stations Productions International, until 2009. After that, Skycat London became the main UK operations of RKO Television Stations.

In June 2009, the name was re-tired and, the only remaining, San Diego office became a part of RKO Television Stations Productions.

1992-2009 (RKO)

2009-2015 (Skycat)

HandWorld Pictures



Omar Pictures


Omar Pictures Logo 2014

Silentis Productions

1988 - 1991

1991 - 1993

1993 - 1999

1999 - 2004

2004 - 2010

2010 - 2013

2013 - 2016

Redo Antique Pictures

1948 - 1958

1958 - 1966

1966 - 1978

1978 - 1993

1993 - 2010

2010 - 2016

Elrai Productions

1953 - 1968

1968 - 1972

1972 - 1985

1985 - 1997

1997 - 2003

2003 - 2014

2014 - 2016

Leilah Delattre Films







In October 2016, LD Films became an animation department of Hippo International.

Nado Studios

1991 - 1996

1996 - 1998

1998 - 2005

2005 - 2008

2008 - 2011

2011 - 2014

2014 - 2016

The Hand Channel


The Hand Channel 2014 Logo

Gabriel Castro


Gabriel Castro 2014 Logo Cartoon Network Style

Catalina Almendra


Catalina Almendra 2014 Logo

Renato Castro


Renato Castro 2014 Logo

Señorita Neli


Señorita Neli 2014 Logo MEGA Style

Topitoomay Cartoon


Topitoomay Cartoon Logo 2014

Topitoomay Kids


Topitoomay Kids Logo

Topitoomay Movie Channel


Topitoomay Movie Channel 2014 Logo

Daniela Castro Pictures


Daniela Castro Walt Disney Style Logo 2014

In October 2016, Daniela Castro Pictures became a big part of fiction, documentary, drama and animation departments in Hippo International.

Hippo Flim


Hippo Flim 2014 Dream Logo Wiki Logo

Leopard Networks


Hippo International


King Features

King Features (not to be confused with King Features Entertainment) was, by April 2017, a horror film division of FinleyLand Pictures used to produce and distribute horror films.


King Features





In January 2017, King Features' "Arthouse, Artistic/Foreign, Indie and African-American Films departments" merged into Square Pictures, while Eagle Fire Entertainment acquired all of King Features' thriller/sci-fi library and teams. Bird Films Sales took over its international operations immediately afterwards.

Marble Entertainment

Marble Entertainment was a UK division of Polar Night Inc, and formerly of Bachmann Films.




Marble logo

Filmes Indenpedentes Cristãos



Bachmann Pathé Enterprises

Leopard Pathé Films

Crystal Television France Networks


Crystal Television France


Both the French division and its television network focused subsidiary were established as successors to Skycat Paris.

France Film

France Film was a French division of Crystal Entertainment, and formerly Bachmann Films.


France Film old


France film



Family Television

Family Television was a company who owns FTV One that launched in 1985. 








In 2016, Family Television Inc became Roblox Productions' New York operations.

Groupe France






Polar Night France


Hound Television

Hound Television was originally the ITV franchise holder for South West Ireland from September 11, 1961 to December 31, 1981. It was lost to Bay Blues TV on January 1, 1982. All rights to the logo, idents, and name were then owned by MGM from 1992 to 2004 when a Wizadora producer James Hanna acquired the logo, idents, and name and revived Hound as an independent production company.




Hound TV start broadcasts in colour.



In 2016, Hound Television became the Irish operations of Roblox Productions.

Crystal Television Dubai


It was founded as a successor to Super Spacetoon's production team in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It became Roblox Productions' Dubai office.

Crystal Television Germany


Crystal Television Germany Fiktion & Drama


Crystal Television Germany Factual & Show


When Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings acquired Crystal Television Germany departments focusing on factual programming, drama and fiction, it became the German operations of Roblox Productions.

Slot Machine Entertainment

Slot Machine Entertainment was an in-house sub-division located in Paris, France, which focused on game shows and educational programming. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Crystal Television France Factual & Show


The company was a successor to Skycat Paris' factual & show departments, which, in turn, was a successor to Slot Machine Entertainment.

Mio Group and Mio


481px-MTV Finland.svg

Mio was a television production company in Copenhagen, Denmark, which produced and distributed content for channels in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Åland, Norway and Finland.

The operations were merged to Roblox Productions and Mio's shell company Mio Group was closed down in October 2016.

Question Block Productions

March–October 2016

Question Block Productions Logo

An Felling Artwork, "Question Block Productions (AKA "QBP")" is created in Brazil. In 2016, QBP became Roblox Productions' Brazilian operations.

RKO Television Stations Productions Brazil

RKO Television Stations Productions Brazil, a subsidiary of RTS LA and Hispanic Productions, was located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It represents RKO's extensive TV formats portfolio in Brazil, covering both scripted and non-scripted programming. It also developed original shows for the Brazilian audience. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Skycat Sao Paulo


Crystal Television Latin America


It was acquired by BonageTV, which in turn was acquired by Wondrous Enterprises, in November 2016. However, it was sold to Roblox Productions in January 2017, and Crystal Television Latin America merged into Roblox Productions' Brazilian operations.

at diverti


At Diverti was a distribution company owned by AMG Television (which, in turn, was owned by AMG Networks/AGH), until AGH merged into Village Lava. It merged with AMG Networks to become Roblox Productions Bucharest.

AMG Networks


ACA Academy






ACA-Academy became Roblox Productions Berlin's education department.





Harlech 1970


Harlech 1983


Harlech 1999

Harlech became Roblox Productions Cardiff in 2017.

Live International

Live International was an international production, animation and distribution arm of Live Entertainment, with offices in Los Angeles and New York and additional offices in London, UK and Paris, France.


In 2017, Live International bought Roblox Productions' international operations. Earlier, GBC Entertainment Europe acquired the Copenhagen office from Roblox Productions, while Laserium-GBC Networks Europe acquired the Paris and Berlin offices, but the Laserium-GBC's acquired offices quickly merged into Live International.

They also acquired a bunch of companies in Europe, Americas, Australiasia and Africa.
  • Golden Media Polska and Dragon Head S.C. (Poland)
  • MMC Video Corp's offices in Mexico City and Puerto Rico
  • Off the Fence's offices in Bristol, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Mainz and New York
  • Pannonia Film Studio (Hungary)
  • Future Films Group (UK)
  • A.Film A/S (Denmark, Estonia and Los Angeles)
  • Roadshow Animation's offices in Greece, Latvia, Romania, Burbank and Los Angeles
  • Tidal Films/Magma Productions (Ireland)
  • Nelvana's international offices in Shannon and Paris
  • International theatrical and home entertainment rights to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe's pre-2005 library in UK, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands
  • The pre-1985 library of Atkinson Film-Arts, Crawley Films and Graphic Films
  • BTI Studios offices in Maastricht, Bergen, Brussels, Oradea, Sofia and Budapest
  • Altitude Film Entertainment, Ulysses Filmproduktion
  • Like It Love It Productions Ltd.
  • Factual programming producers Redback Media, Splash Media and Folio
  • Zentropa Entertainment's offices in Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Rome, Eemnes, Warsaw, Glasgow and Oslo
  • Karga Seven Pictures Istanbul
  • Archlight Films' worldwide sales business and its Hong Kong, Toronto and Beverly Hills offices
  • The film and TV libraries of Cambria Productions, Crawfords Australia, Burbank Films Australia, Engine 15 Media Group, LionHeart Filmworks and Sonar Entertainment
  • Revolver Entertainment UK and the CineVox Filmproduktion GmbH assets
  • Blue Parrot Productions and its library (however, only including The Usual Suspects)

Live International announced to open Live Asia shortly afterwards. The Burbank and Puetro Rico offices were merged to form the Miami office later on, while the European offices were merged into the London and Paris offices.

In June 2017, Live International bought the Cardiff (Wales), Burbank, New York City & San Mateo (USA) and Cork (Ireland) offices from Roblox Productions. The Burbank, San Mateo, Miami, Mexico City and Sao Paulo offices were merged into Los Angeles office, while the Cape Town office merged into the Paris office.

In January 2018, Live International merged into Mirum Pictures International.

Vision Plus


In 2017, John River Group acquired Media3.14, Ovideo, K2000, Mediareport Producciones Audiovisuales, MediaSur, Mediapro Exhibitions, Mediapro Brands, Molinaire S.A.U, Local Antenna , Emóvil, Full Zoom, Liquid Media, Get Set, Imagina International Sales, Imagina France, Mediagooool, Mediarena, Mediapro Argentina, Media Base Sports, Mediapro Media, MediaBurst, MediaTravel & Logistics, MediaMovil, Media News and Media News Canary Islands, OmniCam4Sky, Overon, Park Media Audiovisuales SL, Unitecnic Media Solutions, Revolution Broadcast, Mediapro Portugal, WTVision, Xarxa Oberta and Mediapro's rights division.

  • The exhibition and museographic departments were merged into Cenozoic Productions,
  • the post-production, information, audiovisual & events production, transmission, communications & engineering, sports, travel, rights, international sales and distribution departments were sold (and merged) to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe


  • Imagina France (Nimes and Paris) merged to become the Paris office, Imagina US became the Miami office and Mediapro Argentina became Vision Plus Latin America
  • Vision Plus merged its Canary Islands and Portugal offices with the offices across Spain into the Barcelona headquarters.

In August, the Argentina office merged into the Miami office, while the Paris office was merged into Mirage World Films.


Mirum Pictures International

June 2017-present

In 2017, Jaris Sunrise, Touchstar Pictures, Evan Features, recently-acquired Fortissimo Films and Cine@, Ivanhoe Pictures, Froxonium Studios, Shockshow Pictures and Hygo Films announced to merge into an international division of the indie label Mirum Pictures. The same month, they announced to start releasing Disney and Sony-produced films (along with independent films) under the original film distributors' labels.

They also acquired the DVD, Blu-ray, UltraViolet, Flixster, and DVD-manufacturing-on-demand distribution rights of the John River Entertainment film library in North America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France.

In July 2017, Metro Optimum Cinemas Group acquired film distributors and cinemas across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, making Mirum Pictures International one of the largest distributors of independent (and major) films in the world.

The cinema divisions were integrated under Metro Optimum Theaters Group cinemas, while the post-production, management and talent related, rental, financing operations moved to the Laserium Entertainment companies. The film distribution and sales and related operations were integrated under Mirum Pictures International.

They also acquired Rezo Films, Pyramide Distribution, Times Media Group's film division, United International Pictures' operations in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Greece, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and all of Africa (except Francophonic West Africa), Zodiak Entertainment's film distribution operations, Paramount Pictures' Spanish and Portuguese operations, Cinema Management Group, XYZ Films, Vertical Entertainment, Quinta Industries, MGM's Belgian distribution operations, Belga Films' Luxembourg operations, Paramount Pictures Taiwan and Buena Vista International Russia, Forum Cinemas' distribution operations, Focus Media, Consorcio Filmico, NOS' distribution operations outside Portugal and Karo Premiere.

In August 2017, Mirum Pictures International, Canwest Media and Meridian Communications announced a specialty films sub-label Fireworks MCM. However, Meridian Communications and it's owner Canwest Media, shortly after, dropped out of the venture. The venture was renamed and founded as Mirum Fireworks. They also announced a partnership with RLJ Entertainment, where Mirum would distribute RLJ's films theatrically.

That month, Mirum Pictures acquired Broad Green Pictures' stake (which was the 45% not owned by Mirum) in Mister Smith Entertainment, the film distribution operations of the cinemas chain Globus Max, and the Danish and Norwegian distribution offices of United International Pictures.

They announced to create merge the output deals with The Weinstein Company, Pantelion Films (Lionsgate & Televisa) and MGM in Poland, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico and Chile. However, the Polish and Hungarian output deals were soon bought by Mirum Pictures International themselves. Soon, the newly-established Fine Line Features (and Legendary Pictures) then transferred the African, South American, Middle Eastern and African distribution rights to Mirum and it's co-distribution partners in the continents affected.

The follwing month, a consortium of distributors followed suit. Warner Bros. Entertainment Australia & New Zealand, Pentalion/Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, Oriental DreamWorks, DHX Media, Globo Filmes, Entertainment One, Sony Pictures and MGM gave away their distribution rights, in New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, China, Philippines and Colombia, to, of course, Mirum Pictures International. The Metro Optimum Films' offices in Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa (along with its Australian distribution rights to Mirum Pictures films) were also acquired that same day.

Between June and September, Mirum Pictures International distributed and financed their first film, Jaded and Confused, produced by Mirage World Films. They acquired worldwide distribution rights (excluding in Sweden, Netherlands and China) to Mirage World's films later that September.

In September, they also acquired Legendary Entertainment's international distribution operations.

In October, Mirum Pictures International and A24, along with Anarchos Productions announced that they will be working on a film adaptation of Slade House, another novel by David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas). MPI also announced to work on a remake of Gothika with Silver Pictures and Alcon Entertainment.

Also that month, they started the production of new Lars Von Trier film with Modern Times Group, Zentropa, Film Väst, Film4 Productions and the broadcasters Arte, France 3 and Yleisradio.

Later that same month, Mirum Pictures International acquired global rights (outside of film rights in Japan) for the Gamera series, and announced a re-release of all Gamera films outside of Japan theatrically, which will occur somewhere in 2018. They also acquired Alive Films London, theatrical and home entertainment rights to Laserium-GBC Networks Europe's pre-2005 library in Argentina, and Nelvana's former international offices in Tokyo, from John River Group.

Mirum Pictures announced to start the acquisition of Live International and Vision Plus, to be finished before 2018.

In 2018, after Live International and Vision Plus were merged into Mirum Pictures International, the Los Angeles, Miami, New York offices were merged into it's parent company Mirum Pictures, while the television and broadcasting-focused operations were merged into Mirum Pictures' owner Laserium Entertainment.

Laserium Films Japan

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Red Sea Films

Pinnacle Pictures

Pinnacle Pictures was a Canadian film and television company.

Mirum Fireworks

Mirum Fireworks was a Canadian specialty label and a revival of Fireworks Entertainment.

Lareco Films

Nu Entertainment (first era)



Joker and Policeman Entertainment

Joker and Policeman Entertainment was a film and television production company, located at Los Angeles and New York.



In July 2016, Nu Comics announced to establish a film production company for it's properties, called Nu Entertainment. However, around that time, Laserium Holdings bought out a bundle of production companies.

The companies were merged into Nu Entertainment between August 2016 and February 2017, and a new management was settled. It was planned to produce mainly films that are not based on Nu Comics properties. They soon secured Filmyard Holdings' final investment from Colony Northstar and Qatar Investment Authority, while they secured more funding from Upfront Ventures, Daher Capital, Northgate Ventures, Huahua Media and Tencent. They hired staff and bought equipment used from the likes of, such as, the recent Marvel Studios films. They also hired some staff from Industrial Light & Magic, Trixter and Laserium-GBC Networks Europe's post-production and visual effects departments.

In January 2017, Nu Entertainment was renamed into Joker and Policeman Entertainment. They also announced an exclusive deal with Independent Comics Agency (representing minor comic book publishers and independent authors), to create film and television projects based on their members' properties.

That month, NU Comics pulled out from the venture and decided to produce films through the new Nu Entertainment, although still maintaining the partnership with JPE.

Nu Entertainment (second era)


Brodie Group

Brodie TV Entertainment, formerly known as Brodie Group was a television production company founded by actor Brysen Brodie. Brodie TV Entertainment produced and created many different television shows including Chris, Up To Date With Brysen Brodie, The Adventures of D&P, Stadium Academy: The Series, and Ice Breakers. Brodie TV Entertainment also owned the television channels Brodie Network, Chris Jr and the international components to the channel Chris Network.


Brodie Group Logo

Brodie TV Entertainment



In December 2014 there were rumors that Brodie Group was going to re-brand in February 2015. Brysen Brodie, the founder of Brodie Group said the rumors about them re-branding were true. Brodie Group re-branded on February 5, 2015 and became Brodie TV Entertainment. On March 15, 2015 Brodie TV Entertainment was bought by Horsehead Studios, making them go defunct shortly after they re-branded. The fonts used in this logo are the Broadway BT font and the Cambria font.

Vortexx Studios



Vortexx Studios merged into Horsehead Studios in 2014.

Horsehead Studios


Horsehead studios

Horsehead Studios merged into Roblox Productions Vancouver/Toronto in January 2017.

Buffalo Records


After being acquired from A Holdings by Talestar Investments (which soon became Village Lava), the record label merged into Roblox Productions' music division.

BBB Pictures


BBB Pictures

BBB Pictures was founded on January 27, 1999 as a low-budget film studio. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 1999, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the BBB Pictures logo cels are in good condition. In January 2017, BBB Pictures merged into Roblox Productions Burbank and London.

Vivo Original Production


Vivo original production 2005


Vivo original production 2009

Vivo Original Productions was merged into Roblox Productions London in January 2017, after being acquired by Village Lava.

Cartoon Gadget


180px-Cartoon gadget logo 1



266px-292px-Cartoon gadget logo 4
In 1988, Cartoon Gadget was acquired by Columbia Pictures Entertainment.


290px-Cartoon gadget logo 8
In 1996, Cartoon Gadget was sold to Dante Ball Pictures.


288px-318px-Cartoon gadget logo 6


Cartoon Gadget 2013 Logo

In contact with Dante Ball Pictures and Dante Ball Cartoons Inc., Cartoon Gadget gets his first 3D logo in 2003. The logo appears to be completely different, the "Cartoon" word is composed by 7 letters in rainbow colored squares, the "Gadget" word is on a gold color and there's a star right back to the words.

In 2009, A Holdings acquired Cartoon Gadget. In 2016, Cartoon Gadget was acquired by Talestar Investments, which, in turn, became Village Lava. Cartoon Gadget merged into Roblox Productions Los Angeles, Toronto, Osaka and Paris.

New York Pictures


New York Pictures was founded in 1981 as an Canadian division of ITC Entertainment.



New York Pictures was bought out by SEGA in 1999.


New York Pictures was bought out by TBS (Travels Broadcasting Service) in 2001.


New York Pictures was bought out in 2017 by Village Lava and merged into Roblox Productions Toronto shortly afterwards.

J Files Graphic


J-Files Graphics logo (2012)



Embrase Communications



Embrase Media


Embrase Media was split into two divisions;

  • the video game, software, middleware and hardware research, design, planning and development division, and their offices, which integrated into Roblox Consumer Products offices in Emeryville, Santa Clara Valley, Helsinki, Barcelona, Cardiff, Melbourne, Rellingen, Munich, Tel Aviv, Malmö, Milan, Amsterdam and New York City
  • the content production and talent management division which was merged into Roblox Productions offices in Los Angeles

However, later on:

  • offices in Melbourne and Santa Clara Valley were closed and employees moved to Cardiff,
  • employees in Emeryville and New York City moved to Vancouver,
  • offices in Helsinki, Rellingen, Munich, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Malmö and Milan were merged into the EMEA office in the new Amsterdam office

Blow-Up Milk Productions


Blow-Up Milk Productions

In 2016, after Village Lava bid Blow-Up Milk, Blow-Up Milk was merged to Roblox Productions.

Turbo Fold Productions


Urbo Fold

In 1990, the company was founded by Riley Spears, Joseph Seavor and Kenneth J. Singer and it produced Alien Pigs. The company headquarters is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.







Turbo Fold Productions merged into Roblox Productions Vancouver in January 2017.

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video


RCA/Columbia Pictures international Video is an branded home video company in 1990.




RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video Logo 1983 b

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video is FInally Rebranding To 54325 home video

54325 Home Video

54325 home Video (previously known as RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video) is an home video company founded in 1990.


54325 home Video


54325 2012

Following the acquisition by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings, 54325 Home Video was merged to Roblox Productions.

Blue Films



Blue Films was founded on May 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Blue Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Green Films



Green Films was founded on June 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Green Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Pink Films



Pink Films was founded on July 1, 2000 as a division of BBB Pictures. Their logo has been using traditional cel animation since 2000, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the Pink Films logo cels are in good condition. The cels were later used in the PPG episode "Bought and Scold".

Griffin Films


Griffin films logo

In 2016, A Holdings sold Griffin Films to Jack and Dylan Taylor. It merged into Roblox Productions' London offices.

Hamada Television


Hamada Television was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Roblox Television (who owns the company itself), Carlton Communications, Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television and Granada plc, who hold the rights to the company's content under Roblox/ITV.

On a sky blue (or lavender) background, the text "Hamada Television" and below it, it says "A Division of Roblox Networks ©Roblox/ITV 1995". And right next to it is a head. People nicknamed the head Tadashi.

Soon in 2004, Roblox Television was renamed to Roblox Networks and Granada/Carlton became ITV plc. ITV plc acquired the light entertainment, factual, drama and game show department of Hamada Television immediately afterwards and integrated to ITV Productions.

In 2005, Hamada Television, now an animation production company, released it's last animated film Over the Fog and renamed itself to Roblox Movies.

United Artists Records (revived)


UARecords 96

In 1996, MGM revived United Artists Records.


UARecords 2001

In 2001, Thorn Emi Media Group bought out 50% of UAR and became a co-owner. However, in 2016, the record company was sold to Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and became Roblox Productions' music production, recording, sales and management operations.

Flash! Entertainment


<p style="font-weight:normal;">Logo:in a computer screen, we see the spot light looking around [kinda like KaBoom! Entertainment] then, it dissvoles the light, causing to blow, then, It creates FlasH! in a ASUS Logo font, and the bomb lits, Then the bomb is about to blow up.

FX/SFX: Good animation made from Atomic Cartoons inc.


Flash! Entertainment merged into Roblox Productions' Paris, Toronto, Seoul and Vancouver offices.

Super Spacetoon


Super Spacetoon was founded by Spacetoon management team to produce original programming for Spacetoon channels. The offices are located in Dubai, London, New York City and Jakarta.



It's office in Dubai got closed down in 2015, but was bought by a team of investors who soon formed Crystal Holdings. The Dubai office became Crystal Television Dubai.

Trapezoink Productions

2015-2016, 2017-

Trapezoink Productions

In 2015, Super SpaceToon was renamed Trapezoink Productions, with offices now in London, New York and Jakarta. However, in January 2016, The Trapezoink New York and Trapezoink London offices were closed down.

In October 2016, Trapezoink was acquired by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and became the Indonesian operations of Roblox Productions.

54325 Domestic Animation (first era)


54325 premium

54325 TF! Domestic Animation


54325 domestic Animation

54325 Domestic Animation (second era)


54325 animation

Teletoon productions


Teletoon logo

Teletoon Productions, an American company owned by Corus Entertainment, was merged to AnimationGym in 2006.



It Ended With The Company Roblox Productions In 08th of January 2013

54325 productions


54325 prod logo

In 2016, 54325 Productions was bought by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings and was merged to Roblox Productions.

54325/seven arts home video


54325 and seven arts

54325 pictures has originally called 54325/seven arts home video. after the The WB and Seven arts Pictures has has connected to Warner Brothers-Seven Arts.

In 2001, 54325 pictures has launched a TV series called Rilastika and Lyloo.

54325 pictures


54325 pictures

In 2016, after releasing it's last film Zack the Stickman, the company merged to Roblox Productions.

Jailkid Entertainment

In 2016, Jailkid Entertainment became Roblox Productions' Vancouver operations.


Nicknames: "Kid In Jail"

Logo: On a paper-white background, there is a child's drawing of a sad kid in jail. The words Jailkid Entertainment (in a Palatino-like font) zoom into the logo from the left.

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: All PowerPoint-style effects.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: None. This logo might just be a little funny!


Nicknames: "Jail Ball"

Logo: On a dark background, a shiny blue ball sits in a jail. When the camera zooms in, the ball starts jumping around the jail cell. A few seconds later, the ball finds a gun to shoot the jail walls, so the ball then escapes jail. After it escapes the jail, the words "Jailkid Entertainment" are on the ball.

FX/SFX: Great CGI.

Music/Sounds: An exciting piano tune, then a whoosh when the ball escapes the jail.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: Minimal to nightmare. The gun, dark background, and the whoosh might scare you. But this is a very cool logo.

Roblox Movies

Roblox Movies was founded in 2005, but didn't release a film until 2006.


Used in there first four films "Adventure Awaits" "The Godfather" "Disco Party" and "Crossroads"





First used on "Be Anything, Build Anything"


Roblox movies

Roblox Movies merged to it's parent company Roblox Productions in 2016 And Is Back In 10 January 2017


Roblox movies dake

First used on ''The Blox Generation''

Roblox Shorts (First Era)



Roblox Shorts was founded as a short film division of Roblox Movies, a production arm of Roblox Networks.

It Renamed To R Shorts In 2012

R Shorts

2011 (Roblox Rally); 2012-2016

Roblox shorts

In Roblox Rally they said the new logo is set to debut in "the summer of 2012" but got pushed backward to October 6, 2012. In 2016, R Shorts merged to Roblox Productions It Was Renamed To O Shorts

O Shorts


O shorts

GreenCat Studios


Logo 6







In 2016, Greencat Studios became Roblox Productions' Los Angeles and Burbank offices.

Scratch U8 Productions


Scratch U8 Productions logo

In 2016, Scratch U8 Productions was folded into Roblox Productions.

Roblox DVD


Roblox DVD

Roblox DVD was founded as a home video division of Roblox Movies. It merged to Roblox Productions in 2016 It Renamed to Roblox Movies DVD

Roblox Movies DVD



RKO-TBS Ventures Canada


RKO-TBS Ventures Canada was founded as a joint venture between Canadian TBS and American RKO Holdings. They used to hold channels, such as TBS1 and much more, but the channels were sold when TBS' parent company Crystal Holdings entered bankruptcy in October 2016.

The company's each 50% stakes were sold to Village Lava by RKO Holdings and Crystal Holdings before 2017. Soon, the company became Roblox Productions' Canadian operations, located in Vancouver and Toronto.

Brysen Brodie Productions



After Horsehead Studios was acquired by Village Lava, BBP was merged into Roblox Productions' Vancouver and Toronto offices.

DynaBlocks Productions


Dynablocks pproductions

Roblox Productions Inc (first era)


Roblox productions

Roblox Networks turned Dynablocks Productions into a television production arm of Roblox Networks. Roblox Productions Inc renamed itself to just Roblox Productions, following the acquisition by Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings.

Dynamikun Productions


Dynamikun Productions Logo 2011

In 2016, Crystal Franks was bought out by Glass Clock Networks, which soon merged into Village Lava. Dynamikun Productions merged into Roblox Productions Los Angeles shortly afterwards.

RKO Television Stations Productions International/Skycat Group

RKO Television Stations Productions International, located in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and Malaysia, was a production arm of RKO Television Stations Productions. In 2008, it gained offices in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, China, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and San Diego.

The international offices were spun off as a worldwide group of companies, Skycat Group, in January 2009, but was soon bought out by a group of investors in 2014, who then went on to found Crystal Television in 2016. However, Skycat London was excluded from the deal and remained as a part of RKO Television Stations Productions International, until 2009. After that, Skycat London became the main UK operations of RKO Television Stations.

In June 2009, the name was re-tired and, the only remaining, San Diego office became a part of RKO Television Stations Productions.

1992-2009 (RKO)

2009-2015 (Skycat)

Roblox Productions

October - November 2016


In October 2016, after Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings bought out Roblox Productions, Lava Lamp Entertainment bought out Games Animation (who was the producer and animator for Greeny Michael) and the production and animation team moved from GA to Roblox Productions, who then continued the production of Greeny Michael.

November 2016 - January 2017


In November 2016, Roblox Productions changed their logo to 2D. In December, Village Lava announced restruction of Roblox Productions and Roblox Consumer Products, which included merging of more companies. The restruction finished in February 2017.



Bachmann Television Group



Bachmann Television Group management team was sold at auction to Village Lava and the merger into Roblox Productions was announced. It finalized in February 2017.

A Animation Studios




A animation studios 2010

In 2016, A Animation Studios was acquired by Jack and Dylan Taylor.

ITC Entertainment (revived)


ITC Eentertainment 2000


ITC entertainment 2004


ITC Entertainment 2013

The logo is a flashback of the 1968 logo.

ITC merged into Roblox Productions London and Burbank in 2017.

Scratch U8 Communications


Scratch U8 Communications logo

Veepole Productions











T |||||||||||||||||||||||| T


Veepole films









A Documentary Films







In late 2016, A Documentary Films was acquired by Nextreme Entertainment. However, it was acquired by Village Lava in Feburary 2017. A Documentary Films became both Roblox Productions London and Roblox Productions' documentary department.

The Ultimate Enterprise Studios


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1975


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1983

1984-1988, 1988-2007, 2007-2012

Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1984


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 1987


Ultimate Enterprise Studios Logo 2010




In 2016, Crystal Franks was bought out by Glass Clock Networks. In 2017, UESstudio merged into Roblox Productions London.

Laserium Sports Management


Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment



5 Ants Entertainment

February 2012-2017

5 ants

in 2017, 5 Ants was acquired by Village Lava and merged to Roblox Productions Los Angeles office

Roblox Productions Inc (second era)

Roblox Productions was a film, music, television and sports production, distribution, sales, management, syndication and home entertainment division of Village Lava.

They have headquarters in Los Angeles, USA and other offices in Vancouver/Toronto, Canada and London, UK.


The Sydney, London, Mexico City, Dubai and Sao Paulo offices of Mirage World Films were bought out and merged into Roblox Productions in January 2017. In February 2017, GBC Entertainment Europe acquired the Copenhagen office from Roblox Productions, while Laserium-GBC Networks Europe acquired the Paris and Berlin offices. The Paris and Berlin offices were quickly sold and merged into Live International.

Later, Live International bought Roblox Productions' international operations, with San Mateo, New York City and Burbank offices.

BBB Animation


BBB Animation 2000

BBB Animation was founded on January 28, 2000 as a low-budget animated film studio. Like the BBB Pictures logo, this logo has been using traditional cel animation since 1999, and has never switched to digital ink and paint. As of 2013, the BBB Animation logo cels are in good condition. 

In 2016, Leopard Holdings acquired BBB Music and BBB Animation from The BBB Group. BBB Animation soon became Cannon Animation.

Cannon Animation


Leopard Digital


Oebo Studio 2.0


Cannon Digital Studios


Oebo Pictures Releasing

Oebo Pictures International

Leopard Animation


Leopard Animation 1983 Logo




FinleyLand Animation Studios


FinleyLand Animation Studios logo 2007


FinleyLand Animation Studios logo 2014

Topitoomay Animation Studios


Topitoomay Animation Studios 2014 Logo

Crystal Animation Studios


Cinar Animation

Oebo Television Animation

Badgasarian Animation

Leopard Animation Television

Badgasarian Television Group

Cannon Television Animation


ICHC Television


Bandicam 2014-02-06 17-23-03-034

In 2016, ICHC Holdings merged to Leopard Holdings and ICHC Television became Cannon Television.

Leopard Pay Television

Leopard Domestic Television

Leopard Television

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World UK

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World International

Oebo Pictures Television

C-Oebo Productions

Oebo Originals

C-Oebo Originals

Oebo Pictures Domestic Television

Cannon Television


Classics By Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World

Leopard Classics


Square Pictures

1978-1994, 2016-2017

Square Pictures Logo
In 2016, 2 Ways Cannon Media Group revived Square Pictures as an art house film division.

Leopard International Films


Bird Film Sales


Bird Films Sales Logo
It was established by Leopard Holdings and The Cheese Group in 1986 as an international film distribution division. In 2016, The Cheese Group merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group. Bird Film Sales also became an international film production division.

2 Ways Films

2 Ways Records

The record label's operations were split between Live Entertainment, Eagle Fire Entertainment and Cannon Records.

Cannon Digital Media


Cannon Films


Cannon 2013 Logo

In 2013, Cannon Films was revived by Leopard Holdings. In 2016, Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Bachmann Animation

Bachmann Home Entertainment

A Home Video


A version with it being trampled by giant feet can be seen on some cartoon/kids video releases.

A Home Video 1985

A Home Entertainment


Another variants of this logo have been seen. The first one has a lowercase "A" in a blue background with the word "A home entertainment" written in a mickey mouse font with 3 drumbeats and a triange ding playing Was seen on multiple VHS releases of caillou gets grounded from 2005 - 2006.

A Home Entertainment 1999


a rare logo only seen on a 2008 DVD release of earth to Luna: the talking pet. The logo is just luna dancing with the normal logo on the bottom.

A Home Entertainment 2006


A Home Entertainment 2010



A DVD 2002


A DVD 2006


A DVD 2010

A Blu-ray Disc


A Blu-ray Disc

Bachmann Independent



Bachmann-Malone Television



Bachmann Malone television

Bachmann Television


Bachmann vision

In 1990s, they acquired Spelling Daytime Television, Torand Productions and Laurel Entertainment, Inc.

Bachmann Television Studios


Bachmann Television Studios

Live Entertainment


Live Entertainment was revived by Polar Night Inc in 2017. It launced its management division after acquiring Herrick Entertainment, Spikings Entertainment, Envision Entertainment, Closest to the Hole Entertainment and Leverage Management, allowing Live Entertainment to acquire ownership of films, such as Lone Survivor. 

The Cheese Group


The Cheese Group
The group was merged to Leopard Holdings.

Bachmann Productions

1993–1996, 2000–2006


Action Central Films


Action centra

The Bridge Films/Productions


The Bridge

The logo is premiered in A Great Story

Cheese Productions


Cheese Productions

In 2016, The Cheese Group was merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Get Out Productions!

Planet Productions

Eagle Music

Badgasarian Home Video

Badgasarian Pictures

Badgasarian Group

ICHC Holdings


In 2016, ICHC Holdings was merged to 2 Ways Cannon Media Group and Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Home Entertainment

Fire Records

Oebo Home Entertainment

Adult Pictures

Adult Pictures became Eagle Fire After Dark in 2016.

Oebo Home Entertainment Group

Dancing Cat Productions

Argosy Media


Visioner Television Studios

Visioner Entertainment

Gamefly Home Entertainment

June 2015-October 2015

Gamefly Home Entertainment

October 2015-2016

The Doge Companies


Doge Companies

The Doge Companies launched in 2014 and it is owned by ICHC. In 2016, ICHC Holdings merged to 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Oebo Productions (first era)


Production Company Started On March 13, 1993


Oebo Productions-0

In June 1997 Oebo Productions Replace The Oebo Logo For 3 Years

Oebo Studios


Oebo Studios

On Janurary 31st 2008 Oebo Productions Was Changed For Almost 15 Years

Oebo Productions (second era)



In 2016, after Oebo's media assets were acquired by Leopard Holdings, Oebo Productions became Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Oebo Media

Davis International


Oebo Television Networks


Oebo Television Networks-0


Oebo Television Networks-1




The Volkhausen Family International


Oebo Television Networks-2

Oebo Volkhausen International Networks


Oebo Television Family



Oebo Television Networks


The channels themselves were given to Leopard Holdings, while the company itself was merged into Eagle Fire Entertainment.

Baby Oebo Home Entertainment

Visioner Home Entertainment

Visioner Films

Chipette Films

Chipmunks Films

Sony Tiger Music

Tiger Entertainment

Tiger Films

Tiger Columbia Films

Tiger Television Entertainment

Tiger Animation Television

Tiger Television

Tiger Music Entertainment

Tiger Records

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Home Entertainment

Glass and a Half Full Networks

Square Television


Topitoomay Movies Group

Topitoomay Movies


Topitoomay Movies Logo Dream Logo

Broadway Home Entertainment








Broadway Home



Broadway Films





Square Industries

Square Records

Square Music Video

Tiger Group

Visioner Holdings


Visioner logo



In 2016, Visioner Holdings was merged to Leopard Holdings.

Dancing Cat Productions

HeartBreak Productions



HeartBreak Films Was Originally called HeartBreak Productions after this Creation.

HeartBreak Films


HeartBreak films -Version 1-

in 2016, HeartBreak Productions has been Renamed HeartBreak Films.

Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Inc

White Flag Productions

Early 2015-2017

White Flag Productions
In 2016, Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group. Leopard Holdings was bought out by Crystal Holdings (now Polar Night Inc) in 2016 and WFP was merged into Eagle Fire Entertainment in 2017.

Kislevi03one Productions


K031 Productions 1992

This Taken from Susiro's World on Pixni.


K031 Productions 2014

64Line Media


64Line Media 2014 Logo

Leopard/Cannon Home Entertainment


Drawing Films





RealMilesify Logo (June 25, 2016, Prototype)

Terwright Records (USA) Limited


Cannon Records

Cheese Records


Cheese Records

In 2016, The Cheese Group was merged to Leopard Holdings and Leopard spun off it's companies, that didn't hold the Leopard name, into 2 Ways Cannon Media Group.

Polar Night Music

Thorn Emi Tunes (UK) plc


Thorn Emi Records


Thorn emi records 2004

KIVO Television Group Romania

Fortner Romania

Visioner Holdings LATAM LLC


Eagle Fire Entertainment


Eagle Fire Entertainment sold its Leopard Home Entertainment brand to FTN Inc, who then merged it to form FTN Home Entertainment. FTN also bought out Eagle Fire After Dark.

John River Television


In 2017, John River Entertainment acquired Panda Television (known for studio shows, quiz and gameshows & music programmes) and the magic show-focused department of Second Star Productions from Objective Media Group.

MIS Partnership

MIS Partnership was a joint venture between Metropolitan Media Group, Disney Media Distribution, PBS members, CBS Corporation, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System and Fox Entertainment Group.

Leopard Teen Network Originals

Tiger Teen Network Originals

Cannon Max Originals


Nextreme Max Productions


Leopard Television

Pop Corn Productions

Pop Corn Productions is an UK Comedy Television Production.In 1986,Pop Corn Production was sold to Leopard Television and was folded in Late 1989. It was briefly revived in 2016, but was folded in 2017

1985-late 1989; 2016-2017


Hiscanal Producciones Originales

John River Entertainment Pay & Subscription TV Division

John River Entertainment Sports Division

John River Entertainment Sports Films

Topitoomay Studios


Topitoomay Studios 2012 Logo


Topitoomay Studios 2014 Logo
Topitoomay Studios' operating team and staff members moved to Topitoomay Television, while Topitoomay Studios became an in-name only unit. It now operates Topitoomay Television's headquarters (formerly called the Topitoomay Studios) and manages client-owner communication and arranges studio recording days.

Topitoomay Vision


Topitoomay Vision 2014 Logo

Topitoomay Television


Topitoomay Television 2014 Logo

In October 2016, Topitoomay's channel management division Topitoomay Vision merged to the television distribution, syndication and production company Topitoomay Television to form "a full television division" bearing the latter's name.

Sunrise Road Productions


In 2017, John River Group established a long-form factual programming production and new technology incubation unit called Sunrise Road Productions.

Cenozoic Productions


Cenozoic Productions was a natural history, museographic and exhibition unit of Metropolitan Media Group.

Oebo Pictures








Triumph Pictures (revived)

Revived by Ub Iwerks Company

Ub Iwerks Pictures

Triumph Animation

Ub Iwerks Entertainment

Ub Iwerks Animation

Ub Iwerks Toons

Ub Iwerks Television

Triumph Television

Ub Iwerks Television Group

Beuren Channel Original

Van Beuren Television Animation

Van Beuren Television Studios

Van Beuren Television Group

Van Beuren Animation Studios

Van Beuren Entertainment

Van Beuren Family Worldwide Inc

Van Beuren Pictures

The Van Beuren Company

Toon Beuren

Beuren Family

Beuren Junior Original

Beuren X Original

Beuren Channel Original Movies

Globo Pictures

Globo Television Studios

Globo Television Group

SBC Video

SBC Entertainment

SBC Pictures

SBC Animation

SBC Media, Inc.

SBC Television Group

BeurenToon Studios

Town Video


SEGA Animation

SEGA Television Group

Sonic Team Pictures

Grupo BCB de Comunicacao

BCB Films

TOWN Holdings


In 2015, TOWN Holdings became TOWN Media.

TOWN Media


Service Games Pictures


SEGA Feature Films



SEGA Films



SEGA Films' parent company SEGA Holdings Inc got acquired and merged to Laserium Holdings in June 2016.

Service Games Family


SEGA Family



SEGA Pictures



B2 Original Productions


PBS Films

PBS Films was founded in 1971 (thought films from 1971 made by the company had an in credit text at the beginning of film) as a joint venture with PBS, Children's Television Workshop, WNET, WNED, WNVC, WQED, KPBS and WGBH.

At first it only had distribution through Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros domestically; along with United Artists and EMI internationally.


Nicknames: The Everyman, The film Reel.

Logo: We see a spinning film reel then the PBS Everyman appears and the words PBS films appears, then the film reel stops spinning.

Variant: On some films the byline: Released Thru Warner Bros. Pictures a Warner Communications Company is seen. Starting in 1976 a byline stating: Released through Columbia Pictures was used the next to the byline was the SunBurst.Also there is a B/W version on non Warner films such as: Golden Sierra (Columbia), Fire and Water, (Paramount), Hollywood Land ( Avco-Embassy theatrical. Though the PG-13 cut is owned by Tri-Star), Sesame Street Magical Alphabet Quest ( Internationally through MGM after buying the film from EMI ),and The Unicorn Prince (United Artists). However Sesame Street Magical Alphabet Quest had the B/W logo since it was distributed by Warner but produced by Toei Animation, CTW, and Gaumont.

SFX/FX: the spinning film reel and the words appearing.

Music and Sounds: A 15 note synth tune.

Music and Sounds Variant: The 2002 DVD of the anime film The Dark Rose has a 10 note piano tune which was from the German release,however the 1999 and 2006 DVD releases of Fire and Water has the second logo with this logo's music..

Availability:Rare, as ether a BBC, MGM, Turner ,Sesame Workshop, 1981 Columbia Torch Lasy,or the 1984 Warner Pictures logo plasters this logo on US prints of films released by the company. however some films such as US prints The Great African Journey have this logo followed by a BBC logo. Although VHS releases of the company's films from 1977 to 1993 have this logo, and some DVD releases from 1996 to early 1997. This logo can also be seen on some films that were co-produced with Paramount, United Artists, and in rare cases Disney, however most of the co-productions with Disney are owned by Disney and omit this logo, however some of the co-productions are owned by Turner and don't omit this logo and even keeps the Disney in credit text.The co-productions with Paramount are owned by Paramount internationally except Japan,Britain,Australia,and New Zealand which in those countries the rights are owned by BBC. Paramount preserves this logo, but in North America the films are owned by Warner Bros., who preserves this and the Paramount. logo. The United Artists co-productions are owned internationally by MGM as of 2015, MGM keeps both logos on international releases. In North America the films are owned by BBC, and they keep both logos on North American releases.The Warner Bros. byline was seen on 1996 flipper DVD of Sesame Street and the Magical Alphabet Quest and Monde Concert '74.

Scare Factor: Low.

1975-1992 (Most countries); 1975-1997 (Japan, USA, France, and Denmark)

Nicknames: The Starry P-head

Logo: On a black background we see the P-Head logo, the logo flashes then 8 stars fly over the logo and then the words PBS Films is seen, then the word Presents is seen.

Variant: Starting in 1979, the byline "A Division of Celluloid Communications" is seen. Depending on the movie, a distributor's logo would be seen below the P-Head, next to the text "Through" and the distributor's name.

  • Romeo and Juliet has the Sunburst below the P-Head
  • BackSkratch has the The Big W and the Warner Byline
  • Great Outdoors: The Outback has a EMI logo bellow it
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Vampire Curse (1987 anime film) has a WB shield under the P-Head
  • and Arctic Mysteries has the 20th Century Fox logo under the P-Head

SFX/FX: The Flashing, The stars flying, and the words appearing.

Music and Sounds: A 12 note Moog Synthesizer fanfare.

Availability: Common, Some companies that released titles from the company include: PBS Home Video, Magnetic Video, and Warner Home look for some releases of films from PBS Films from these companies, for example the 1988 VHS and 2002 DVD release of BackSkratch, the 2004 DVD release of Romeo and Juliet ( the 1975 anime film) have this logo. Magnetic Video Laserdisc releases of PBS Films' Films have no logo, but Magnetic Tapes do.

Scare Factor: Medium.


Nicknames: the PBS text

Logo: It is just the words PBS Pictures presents.

SFX/FX: None.

Variant: in 1984 the The 1984 P-head was added above the logo. In 1985 the text PBS Pictures released thru New Line Cinema was added.

Music and Sounds: The 1st logo fanfare on some films. Though usually Beethoven's Fifth Symphony would be used.

Availability: Rare, This was only seen in Europe and films distributed by New Line so look for older prints of films like Loudness...Stop it!.The 2004 DVD and The 2012 Blu-Ray of The Gates of Troy have this logo.

Scare Factor: Minimal.


Nicknames: The CGI P-Head

Logo: On a background we see a flash, then the P-Head (in the 1984 style) appears and then 8 stars fly over the P-Head, after that the background changes to a Roman,Egyptian, and Greek style background, finally the logo flashes and we see the P-Head on a throne with olive wreathes surrounding the throne and the words

A Public Broadcasting Service Company

under the olive wreathes.

SFX/FX: all the animation in the logo.

Trivia: the logo was designed and animated in 20 days.

Music and Sounds: a 20 note orchestral fanfare that sounds similar to the NOVA theme that was used at the time.

Availability: Common, as MGM Home Video releases of films by the company like Star Night have this logo preserved on all their films and some times plasters previous logos.

Scare factor: None.

Celluloid Reel Pictures Company

In 1997 the company was spun off as Celluloid Reel Pictures Company. In 2002, the total 50% of the company was bought by StudioCanal, Toei, Gaumont and BBC Worldwide.

As of 2015, the company produced and released its movies through MGM Home Entertainment/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment internationally and Sony Pictures Worldide Acquisitions/Paramount Home Entertainment domestically. Though most of its former film library are owned by Warner Bros. and Columbia, there are some films owned by StudioCanal.


Nicknames: The Filmreel

Logo: Just a film reel. With the company name.

SFX/FX: None

Music and Sounds: Same as the last logo.

Availability: Common and can be seen on all films from the company, however films like such as Logic and Reason have no logo

Celluloid Reels

In 2017, StudioCanal, Toei, Gaumont and BBC Worldwide sold their 50% stake to Laserium Holdings. Laserium also acquired the other 50% of the company and Celluloid Reels became a fully-owned production company.


Bridge Media Productions


Bridge Media 2017
Bridge Media Productions was formed as a media production company by Metropolitan Media Group. It mainly produces content for both Laserium Entertainment and MMG, hence "Bridge" in the name. The headquarters of the now-merged predecessors were now moved to Los Angeles, California, two blocks away from the headquarters of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures.

Right before formation, they sold their television stations to KB Broadcasting and their soundtracks & music divisions to EMI, back then owned by SLN! Media Group.

Mutt Productions

Mutt Productions was an American production company, based in Chicago, Illinois.


Mediaset UK Television opened satellite offices in Orlando, Pennsylvania and Vancouver in February 2017, after merging Telemedia and Pennsylvania Broadcasting Service/Channel 8 Limited into Mediaset UK Television.

However, in April 2017, the Orlando, Vancouver and Pennsylvania offices were merged to form Mutt Productions (Mutt being an acronym of Mediaset UK Television (MUT), with an added T meaning nothing).


Mutt Productions 2017

Thermal Heat

Thermal Heat was an Argentinan movie production company.


In June 2016, Laserium Holdings purchased Thermal Heat.

Ben's Music Films

Telekino ApS


Based in Denmark.

Excalibur Films


Based in Belgium.

Sonar Film Co Ltd


Based in Iceland.

Metro Optimum Films


In February 2017, Metro Optimum Films bought out its sister company Aurum Producciones' distribution operations in Spain. This division of Laserium Entertainment will distribute, finance and produce films in Europe (and formerly Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa). Soon, Metro Optimum Films' offices in Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa, along with its Australian distribution rights to Mirum Pictures films, were acquired by Mirum Pictures International.

PiC Pictures

Angel Productions

Background: Angel Productions is committed to producing superhero, spy, secret agent and detective films and TV shows.


Logo 1: "Angel Wings"

Years: 1997-1998

Logo: On a sky blue background, we see a pair of white angel wings flapping as "Angel" fades in above and "Productions" fades in below.

FX: 2D in 1997 and 3D in 1998.

Music/Sounds: Flapping noises as the angel wings fly and 2 tubular bell rings when "Angel" and "Productions" fade in.

Availability: Seen on Austin Powers n' Girls Season 1 (1997-1998) and Dallas Showers, Hippie Superhero (1998)

Logo 2: "The Flying Angel"

Years: 1999-2001

Logo: On a sky blue background with confetti, we see an angel waving to us flying from right to left forming the word "ANGEL" in hot pink Curlz MT and left to right forming "PRODUCTIONS" in neon green Jokerman LT.

FX: The angel flying and words forming.

Music and Sound: A heavenly song throughout the logo. When the angel flies, we hear windchimes.

Availability: Seen on Austin Powers n' Girls Season 2 (1999-2001) Dallas Showers: It's Hugging Time! (2000.)

Logo 3: "The Singing Angel"

Years: 2002-2008

Logo: On a sky background with white and pink clouds, the angel from the second logo sings "Angel Productions Presents!" as the words appear in gold cursive.

Music/Sounds: the Angel singing as new age music is in the BG.

Availability: Seen on Austin powers n' Girls Season 3 (2002-2008) and Dallas Showers: Live and Let Hug (2003.)

Logo 4 (2008-2016)

Logo 5 (2016-2018)

Leopard Films


Leopard Films 1940 Logo


Leopard Films 1960 Logo


Leopard Flims 1970 Logo


Kislevi03one Pictures

Aye Carumba! Productions (first era)


Aye Carumba! Productions logo (1991-2009) (version

Paramount-Fox Distribution



In 2014, Aye Carumba! Productions becomes Paramount-Fox Distribution, designed by CG Design.



Designed by GRFX/Novocom, recorded from RKO Network.

Aye Carumba! Productions (second era)


PolyGram-RCA Video


In 1985, RCA was taken over by General Electric.

PolyGram-Gamount Video


Polygram-Gamount Music Video




They distributed laserdiscs.

PolyGram-JVC Video


International Distribution Entertainment


In 1993, a consortium consisting of JVC, Hoyts, Toho, New World Pictures, Toei, Cannon Films, Great American Broadcasting (formerly Taft Broadcasting), Bertelsmann Music Group, Jim Henson Company, Canal+, Carolco, Miramax, Pathé (not to be confused with Pathé Communications), Lucasfilm, Turner (which owns Castle Rock, Hanna-Barbera and Castle Rock), MGM, American Zoetrope, October Films, Mosfilm, ITC Entertainment, Goldcrest and Gamount, formed a joint venture called International Distribution Entertainment, to maintain it's movie theaters, release B movies, British and foreign (non-American) movies, music videos, noir films, musicals, pre-1980s films (produced, owned or distributed by the members of the consortium), on laserdiscs, Betamax tapes, VHS tapes and cassettes, and release it's films internationally in theaters.

Also in 1993, IDE established IDE Film Studios, IDE Cinema Advertising, IDE Electronics & Equipment Group (responsible for film projectors, recorders, lights, radios, TVs and office equipment), IDE Film Laboratories and IDE Records.

In 1994, Cannon Films was closed down. In 1996, Turner was bought by and merged to Time Warner, and Carolco became bankrupt. In 1997, New World merged to 20th Century Fox. In 1999, Great American (then Citicasters) was acquired by and merged to Clear Channel Communications, while ITC Entertainment and October Films merged to Universal Studios, which caused it to pull out of the joint venture since Universal owned United International Pictures, IDE's rival.

In 2002, the Australian branch spun off as Hoyts Distribution, as Hoyts left the joint venture, and Toho and Toei split the Japanese branch and merged them to their respective distribution divisions, as they also left the joint venture. In 2003, Clear Channel, Pathé, Gaumont and Canal+ Group left the joint venture and the French branch was split and merged to StudioCanal, Gaumont and Pathé. In 2004, Mosfilm merged the Russian and Belarussian branches to itself and left the joint venture. The same year (2004), BMG was merged to Sony BMG, which strengthened it's music video distribution business. In 2005, the American branch was split and merged to Warner Bros, Miramax, MGM and 20th Century Fox, who have left the venture that same year.


In 2006, the branches in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Peru, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, North Africa and Middle East were merged to form it's division IDE South, and the branches in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg merged to form the new German branch.

Also in 2006, JVC left the joint venture, and IDE closed it's cinema advertising division, sold it and merged it to Pearl and Dean. In 2007, IDE decided to launch it's film production division, after merging IDE South, IDE Germany and IDE'S branches in Netherlands, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Monaco, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldovia, Czech Republic, Croatia, China, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal to become the film production and distribution company called IDE EASAMEA (Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa).

In 2008, Sony BMG was merged to Sony Music Entertainment. This gave IDE the international distribution rights to Aniplex films, as Aniplex is a part of SME Japan, owned by then-member of IDE, Sony BMG. Also in 2008, IDE EASAMEA was renamed to IDE Productions, established production offices in United States and Canada, and the international distribution rights to Muppets movies were purchased by Walt Disney Company, as the Jim Henson Company left the joint venture.

In 2009, American Zoetrope and Lucasfilm (which was later bought by Disney in 2012) left the joint venture as IDE Productions shut down it's offices in United States, it's record label, film laboratories division, electronics division and it's film studios.

In 2010, it's film exhibition division was closed and the theaters worldwide became independent entities, while IDE Productions closed it's distribution division in it's branches to focus on film production. After that, IDE closed down and gave it's remaining distribution offices to IDE Productions.

IDE Productions Distribution


Now as a 50/50 joint venture between Sony Music and Goldcrest, IDE Productions got the remaining distribution-only offices in the Nordic countries; Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, formerly owned by it's former parent company IDE.

It tried to launch a competitor to Netflix, called Windeo, in 2010.

In 2011, Windeo was closed, and Goldcrest Films left the joint venture to pursue it's own activities, scrapping the plans of establishing a production and international sales branch to London, and leaving the pre-2005 Goldcrest Films library to IDE. In that same year, the distribution offices were closed in Finland, Norway and Sweden, having Finnkino, SF Norge and Svensk Filmindustri acquire the distribution rights to the films that IDE was going to distribute in those countries.

IDE Productions

September–December 2011

In November 2011, IDE Productions shut down it's last distribution office in Copenhagen, Denmark. That same month, Sony Music withdrew the distribution rights to Aniplex films and spun the production company as independent.



Windeo was an on-demand platform created by IDE Productions, then owned by Sony Music and Goldcrest Films. It failed miserably and it was closed in 2011.

Illusion Films


After being spun off from Sony Music, IDE Productions renamed itself to Illusion Films, and opened it's home entertainment, international sales, commercial production and film promotion unit called Illusion Films 2, LLC (now called Mirage 2).

Afterwards, it sold and merged it's Amsterdam, Beijing and Hong Kong offices to Fortissimo Films for €25 million, making Fortissimo Films it's production and distribution partner in China and Netherlands, then sold and merged the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal offices to Entertainment One and DHX Media, making Entertainment One it's distribution partner and DHX Media it's production partner. It's Brazilian operations in Sao Paulo merged to Globo Filmes and Paris Filmes offered to become it's distribution partner.

It's music video distribution business (now called Illusion Music Video), unfortunately, became bankrupt and was closed down in 2014.

Mirage World Films


Mirage World Films 2016

In 2015, Illusion Films became Mirage World Films, and MGM and Focus Features became it's American distribution and production partners. In 2016, Fortissimo Films went bankrupt and was bought out by Laserium Entertainment, thus making Mirum Pictures a new partner in China and Netherlands, starting 2017.

In November 2016, it was announced that a consortium, consisting of Polar Night Inc, Village Lava, Bachmann Holdings, Ultra Limited, GBC HoldingsHyper Holdings and RKO Holdings, was interested in purchasing Mirage World for $7.5 billion.

It's Latin, Central American, Puetro Rico and Carribean offices were merged into two offices in Mexico City and Sao Paulo. It's North African, South African and Middle Eastern offices were merged into a Dubai office. It's European offices were merged into two offices in Paris and London. It's Asia and New Zealand offices were merged into three offices in Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney.

The Sydney, London, Mexico City, Dubai and Sao Paulo offices were bought out and merged into Roblox Productions in January 2017. That month, Mirage World Films, Gaumont and Pathé announced that their partnership will end in February 2017.

In February 2017, Globo announced to exclusively distribute and produce Mirage World Films' movies in Brazil, SF Studios announced a partnership where it would distribute and produce the films in the Northern Europe and that Focus Features will be replaced by 20th Century Fox as the US co-distributor. Village Roadhsow Pictures Asia acquired the Beijing and Hong Kong offices that month.

Mirage World Films announced to merge its film promotion, acquisition and international sales operations to the Paris office and commercial production operations to the Tokyo office. As result, Mirage 2, remaining as home entertainment operations, was disintegreated in February 25, 2017. The next day, Roblox Productions announced the finalization of the acquisition of the Tokyo office and merger of it into Roblox Productions Osaka.

February–December 2017

Mirage World Films announced a rebranding in February 29, 2017. Its only offices are currently located in Paris, France. In March 2017, it was acquired by John River Group.

In September 2017, SF Studios, Entertainment One, DHX Media, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Globo Filmes and StudioCanal gave their worldwide distribution rights to Mirum Pictures International and it's international network of co-distributors. However, the films will still be distributed by SF Studios in Sweden, and Fortissimo Films in China and the Netherlands.

In December 2017, Mirum Pictures International and SF Studios gave their worldwide distribution rights to Laserium Films, then Mirage World Films was sold and rebranded as Laserium Films France.

Laserium Films France


Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Australia

Cannon Television Australia


Sirocco Dreams


The Union Logic Post-Production


The Union Logic was a French post-production company owned by Pinnacle Entertainment Group before being acquired by Laserium-GBC Networks. They acquired a French production company Coyote in January 2017.

Lightmotive (UK)




Zoogon was a division of Telegael Teoranta, based in North Ireland.



Rainbow Home Entertainment


Clark Lake Productions (UK)


Suius M&E International Networks Adria


In September 2016, Suius M&E International Networks will merge their operations in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia into a new division called Suius M&E International Networks Adria.

Jetpack Studios


Running Bendog Productions





Kite was a British drama production company owned by Laserium Holidngs since June 2016.



A German television production company focused on the comedy and entertainment space, Thinkstorm was founded in 1994 by Martin Werner.





In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired Thinkstorm.

Laserium Cymru


Prometheus Productions (Greece)


Kigis Branded Content


Kigis founded an internal Branded Content unit to produce ad-films in several formats granting the same quality provided through the years in its many television productions, called Kigis Branded Content.

Southern Lights


Southern Lights was focused on high-quality, low-budget, long-form fiction series production. It was acquired by Kigis in 2014 and became Kigis Fiktion.

Kigis Fiktion



Inspireative Studios

Inspireative Studios (Inspiring and creative) was a Danish production company established in 2007 by Omar Peterson and Christian Sallis. Inspireative is a top creative production company specialising in the creation and production of innovative scripted and non-scripted comedy content for television, new media and other new technology platforms.


In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired Inspireative Studios.

Clock Blade Television


In June 2016, Clock Blade Television was purchased by Laserium Holdings.

Prodigy Entertainment (first era)


Prodigy Entertainment was set up in early 2000 by Maria Quantina and is one of the TV production houses and format creators in Spain.

Biscay Stream Studios


Biscay Stream Studios was one of the fastest-growing independent audiovisual production companies in Spain, founded by José Manuel Lorenzo, one of the most seasoned managers and producers in the Spanish audio-visual market with more than 25 years of experience. Since its launch in 2000, Biscay Stream has become a contributor to channels across the Spanish broadcast spectrum with a particular focus on scripted content.



Prodigy Entertainment and Biscay Stream merged to become ProdigyStream. In 2007, ProdigyStream acquired Alliance Atlantis' Barcelona and Shannon offices.

Prodigy Entertainment (second era)


In January 1, 2008, ProdigyStream renamed itself to Prodigy Entertainment.


Between 2013 and 2016, Prodigy Entertainment bought out Zodiak Active's offices in Genoa, Rio de Janiero, New York and London, along with all the staff from both Audience and Brands teams. They also bought out Dixi Media, GalileoMedia, TeleAlliance Media Holding (Sweden), Zodiak Vostok, Bwark Productions, Mast Media Ltd, Lucky Day Productions, Presentable Television, Red House, Bullseye Productions, Magnolia Fiction, Quadrio,, Zodiak Brasil, Depeche Prod, JES Productions, Mona Lisa Production, Screentime Shinawil, Mastiff Media Poland, Yellow Bird Pictures GmbH, Jarowskij, Intelegencia Entertainment and Zodiak Latino's Bogota office.

In February 2016, they established the subsidiaries Prodigy Russia, Prodigy Poland, Prodigy Germany, Prodigy Sweden, Prodigy France, Prodigy London, Prodigy Ireland, Prodigy Cymru, Prodigy Spain (not to be confused with Prodigy Entertainment itself), Prodigy Italy, Prodigy Brasil, Prodigy Colombia and Prodigy New York, with a PokerItalia24-focused division Prodigy Poker and a digital/advertising-focused division Prodigy 360 in Italy.


In June 2016, Laserium Entertainment acquired Prodigy Entertainment.

That month, Prodigy Poland, Prodigy Germany, Prodigy Sweden, Prodigy Spain, Prodigy France, Prodigy Ireland, Prodigy Cymru and Prodigy Italy were merged into a new company called Prodigy Frankfurt, which will produce over 300 hours of programming for most of European broadcasters, in a variety of entertainment categories, including game shows, fiction and movies.

Also that month, Prodigy Colombia was merged into Prodigy Brasil, which was then rebranded as Prodigy Latino.

Prodigy Frankfurt was soon split into two companies: Spectrope (focusing on scripted TV shows and movies) and Prodigy Germany (focusing on non-fiction programming), both remaining as the satellite offices of Prodigy Entertainment. Prodigy Latino is currently known as Danger Pass Studios.

Prodigy New York was closed in February 2017. Around 97% of the staff went on to work for Sunrise Road Productions, while the remaining 7 people moved to work at Ashley/Borrow Productions.

Juicebox Films

Founded in 2005, Russian production company Juicebox Films has established its reputation, primarily, as an efficient producer of daily drama. Most of Juicebox Films series and shows are shot in Juicebox Films studios, where three to four episodes of each series and show are produced every day.

It's located in Moscow, Russia.




In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired Juicebox Films.

Real Notes Productions

Real Notes Productions wa a French production company focused on music-related programming, founded in Paris, France, in 2007. In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired the company.



Visionary Films

Visionary Films was a German documentary production company owned by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.


Aquafina Production Services


In January 2017, Aquafina acquired a post-production company Molinaire, a production trucks and outside broadcasting service provider Visions, a badminton and cycling event broadcasting producer Venner Television, Swedish visual effects companies Filmgate and Filmgate Films, German visual effects company RISE Visual Effects, Irish sound studio Ardmore Sound, Finnish editing company Skarvi, North Star Rental Scandinavia Group (the parent company of Angel Films and Dagsljus), Equity Pictures Medienfonds, the Stuttgart office of Pixomondo, Duckling A/S and Galaxy Studios of Belgium.

Laserium Film Labs


Vega Film


Vega Film was a Swedish film production company started up by film critic-turned-producer/writer Stefan Berg. The company was named after his favourite director's characters Vincent Vega and Victor Vega.

Scalawag Film


BCB Studios


SBC Studios


Ub Iwerks United Kingdom Studios


Laserium Studios Europe


Red Sea Television


Red Sea Television was founded by Red Sea Films in 2012.

In 2016, they acquired the 2waytraffic offices in Budapest, Madrid, Kiev and Kuala Lumpur; BBC Productions Birmingham, Bristol and Salford; Imira Entertainment; ITV Studios Norway, Luxanimation, Fabrique d'Images and Picture Factory, Summerstone Entertainment (Germany); 4½ Film (Norway); Triangle Production (Italy); Téve Holland, Téve Partners and Holland Management; Cartobaleno and Stranemani; Snowman Productions (Norway and Denmark); July–August Productions (Israel); NERD TV; Potemkino, Euforia Film and Pomor Film; M2 Film's offices in Aarhus and London, Dorna Sports, UFilm and UMedia VFX; F&ME Film & Music Entertainment; PECCADILLO PICTURES, Aya Distribution, Dogwoof Films, CineFile UK; Swiss film distribution companies Look Now!, Praesens, Xenix Film, Cineworx, Agora Films, Filmcoopi; Njuta Films and Folkets Bio; Golem, Avalon and A Contracorriente Films; Film Europe Media Company (Slovakia); Freealize and Transilvania Fims; Alamique and Outsider Films; Tongariro Releasing and Kino Swiat; Tour De Force; Cineart; Kino Pasaka; Parthenos, Teodora Film, Satine Film and Tucker Film; New Cinema Ltd; Bio Paradis; Mozinet; Rosebud.21; Cinemanse Oy; Mad Solutions (Egypt); Ost for Paradis, Angel Films Denmark and Reel Pictures; Film Distribution Artcam; Paradiso Filmed Entertainment; MCF Megacom Film; Digital Cinema Matila & Röhr Oy, TalentHouse & Fantasiafilmi brands and portfolio; Apipoulaï Productions; and the veteran staff from Mastiff Denmark & Sweden.

Red Sea Animation


Red Sea Animation was founded by Red Sea Films in 2012.

Neutral Reaction


Neutral Reaction was a British motion picture equipment company. It was acquired by Laserium Holdings in 2016.

Pink International Company


SM&E Pink Media


After the merger, its channels moved to Mediaset UK.

Pink Films International


PFI also operated under the PFI Studios name. In April 2017, Laserium-GBC Networks Europe bought out the studios and film production/financing departments, while Mirum Pictures International bought out the film distribution operations.

SM&E Sports

2016-February 2017

Laserium-GBC Sports

February–April 2017


Spectrope was a fiction division of Prodigy Entertainment, based in Frankfurt, sharing offices with Prodigy Germany. The name is a portmentau of "spectrum" and "zoetrope".

June–November 2016

Prodigy 360

Prodigy 360 was an advertising and digital division of Prodigy Entertainment, formed as a successor to Zodiak Active's Genoa office and both its Audience and Brands teams.

June–November 2016

In November 2016, the Prodigy 360 and Prodigy Poker teams were hired by Spectrope team and was merged into the company to form Laser Sharks Inc.

Laser Sharks Inc

December 2016-January 2017

In January 2017, Laser Sharks Inc merged with Prodigy Frankfurt and Prodigy London into Laserium-GBC Networks Europe.

Prodigy London

June 2016-January 2017

Prodigy Frankfurt

June 2016-January 2017


Riverpost is a post production and studio crewing company, founded in 2012 by John River Entertainment.


John River Entertainment acquired the film labs, which were closed down by Technicolor in 2014.

Laserium-GBC Networks Europe


A planned programming development and production department of Laserium-GBC Networks and few companies owned by Laserium Entertainment were merged into the new Europe-based production company. They soon acquired Agenzia Giornalistica RCS's offices in Florence and Rome, CBS Studios International's office in Munich, Germany and Südwestfunk offices in Freiburg im Breisgau, Karlsburg, Tübingen, Bad Neuehaur-Ahrweiller, Idar-Oberstein and Uilinen-Schwenningem to (mostly) provide journalistic sources and television production ideas, along with couple of shows in its portfolio.

In March 2017, they brought in Markus Selin (one of the producers of the Finnish Gladiators) and Kevin Jacobsen (one of the producers of the original Australian Gladiators) as chairmen and acquired the rights to produce Gladiators series in Europe exclusively (excluding Gladiators Sweden, since it's the only Gladiators series running in Europe, produced by Mastiff Sweden) from MGM Television & Digital Group. They also acquired Metrodome Distribution, the production centre Cologno Monzese (responsible for drama shows) from Mediaset, and the broadcasting, (most of the) financing and distribution rights (owned by TV4 (Sweden), TV2 (Norway), Nordisk Film, DR, ZDF Enterprises, ARD, MTV Media and Nelonen Media) on both the Beck and Wallander franchises.

Beck, Wallander and Gladiators have become Laserium-GBC Networks' leading franchises, as of 2017.

That month, they announced their films will be distributed by Mirum Pictures International and GBC Films automatically, unless mentioned otherwise. Their first film under the new name is a drama film Tick, which will be produced with Sony Pictures Releasing International, Ratpac Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, Silver Pictures and Buena Vista International, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures domestically. They also announced to work on a possible Wallander/Beck crossover.

They announced to complete the acquisition of Roblox Productions France and Germany in March 2017.

In April 2017, Laserium-GBC Networks Europe announced to co-develop and co-produce all European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian versions of Who Wants To Become A Millionare?, The Lyrics Board and Wheel of Fortune with Sony Pictures Television.

In June 2017, it's parent company Laserium-GBC Networks merged into Metropolitan Media Group. However, LGN Europe and it's subsidiaries were acquired by Laserium Holdings, and soon, only the LGN Europe and MMG remained as the joint venture between GBC Holdings and Laserium Holdings.

Live Asia

Live Asia was an Australian distribution and production arm of Live Entertainment, focused on co-operating and producing films in Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Australia.


In May 2017, Live International launched an Asian division to focus on projects made in United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. The offices were first located in Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney and Jakarta. Then, all offices were merged into the Sydney office. In 2018, when Live International was merged into Mirum Pictures, the Live Asia company was moved under Live Entertainment.


Next Level Studios


Next Level Studios Logo 2013

In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired Next Level Studios and closed Next Level Studios USA (it's US subsidiary). Next Level Studios GmbH is the first German film production company owned by Laserium Entertainment.

John River Entertainment


John River Productions 2017

Since 2010, the independent film producer, distributor, music publisher, post-production, educational publisher and education resources company John River Entertainment has been run by its owner and CEO Jonathan River. They have acquired Icon Productions' international sales and home entertainment businesses, Con Artists Productions & the Majestic/Producers Sales Organization libraries, Carson-Dellosa and HighReach Learning.

In March 2017, they acquired 50% of the employees from a British production company, Raw TV, and most of the marketing, production and financing arms of M2 Pictures and Lotus Entertainment.

In April 2017, they acquired:

  • Crown International Pictures's low-budget, biker and exploitation films library
  • 3AM Group Oy's marketing and promotions departments
  • Music sub-publishing deals with 2929 Productions, AMC Networks, Hasbro Studios, Icon Productions, New Concorde, Som Livre and Walden Media (from BMG Rights Management)
  • Theatrical rights to Embassy Pictures films formerly owned by Stuart Lisell Films with home video re-issue rights to Embassy film library formerly owned by Image/Criterion, Lionsgate and Anchor Bay
  • 50% of the staff and equipment of Hacienda Post
  • Metro International's operations in Puetro Rico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic and Guatemala
  • Apax Partners' offices in Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Brazil and India

CIT Studios

Cit Studios (spelled as see-it studios) was a factual entertainment and documentary production sub-division of RKO Television Stations, located in Milan, Italy. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Windmill Studios

Windmill Studios was a primetime drama production sub-division of RKO Television Stations, located in Moscow, Russia. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Talevision Sweden

A subsidiary of Talevision Films, located in Stockholm, Sweden, it produced high quality drama productions with focus on feature films and TV-series. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


Peas Out Belfast

A subsidiary of Peas Out Media, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, it produced content in the light entertainment genre. The production company was merged into RKO Television Stations Productions International in 2008.


RKO Television Stations Productions International

RKO Television Stations Productions International, located in Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine and Malaysia, was a production arm of RKO Television Stations Productions. In 2008, it gained offices in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden, China, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and San Diego.

The international offices were spun off as a worldwide group of companies, Skycat Group, in January 2009, but was soon bought out by a group of investors in 2014, who then went on to found Crystal Television in 2016. However, Skycat London was excluded from the deal and remained as a part of RKO Television Stations Productions International, until 2009. After that, Skycat London became the main UK operations of RKO Television Stations.

In June 2009, the name was re-tired and, the only remaining, San Diego office became a part of RKO Television Stations Productions.


Skycat Group


Crystal Television Italy


Based in Milan, Italy.

Crystal Television Hilversum


Based in Netherlands. Crystal Television Hilversum acquired Crater Films, Pumpkin Farm and West Pasta Pictures in March 2016.

Crystal Television Nothern Ireland


Based in Belfast, UK.

Crystal Television Spain


Based in Madrid, Spain.

Crystal Television Sweden


Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Crystal Television Magyarország


Based in Budapest, Hungary.

Crystal Television Kiev


Based in Ukraine.

Crystal Television Moscow


Based in Russia.

Skycat Copenhagen Post-Production


Crystal Television Denmark Film Lab, Color Grading and Post-Production Department


Skycat Amadora


Crystal Television Portugal


Based in Amadora, Portugal.

Skycat CEE


Crystal Television Slovakia


Based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Skycat Zagreb


Crystal Television Croatia


Based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Warsaw Media House


Warsaw Media House was acquired by Skycat Group in June 2011.

Skycat Warsaw


Crystal Television Poland


Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Crystal Television Norge


Based in Oslo, Norway.

Crystal Television Belgium


Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Skycat Copenhagen


Crystal Television Denmark


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Skycat CIS & Baltic States


Based in Tallin, Estonia.

Crystal Television Russia, CIS & Baltic States


Based in Tallin, Estonia.

West Pasta Pictures


West Pasta Pictures was acquired by Crystal Television Hilversum in 2016.

Pumpkin Farm


Pumpkin Farm Productions was acquired by Crystal Television Hilversum in 2016.



Susamuru was a publishing and television production company based in Kuopio, Finland. It went into bankruptcy in 2014 and the television production division was bought out by Skycat Group.

Skycat Finland


Skycat Finland established more offices in Vantaa and Tampere in 2015, however, when Crystal Television was established, Vantaa and Kuopio offices were merged into Tampere office.

Crystal Television Finland


In 2016, Crystal Television Finland opened its second television format development operations in Helsinki.

Skycat Tel Aviv


Animation Lab


Animation Lab was based in Jerusalem and Los Angeles. It was developing its first feature film, The Wild Bunch, when it closed its doors in 2013. The Israeli studio and its assets were acquired by Skycat Group.

Crystal Television Israel


The successor to Skycat Tel Aviv and Animation Lab, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

GBC Entertainment Europe


In 2016, GBC Holdings acquired Crystal Television's operations in Europe, Israel and Russia and, two months later, merged them into GBC Entertainment Europe. It focuses on television formats, original television productions and digital content.

GBC Independent Pictures

Corncob with a Hat Pictures


Corncob with a Hat Pictures 1997
Corncob with a Hat Pictures began in 1997 as a film studio. In 2016, it was purchased by Lava Lamp Entertainment.




1994-2013 (Aurum Producciones), 2014-2018 (Aurum Films)


Aurum Producciones was revived by Laserium Entertainment in 2014, after buying out a Spanish independent film production and financing company Zinchouse.

Clementine Motion Pictures

Kigis Film

SBC Home Entertainment

SEGA Home Entertainment

BCB Home Entertainment

Van Beuren Home Entertainment

Ub Iwerks Home Entertainment

KCER Home Video International

KCER Home Video International was an international home entertainment arm formed in 1985 by Mario Kassar and KCER Media. It distributed some of the Carolco/Seven Arts films and most of KCER-produced/distributed material. In 1991, KCER Media bought the Nordic, German, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese and Spanish operations of Vestron Video International, and in 1995, LIVE Entertainment's film financing division Live America.

Finally, in 2011, KCER Home Video International merged into CER2 Home Entertainment.




Later on, they bought out the following:

  • Lightning Video (a division of Lightning Video that used to distribute extreme B and made-for-TV movies during the '80s) and Children’s Video Library (Vestron's children's division),
  • Republic Home Video (a home video arm of Spelling Films),
  • Worldvision Filmes do Brasil Ltda,
  • The Video Late Show/King Bee Video (IVE's labels for releasing nostalgic titles),
  • Excalibur Video (in Belgium and the Netherlands),
  • Monterey Home Video,
  • LK-TEL Video (Argentina, Chile and Brazil),
  • Redbus Home Entertainment, Avalanche Home Entertainment (a division of Lions Gate Films that distributed smaller Canadian B-movies and independent films), Kidmark and half of Trimark Home Video,
  • Cabin Fever Entertainment/Razzmatazz Entertainment
  • Thriller Video, RadioVision International and Celebrity Home Entertainment
  • Camelot Entertainment Sales, Inc. (a barter advertising sales division of King World Productions, Inc.)

Lexington Home Entertainment

Lexington Home Entertainment was a packaged media division of Dot/LTB Entertainment, from 1979 to 2016, when it was merged into Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment.





Cablevision Video


Multimedia Video


Gannett Home Video


SET Home Video


SET/KCER Home Entertainment


KCER Home Entertainment


CER2 Home Entertainment


CER Two Home Entertainment


CER Two Home Entertainment was the home entertainment division of the CER Two television network and a home video distributor of movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, it was owned wholly by KCER Media since 2004, formerly the video division was known under various brands until 2004. In June 2016, CER Two Home Entertainment merged with Laserium Home Entertainment to form Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment.

JTV Video


JTV Home Video



JTV Home Entertainment




It merged to Laserium Home Entertainment.

JTV Family Features


JTV Family Entertainment



In 2016, it merged to Laserium Home Entertainment.

Dane Media

Dane Media (also known as Dane Video) was a home media company that releases videos and DVDs of movies and TV shows. Dane Media was formed by Micheal Dane (b. 1933) and his wife, Anne Marell (b. 1930) in 1980, following Micheal's retirement in 2005, Anne became head of the company.

In June 2016, Laserium Holdings acquired Dane Media and it became Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment.

1st Logo (January 6, 1980 - 1991, August 11, 1998 - March 2, 1999)

Dave Video (1982)

Logo: On a dark blue background, a white block with the word "Dane" on it, then the word "Video" fades in after.

SFX: The block and "video" fading in.

Music: It depends on the variation:

  • 1980 - 1986: A 6-note brass jingle mixed with twinkles.
  • 1986 - 1991: Four synthesized ascending pinball-like chimes.
  • 1980 - 1990, 1998 - 1999: None

Avalibility: Rare, can be seen on 1980 - 1989 VHS releases of Warner Bros cartoons, and 1982 - 1991 releases of pre-1963 MGM films. Can also be seen on various work-out tapes prior to 1990. It was also seen on Big Bag tapes and horror films released by Dane during the late 1990s. The first release to contain this logo was the 1980 VHS release of the comedy film California Dreaming, the last release to contain this logo with the 1980 music was the 1986 VHS release of a Looney Tunes compilation, Daffy Duck, the first release with the 1986 music was the 1986 VHS release of another Looney Tunes compilation, Porky Pig, the last release to contain this logo was the 1991 VHS reprint of Jane Fonda's Workout. The first release to contain the silent version of this logo was the 1980 Betamax release of California Dreaming.

Scare Factor:

  • 1980 - 1985: Low to medium; the music may startle some.
  • 1986 - 1991: Medium, bordering on high; the music and the animation don't mix.
  • 1983, 1998 - 1999: None.

2nd Logo (May 18, 1989 - June 17, 2016)

Dane Video (1989)
Dane Video for Nick Jr. (2001)
Dane Media (2012)

Logo: On a blue-gradient background, the word "Dane" comes from the right of the screen, and lands in the center. Later, the letters that spell out "V I D E O" or "M E D I A" settle below, then the logo sparkles.

Logo Variation:

  • On releases from 1989 - 1993, the letters that spell "Dane" fade in, then "V I D E O" splashes.
  • On Canadian Sesame Street releases, before the logo starts, there is a disclaimer that says "Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop. Sesame Street Muppets are a registered trademark of The Jim Henson Company."
  • On Nick Jr. DVD releases from 2000 - 2004, the word "for" rises from the bottom, and two tops with the Nick Jr. logo spin next to the word "for". Then, a copyright stamp fades in.
  • From 2004 onwards, the word "M E D I A" replaces "V I D E O" although Dane Media has been the official name since 2000.

Copyright Stamps:

  • 2000 - 2004: (c) (year) - (year) Viacom, (show name) and all related names, characters and logos, are trademarks of Viacom.

SFX: The letters fading in or landing.

Music: Depends on the variation.

  • 1989 - 1993: The same as the 1986 variation of the previous logo.
  • 1993 - 2008: A very nice piece of orchestrated music that starts out with a guitar tune, followed by a loud, majestic horn fanfare, and ending with another guitar tune.
  • 2000–present: A tribal tune.

Cheesy Factor: The CGI is marvelous for 1989, and still holds up like new today!

Availability: Common, seen all releases since 1989, such as 1989 - 1996 releases of Warner Bros. cartoons, Canadian Sesame Street releases from 1994 until 2000, DVD releases of Little Bear, and many others. The 1989 version is very rare, as this didn't become the primary logo until 1991, and got remade in 1993, the first release to have this logo was the 1989 VHS of the British comedy Buster, the last release to have the 1989 logo was the 1993 VHS of the Thriller/Romance film Blindfold. The 1993 version is the most common, as it has been used for 22 years, the first release with the 1993 animation & music was the 1993 VHS release of a compilation of episodes of Maya the Bee, Maya the Bee's Greatest Adventures, the last release with the 1993 music was the 2008 DVD release of the drama TV-movie A Little Thing Called Murder. The version with the 2000 music is starting to become common, as it has been used for 15 years, and beginning to out-live the 1993 theme. The first release to have the 2000 theme was the 2000 VHS release of the puppet comedy, Meet the Feebles (the DVD has the 1993 music). The Nick Jr. variation is also easy to find, as the Dane DVD releases of Wide Awake at Eureeka's Castle, Christmas at Eureeka's Castle, Allegra's Window: Small is Beautiful, Allegra's Window: Sing Along With Allegra and Lindi, Gullah Gullah Island: Binyah's Surprise, and Gullah Gullah Island: Dance Along with the Daise Family, are all still in print.

Scare Factor:

  • 1989 - 1993: High, the animation looks very rushed, and the music may also startle some.
  • 1993 - 2008: None, the animation is much better than before, and the music is also very much improved.
  • 2000 - 2016: Low, the music may be unexpected.
  • Sesame Street variation: Low to medium, the disclaimer may startle some who were expecting the logo to start, and the sudden transition to the 1983 CTW logo on most releases may startle some.
  • Nick Jr. variation: None to minimal, it depends on if you were expecting the normal logo, and end up with this.

Dane LaserDisc

From 1982 until 2000, Dane had a LaserDisc division, called Dane LaserDisc, it released Dane releases onto LaserDisc.

1st Logo (October 30, 1982 - May 30, 1992)

Dane LaserDisc (1982)

Logo: We see the 1980 VHS logo, as it slowly zooms out to reveal a black screen behind it. Until it's only 50% zoomed in, then the background turns red and it zooms back in rapidly, a thunderbolt appears as "VIDEO" disintegrates. Then "LASERDISC" stretches up. Then another thunderbolt appears and the logo ends.

SFX: The logo zooming out, the word "VIDEO" disintegrating, and "LASERDISC" stretching up.

Music: Silence for when the logo zooms out, then a tremendous "whoosh" sound that slowly increases in volume when the logo zooms back in, followed by a thunderclap, when "LASERDISC" stretches up, a series of random, warbly synth-like sounds produced by a Moog synthesizer, then another thunder clap.

Availability: Rare, appears on LaserDisc releases from the era, first seen on the 1982 LaserDisc of American Pop, last seen on the 1992 LaserDisc of Halloween at Eureeka's Castle, it can also be seen on the 2001 DVD of Christmas at Eureeka's Castle, probably by mistake, but the 2003 reprint fixes the issue.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, the thunderclaps and music can scare a lot of people.

2nd Logo (March 1, 1992 - December 29, 2000)

Dane LaserDisc (1994)

Logo: The same as the last logo, only with the 1989 logo, the zoom in is slower than before, and the LaserDisc "L" appears next to the LaserDisc logo, the thunder is completely omitted.

SFX: The zooming.

Music: It depends on the variation.

  • 1992 - 1993: Silence during the zoom out, but during the zoom in, we hear the same whoosh from the last logo, only slightly quieter, then we hear a sped-up quiet version of the 1986 - 1993 fanfare.
  • 1993 - 2000: The 1993 fanfare, minus the first guitar solo. And plus the whoosh from before. And some sparkling.

Availability: Uncommon, the 1992 version first appeared on the 1992 LaserDisc of a German film Das Boot, the last appearance was on the 1993 LaserDisc of British TV movie King Lear. The 1993 version first appeared on a reprint of The Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Movie. The last appearance was on the 2000 LaserDisc release of Meet the Feebles. It made a surprising reappearance on the 2001 DVD release of Gullah Gullah Island: Sing Along with the Daise Family. The 2003 reprint fixes the issue.

Scare Factor: It depends on which variation.

  • 1992 - 1993: Low to high, as the music may still unsettle some, though not as bad as the last logo.
  • 1993 - 2000: Minimal to medium, the music may throw some off, though a major improvement.

Dane DVD

Logo (December 26, 1997 - July 15, 2004)

Dane DVD (1999)

Logo: On a dark blue-gradient background, we see the word "DANE" fly from the top of the screen, then the DVD logo flies in from the bottom. Finally, the logo crumbles to reveal a black screen.

SFX: The words and logo flying, and the crumbling.

Music: A tremendous "whoosh" sound that slowly increases in volume when the text flies in, and a sped up version of the 1986 - 1993 theme, then a series of loud "scratching" sounds as the logo crumbles.

Availability: Surprisingly common, as a number of releases with this logo are still in print, some earlier Power Rangers DVDs, and all of the Nick Jr. DVDs released by Dane between 1998 - 2001. It didn't appear on all DVDs though. The first appearance of this logo, was on the 1997 DVD of The Year Without A Santa Claus, the last appearance was on the 2004 DVD of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the flying, the music, and the crumbling make this logo as scary as possible, especially to young children, who ironically were the primary audiences for the DVDs we just mentioned!

Print Logos

1980 - 1993

Dane Print Logo

The original print logo was used until 1993. Two years after the original opening logo was discontinued.

April 14, 1989 - 2004

Dane Print Logo 2

This logo debuted a month before its opening equivalent debuted.

Laserium Home Entertainment


Laserium-CER 2 Home Entertainment


In February 2017, Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment struck a deal with the most of former members of A Band Apart to distribute most of their future projects in home video, in collaboration with StudioCanal, with StudioCanal distributing the Daniel Smart films and most of the films produced by Laserium Entertainment's international subsidiaries. In exchange, StudioCanal gave Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment and Mirum Films International the foreign territories/home video and worldwide TV rights (excluding in USA, Europe, Japan and Australia & New Zealand) to distribute its films.

In March 2017, they acquired the rights and ownership to the two FernGully films (from FAI Films' liquidators), the First Independent UK films and the Ernest movies (with its home videos, international, television, adaptation, remake, sequel rights, et cetera) owned by Cornerstone Media, Bellevue Entertainment, Second Sight Films, NBCUniversal, StudioCanal (after Optimum merged into StudioCanal UK), Lionsgate/Anchor Bay, BBC Worldwide and FremantleMedia (the owner od few films after Prism Leisure was merged into FremantleMedia Home Entertainment). This makes Laserium Holdings one of the four companies that own the full First Independent Films UK library, with Sony Pictures, TimeWarner and Channel 4.

Vulcan Inc, AMC Networks and Naguib Sawiris (one of the owners of Euronews) announced a deal with Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment, where the latter would distribute the formers' content on home video and private networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In June 2017, there were rumors of Laserium-CER2 being re-branded into a "full on, 100% Laserium" entity. That month, Shout Factory and Full Moon Features announced that Laserium-CER2 Home Entertainment will distribute the former two's products internationally. They also acquired NOS' film and TV distribution operations.

Fine Line Features


Fine Line was an international film producer and distributor, formed as a joint venture between the revived Picturehouse and Laserium Holdings.

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SKY 2009

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Channel Z: Greater China & Taiwan | South Korea | Hong Kong | Japan | Indonesia | Singapore
Lyf: El Kadsre (Other) | Southeast Asia, India & China
Lyf Kitchen: Australia | Poland | Southeast Asia, India & China
EmoTV: El Kadsre | Francophone Canada | Middle East & Africa | Italy
Ganador: Australia | France | Middle East & Africa
The Lane: India, China and Southeast Asia
Puffy AmiYumi: YingYangia | InfinityLand | Europe
Centrum: Australia | Romania | Southeast Asia, China & India
Dice: Italy
Wyldlyfe: Italy

Channels run by Quest International Television under license:
WarnerMedia: Adult Swim Japan (50%) | Cartoon Network Piramca (French | Boomerang | Cartoonito | Adult Swim) | CNN Piramca | CN Randomia | HBO Plus (El Kadsre) | Pogo (Latin America)
Laserium Networks: Screen International (El Kadsre | Philippines | Eastern Europe, Liechenstein, Albania and Adria)
SBS (licensed to Star Media): SBS El Kadsre | SBS 2 | SBS Food | SBS World Movies | NITV

Quest Technology:

AF Quest (The AF Store) | NewSystem Inc (NewSystem | NewPlayer | Xfire | Alpha Zone | Air) | Camatary | BOKO

Online digital content (Zoop Digital Entertainment): | Cartoon Orbit | EKEP | Speedster | Group (Faktoid | | | POL (POL Desktop) | Screen.com6 | SVT Play (50%)

Games (Zoop Interactive Entertainment):
Console manufacturer: NEK Holdings LLC (Nitrome)
Game studios: Kaoru Digital | Kingdusk | Zoop Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios (New York | Atlanta | Boston | Los Angeles | London | Paris | Yorkshire | Toronto | Mexico | San Antonio | San Jose)
Franchises: TBA

Quest Cloud Services7:
Services: QCS Workplace (QDrive | More coming soon) | QCS Simple Hosting | QCS Docker Registry | QCS Bare Metal | AniSpark LLC | Qpay
Subsidiaries: QCS China | QCS Abu Dhabi | QCS Ads (QCS Analytics)

Past consoles and computers:
Nitrome Pong Console | Nitrome II | Nitrome Text to Speech TV Fun | Nitrome Enjoyment System | Nitrome 32 (Nitrome 32 CD | Nitrome 64-i) | Nitrome Unity | Nitrome Unity 128 | Nitrome Unity 256 | Nitrome Unity 512 | Nitrome Unity 1024 | New Playing Engine | CCG Engine 2 | CCG Engine 3 | CCG Engine 4 | CDX | CCG Core | CCG PC One | Eagle Hybird Entertainment System | Eagle Visual Computer | Eagle PCDVD | Z2000 | DBC 3D World | DBC Adventure | DBC Super | DBC TeleGame | DBC Toy TV | DBC Vision | Nitrome Handtrome | Nitrome 32 Portible | Nitrome Handtrome Unity | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 2 | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 3 | CCG Nano | CCG Nano Colors | Stereo Pocket | CCG Alpha | CCG Spire | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 4 | Nitrome Unity 2048 | Laserium Durango | CCG Nano Silm | Ben's Period (brand and group of consoles) | Eagle 4 | Mars

Quest Developments:

Amusement parks:
7Parks Inc.: TBA
Quest Theme Parks: Warner MovieWorld El Kadsre | Oak Acres Park | XPZone

Quest Transportation: Qualis Airlines | Qualis Railways
Quest Fashion Group: Laserium Premium | Aaarne
Restaurants and cafés: LJS International (Piramca | Israel) | Xandria Cafe | Ben's Restaurants Foopiia
Quest Cinemas: Premium Pass | Solar Cinemas
Retail (CaldorAmes): Caldor | Ames | Caldor International (Regimart Holdings Inc. (Regimart | HomeMarket) | Target (El Kadsre) | Target (Sakaria) | Target (Schelipoerys) | Sears El Kadsre) | Pikadike
Quest Licensing & Merchandise: Zoop Toys (Lucki Dolliz | Laserium Magic Foam) | Virgin Cola | Shore Organization | Quest Foods (Kellogg's (Piramca) | Ore-Ida (Piramca) | SmartWater (Piramca) | Technic Drinks, Inc. (Alola)) | Other products...
Quest Communications: Afrabcom | Axiom (Finland) | Kadsrecom | Sinclair Internet & Entertainment | Volar | Hangar Telecom and CPN Telecom | Alexonian Digital Broadcasting4
Quest Real Estate Holdings: GM Supermalls | Elkacity | Quest Meyraetski Arena | Quest Taugaran Arena

Others: Quest Books Group (Laserium Comics (Laserium Parallel) | Quest Books) | Quest Hotels (Amanecer Hotels) | Noroeste Productions (Greeny Phatom Live)

Quest International Ventures:

Financial Services (Quest Bank)
Quest Bank (Schelipoerys) | Kadsre Bank Group (Checkmasters (Alola | Floweria))

Auto (Quest Auto)
EME Group: EME, Kaliu, Kaliu Trucks, Healey, Velocidad, Solare and Gurgel | EME Carent | EME China

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals (Quest Health)
Quest Pharmaceutics

People's National Bank Group:
People's National Bank | Atlantic Insurance | Atlantic Home Insurance | Atlantic Auto Insurance | The Young Joseph Stalin Commemorative Silver Dollar

RKO Theme Parks
RKO Atlanta Resort | RKO Charlotte Resort | RKO New York Resort | RKO Los Angeles Resort | RKO Buffalo Resort | RKO London Resort | RKO Sydney Resort | RKO Amsterdam Resort | RKO Beijing Resort | RKO Nijmegenn Resort | RKO Hampton Beach Resort | RKO Bryson City Resort

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RKO Books | RKO Comics | RKO Magazine | RKO Features Syndicate | Spoof! Magazine | The Feline Bible | The Library

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RKO Snacks Company: RKO Food Stores | RKO Seafood | RKO Burgers | RKO French Fries | RKO Submarine Sandwiches | RKO Cheese Products | RKO Hot Dogs | RKO Milkshakes | RKO Potato Chips | RKO Tortilla Chips | RKO Popcorn | RKO Pies | RKO Golden Sponge Cakes | Game Over Breads | Hostess Potato Chips | RKO Banana Cupcakes | RKO Blueberry Cupcakes | RKO Golden Cupcakes | RKO Grape Cupcakes | RKO Orange Cupcakes | RKO Strawberry Cupcakes
RKO Beverages Company: RKO Cola | RKO Diet Cola | RKO Root Beer | RKO Orange Juice | RKO Milk | RKO Grape Soda | RKO Lemon and Lime Soda | RKO Water | Glug Light Beer | Vitanim Holy Water | E-Coli Diet Shakes
RKO Restaurants: Canada | Israel | New Zealand
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RKO Media:
RKO Digital | RKO Licensing

Other properties acquired from RKO:
RKO Gasoline | RKO Shopping Malls | RKO Physical Therapy | RKO Hotels | Spicy Pictures | Spicy Animation | Spicy Home Entertainment | Drunk Dog Pictures | RKO Music Films | Spicy Classics | RKO Premiere | RKO-RTÉ Ventures Ireland (50%) | Restaurant Doors Productions | Blue Pants and Circle Belt Pictures | ZS Films | Screen Cold Pictures (Others) | RKO Theatrical Productions | RKO Theaters | RKO Film Festival | SpicyWeb | Spicy Interactive | Spicy Mobile | RKO Clothing | RKO Electronics | RKO Jungle Co. | RKO Toys | RKO-Troma Ventures Scandinavia (50%) | RKO-WB Ventures Italy (50%) | Japanese Harvest Films | RKO-FOX Ventures Germany (50%) | RKO-MGM Ventures UK | RKO-Globo Ventures Brazil (50%) | RKO-Sony Ventures Latin America (50%) | RKO Pay-Per-View

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Zoop Radio (Zoop Radio Classical | Zoop Radio Live) | KCTW (Los Angeles) | WBMA 94.7 (classic hip hop, Boston) | DQRM (Metro Manila) | CNP Radio | SimRadio 1 | SimRadio 2 | SimRadio 3 | SimRadio 4 | SimRadio Light | Qualis Radio6 (New York/Chicago) | RKO Radio (RKO Country Radio | RKO R&B Radio | RKO Oldies Radio | RKO Jazz Radio | RKO Radio Brazil | RKO Radio New Zealand)

ZME Records:
USA: Maverick Records
Asia: TBA

Eternity Records:

Other labels:
Lareco | Gorilla Records8 | Hi Records8

Quest International Home Entertainment Group:

Quest Advertising Sales (international ad sales) | Ben's Programs Services (international syndication) | CNP Studios Global Entertainment (international distribution) | Ultra Video and Ultra Home Entertainment (international home entertainment distribution)

Other assets bought from RKO: RKO Pictures International | Thunderbolt Pictures (50%) | Radiotower Pictures | Holiday Pictures | RKO Classics | Corner Pictures | RKO Animation Studios (RKO Television Animation | Lightwave Animation | Loeki Animation) | WKDA America | RKO Railways | RKO Digital Cinema Group (RKO Digital 3D | RKO HD | Spicy 3D | Spicy HD) | National Shore Studios (majority stake) | Pink Park (50%) | RKO World

Other assets bought from RedStrong: NovaStar | Cable inc. | CNP Studios | CNP Cable Productions (formerly CNP20) | CNP Studios El Kadsre | CNP Hub | CNP Sport (CNP Racing) | CNP News (CNP Breakfast | CNP Newslens | CNP Weather) | Malaworks Company Inc. (Ben's Pictures, The Malachi Channel, Ben's Interactive, Ben's Animation, Ben's Animation Japan, The Malachi Studios) | Bad Robot Digital (minority stake) | The BBB Group | YG SLN! (majority stake) | Islands-FEN | Almost Pizza | AVS4fans

1 Co-owned with BBC Studios, ABS-CBN, M6 and Corus Entertainment
2 Co-owned with Discovery Inc.
4 Co-owned between Quest International Television and Quest Communications.
6 Under license from CPN Holdings or Laserium Networks.
7 Co-owned between Quest Communications and Quest Software & Technology.
8 Co-owned with Hyper Holdings.
9 Co-owned with RedStrong Holdings.
10 Co-owned with A&E Networks
11 Co-owned with Viacom, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures and AMC Networks

Former assets:

Former brands since November 2019: | Millennium Broadcasting/Warner Bros. Television Broadcasting | RTC SciFi | RKO Television Stations | Premiere Holdings

Spun off assets:
TV1 | Airpink | SEGA, Sonic Team, SEGA Sports, | Atresmedia Events, Atresmedia Advertising, Atresmedia Foundation and Trace Foundation | Greenyworld Studios | Burnstreet Films | Walden Pond Press, Telegael Teoranta, Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Walden Media | TNT & Cartoon Network (T&C HD) | Technic Drinks, Inc. | Cherry Hill Mall | Springfield Mall | Forts-Cola Inc | SpaceToon Animation College | InquisiCharta nv | Vyond Pictures | NDTV Good Times | Destiny Publications | WJRT | KPLR | Ginx TV | Globalshi | Warner Channel (Toonami) | Lifetime (Australia) | Trace Partners | Atresmedia Cine & Digital | El Kadsreian Melody (used to own 52%) | Warner News, Warner Ananda, Warner Majha (Sold in 2012 to Warner Bros. Entertainment) | Ene (sold in 2018 to Mediaset) | RandomTV (acquired by the Randomian government)

International versions of former channels:
International versions of Ene | Funhouse International (Portugal | Turkey | Southeast Asia | MENA | Netherlands | Greece | Spain) | ToonSchool International (France | Italy | Germany | Latin America) | Worldkids international channels (Australia | Canada | Latin America | Spain | France | Germany | Italy | Russia & CIS | Portugal | Netherlands | CEE | India | Japan | Philippines | South Korea | Taiwan | Southeast Asia) | Toonvision international channels (UK & Ireland | MENA | Toonvision Latin America | Canada | France | Spain | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Portugal | CEE | Russia & CIS | Greece | Turkey | Southeast Asia | Australia | Japan | Pakistan | Taiwan | Philippines) | Levibross Network international channels (Levibross Mya | Hungary & Latin America) | The WB International (The WB Türk | El WB en Español | The WB-IBN | The WB Indonesia | The WB Philippines) | UPN International: (UPN Türk | UPN en Español | UPN-IBN | UPN Indonesia | UPN Philippines) | Former Ultra News feeds: (Noticias Ultra | Ultra Nyheter (Norway), Ultra Aktuellt (Sweden) and Ultra Nyheder (Denmark) | Nuacht Ultra | ультра Вести | Stirile Ultra)

Defunct/Former RKO assets:
Color Graphics Corporation/RKO Graphics Corp. | Justice Television | RKO Enterprises | Frog Digital | Ground Communications | Lamp Productions | WorldTV | PBS Ecology Channel | PTV Park | Nick Education | Techno Records | Swirly Records | SBP | Discovery Soap Channel | Disney Moms | HBO Mysteries | Railroad Crossing Entertainment | Formula Records | Geek Records | TBS Animals | Turner Nature | Turner Latino | Sky Network | PBS Horror | Discovery Teen Channel | XTV | ComedyTV | SexTV | VCA Television | Kelgame Developments | VCA Mobile | ВИD North America | Capital Productions | Crystal Films | RKO Russia | Zenith Television | Zenith Exclusive Distributor | TBS Sci-Fi | PBS Classics | United Knight Broadcasting | Tamerica Broadcasting | RKO Stereo | Visual Projects | Powerscreen Enterprises | RKO Text | Associated Comics | Stupid Bear Studios | RKO CD | Damaged Door Enterprises | King Manufacturers | RKO Sales | Fish Communications, LLC | RKO Buffalo | Libum Labs | PBS Westerns | TK94732 Records | Som Livre United States | Tok & Stok

Defunct/Former RTC assets:
RTC HiDef | Calascetti Film Group | Emilio Calascetti Communications | RTC Bio | RTC Western Asia | XGNA-TV | XBLG

Defunct/Former AMC Networks Stevia assets:
Biggs Stevia | C8 Stevia | JTBC

Defunct/Former RedStrong Holdings assets:
Chronoteve (Gawah) (its channel space sold to CPN Holdings) | Chronoteve (Squarelands) (its channel space sold to CPN Holdings) | Chronoteve (Bearbi) | Chronoteve (Pinktonynia) (its channel space sold to CPN Holdings) | Central Media | ITV | ENTV Kids

Defunct/Former Premiere Holdings/CubenRocks assets: TheCuben2006 Video | The TV Channel | Bealina Video (South Korea) | CubenRocks Video Collection | Oasina Kids on Kids! TV (Kids! TV block) | Manhã Video (Brazil) | Horizon Video | São Paulo Video (Brazil) | Actuación Video (Argentina) | The Albert Network | Be4CBBC on The Cartoon Channel (The Cartoon Channel block) | Okto on Pengalaman (Pengalaman block) | Objectmation Television

Former brands until November 2019:

VTE Former brands until November 2019
Qualis Family Entertainment, Old Dominion Interactive Media Group, Oak Acres Entertainment, Octagon Cable Entertainment and Dreamcatcher Entertainment | Luckykids Middle East | Ultra Productions | Q2 Entertainment | BadHat Games | Qualis Animation | Cool Metal | Coffee Stain | Quito Inc. | Carpenter Productions | Ultra Carpenter | Lava Sports Fantasy | Lava Sports Racer | Lava Sports News | Lava Sports Extreme | Lava Sports VS | Topitoomay News | Ben's News | Lastecom Sinclair | Gaga Broadcasting Ltd. (Zigzag) | The News Network | EVBE | Luckykids Middle East | Former FMC channels (Country | Live | Rock | EDM | Jazz | Urban | Top 40 | Soul | Metal | Chill) | The CW Sports 1, The CW Sports 1 HD, The CW Sports 3 and The CW Sports 4 | Checkmasters UK | Starbucks at Checkmasters | The Checkmasters Company | EME Special Vehicles | Irish Health Company | Radio Alex | Talkwave FM | Roadshow FM | Cannon Radio Italo | Nextreme Radio Network | Nextreme Radio Spain | WBC News Radio | FMC Radio Nouveautes | Laserium Radio Australia, Russia, Tahiti and Thailand | Laserium Radio 2 | Laserium Bookstores | The Laserium Candy Company | MalaWorks Publishing (Ben's Books | Ben's Comics) | Beuren Soda | Beuren Cola | Beuren Ice Cream | Ub Iwerks Radio Group (Radio Iwerks) | Ub Iwerks Foods (Ub Iwerks Drinks) | Iwerks Toys | Beuren Toys | Beuren Newspaper (merged to Infinity Media) | Beuren Cars | JP Comics | TK Comics | Roadshow Comics | Ducky Comics | Infinity Pocket | Idol-Sapphire | Shooting Star Comics | Paramount Comics | Village Books | Continuity Comics | Nexus | Laserium Railways East | Van Beuren Consumer Foods | Sega Consumer Foods (SEGA Drinks | SEGA Cola | SEGA Foods | SEGA Soda) | SBC Foods | R2 Radio | Infinity Media | Echo Books | Qualis Radio Macon and Benton | Kid Cuisine (Piramca) (List of products) | Lunchables (Piramca) (List of products) | Ore-Ida Funky Fries (Piramca) | B Channel 25 Years | TV Mania | B Channel 3D | Everything Universal | EVB3 (USA) | EVB4 (USA) | CBJ Sport | DBC Sports | Scratch U8 Kids/Kids Network | YTV on Scratch U8 Network | EVB3 (UK) | EVB4 (UK) | Clan Network | EVB Gulp (UK) | EVB Yoyo (UK) | EVB Network (HD) (UK) | Lexington Broadcasting Network | Giallo and Focus channels (of Switchover Media) | Pink 15| Pink 3 | Pink Soap | Pink Kuvar | Pink Super Kids, Pink Kids | Everything Network France | Halogen HD | Crocodile Corporation | Operating System Television Channels Ltd | Crystal Radio | Ultra Theme Parks | Fuse Networks Australia (LifeStyle, 111 and Comedy sold back to Foxtel Networks) | Globo-TMC Ventures France (became Suius M&E International Networks' France & Monaco divisions and TMC-Laserium Ventures France) | Globo Entertainment (merged to Suius M&E International Networks) | Globo Holdings, LLC | TVB-Globo Ventures China | Radio Beuren | Beuren Theaters | Beuren Gasoline | Beuren Schools | Beuren Interactive (Beuren Mobile) | SEGA Gasoline | SEGA Video (of | SEGA Network | SEGA Holdings | SEGA Entertainment | JTV Restaurant | Spectrum Alternative Entertainment Corporation | Spacetoon / MTV | TNT & Cartoon Network (Spain) | Regal Sine Channel | CIC Channel | DSN | RKO Network Asia | POL Amalgam TFR | Starlight Corporation | Levibross Network Originals | Crocodile Originals | Starlight Animation Studios | Palmhouse | Lareco Amigo | RTV2 | RTV News | OeboStore | Zigzag | Gold Warrior Productions | Google Pictures Television | Suius 2, Bachmann Network, TXTelevision, Dopamine, Lava Series, BXX, Cannon Network, Comedy Network, FrighTV, Esquire Food, Everything Network, SRC Network, Esquire Network Docs, WEO, Crocodile TV Channel, A-Channel, Tyne Tees Canada, Google Channel, Canal 5, Kai, Lasmax, Hiscanal, Teleclassic, 10MTV 2 | K2 USA | Cinecorn USA | Random Networks | Switchover Media | Cinecorn Group Ltd & SA | PG Networks | Ya Media | Canwest Media | Sony Carlton/Granada | Retro | The WB | HBO | Adult Swim | Regional Television Corporation | Nature, TV Sea and Atom | Neb Media (Hyper+) | Kano OS | The Malachi Channel 2 | TFR Communications | Pilipinas Online Corporation | RCA-El Niño Pictures-Hoyts Video | Google Wonder | Asahi Showcase | El Niño Asahi Film Distributors International | DuMont Films | DuMont Home Video | Rainbow Eight | Jollibee Crime | GET Portugal | GET Spain | Google Spin | Google Kix | Google BeTV | El Niño Pictures Television | El Niño Asahi Television | El Niño Asahi Domestic Television | Asahi Television | Google Pictures Television International | Pepsi-Cola Telecommunications | Google Wonder Television | DuMont Studios | DuMont Enterprises | DuMont International | Rainbow Worldwide Television | Rainbow Television Entertainment | Rainbow Pay Television | DuMontGoogle Television Studio | Rainbow Media Studios | Rainbow Network Television | POL Explorer | POL Hometown | POL OpenRide | PLDT-Alaxan Media Corporation | DBC-SonicBob Networks Group | WB Network Pinoy | UPN Pilipinas | DisNick Asia | Boomerang Disney (Southeast Asia) | Cartoon Network XD (Northeast Asia) | Windows Channel | MCOT World/SBS Plus | UTN | DBC-SonicBob Sports | Paramount-Buena Vista Movies | Visioner Entertainment | Visioner Interactive | Leopard Movie Network | Lasmini | Kids Fun Zone | Steamboat | Piwi | PMTV Kids | Tooniverse Randomia | K2 Extra | Toonvision Classic | K2 (CEE) | Yo | K2 (Hungary) | K2 (Latin America) | K2 (Asia) | LSN CNP Galaxy/Now/Movie Channel/Sports Channel/Power Station/Octagon Movies/Octagon Series/Octagon Real/PowerBox 2 | Serbia | 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Comedy Channel | Ben's-Pathé Communications Inc. | Ben's/Malachi Home Entertainment | Ben's Television | Sony Central, Scottish, Channel, Grampian, UTV, TVS, TSW, Thames, ATV, Rediffusion, ABC, Southern, Westcountry, HTV and TWW | Movie Agent Home Video | Viacom Newspapers | SuperSoup | Laserium Hotels | Critter Communications | Lava Television | Lareco Middle East, Lareco Africa and Lareco Asia | DBC Theme Parks | RTV News Text | Regional Media Corporation | RTV2HD | RTV2+1 | RTVHD | RTV+1 | Dan Curtis Pictures | Rainbow Pictures | MyTV, Polar Play and Mini MyTV | TV Rules Network | JerramyTV | WGB Cable Network | Urban Planet | Scratch U8 Network | Cam | Wow Network One | Nothing | Phoenix Entertainment Group, Sparrowhawk, VIP Media Group and Suius M&E International Networks Latin America | GBC Home Entertainment | GBC Television Group | Golden Factory Studios | GSP Entertainment | Starstruck Pictures | Jaja Studios | Globo Animation | Danger Pass Studios | GBC Television Studios | GBC Television Animation | GBC Digital Media | B Productions | If Entertainment | B Content | Wink Media (Wink Media USA) | Panorama Television | Cinv | Optimum Kinowelt | GBC 619 Productions | TMC-Laserium Ventures France | Boomerang Media | Dominik Animation Inc. | LBS Communications | M&J Productions | Crocodile North America | Mr. Man Guy Productions | Meridian | XL Productions | Ben's Tad Movies | Alive Films | Aurum Films | Bachmann Films (Bachmann Films/Others) (Film Institute of Scotland) | Crystal Entertainment (Crystal Television North America) | Mount Rushmore Productions | Submarine Animation | Learning Resources Productions | Gulf+Western Worldwide Acquisitions | Coca-Cola Film and Television Productions, Inc. | Sony-ITV Broadcasting Networks, Sony-ITV Regional Networks, Sony-ITV Cable Channels, Rainbow 1440 Entertainment, Rainbow Studios Family Productions, Rainbow Animation Studios | CIC International | DisNick XD | QUAD | Suius Canada | %1 | Chris Jr | Yay! | Antonio 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Scifi Network | Meteo | SLN! comedychannel | Toon Disney/Playhouse Disney | WB Network | Home Theater Network | Spotlight | Cinetoon USA | BFTV | SLN! cinemachannel | Kilo | VH3 | The Cookie Jar Company and their Cookie Jar Toons block | Cookie Jar Network | NAN 1 (Other) | NAN 2 | 4Kids Entertainment | Fun | Ben's Program Services New York | Kigis/Laserium Italia | Daniel Smart & Co | Movie Agent | Mediaset UK | FinleyLand Pictures (Others) | Car Rocket Films | GBC Films/GBC Holdings | Crystal Pictures | B-Gun Entertainment (B Channel) | JP Kids | Awarks Ctupo | Stevens Hills Miller | Nu Comics | Google Pictures Imageworks, Gulf+Western Mobile, GoAnimate Games | Pandora | Saturn Zinemak | Guild Cinemas | Village Bachmann | Europe Cinemas | Pira Jr. | Pira Kids | Pira Koolz Kids | Pira TV | Pira TV 2 | Pira TV 3 | Tooncast, Boomérang | Mopass/Mobinema and InterD/Vexner Cinema | Icon Cinemas | Fashionista | Cartoon Network XD | DisNick | Saline County Entertainment Television | Channel 6 (Others) | Ozone | The Malachi Music | GBC Music | Dancefloor Latin America | Auction2 | Nostalgic TV Partners | ToonR | Channel 5 | Militevee | Gyllene | BBB Entertainment | AMG Television | SEGA Television | +1 | Xtranormal Network | May Superstores | Telero | Bukidnon News Network | CIC Business | Inq7 News and Interactive (Ananda | Majha) | Business by SM&E | CIC News Channel, SM&E News, UBT News | UBT News 24 | Pira News | Inq7 News | X2 | Neb News | | Amalgam Inc. | John River Media Center | Sears Piramca (Kmart) | Kmart Piramca | Laserium Houses | Havek | Mediaset UK Television | Rude Productions | Laserium Energy & Mining Group | Canal 5 Sport | Glass Clock Sports | Cannon Sports | CIC Premium | Google LIV | DBC Games | Eskimo Entertainment | Next Level Studios USA | 7 Studios | SBC Japan | SBC Classics | SBC Games | SBC Gasoline | Ub Iwerks Theaters | Iwerks Interactive | Triumph Games | Ub Iwerks Gasoline | Ub Iwerks Toy Shop | Ub Iwerks Company | Castle Moon Entertainment | Dot/LTB Entertainment | LTB Productions | TLC Media | Bukidnon Corporation | Film Licensing Corp | Bachmann Multi Cinema | Bachmann Classics | Bachmann Television Animation | A Cinemas Group and A Home Entertainment Group | Bachmann Holdings | Warner Piramca | Paragon | Nysoni | GBC Technology | Crystal Franks | AGH | A Entertainment | ToonScratch Pictures | Zbox | Thorn Group | Warner-Rovio Films | Bukidnon Sports Channel | Lifestyle Bukidnon | Toon Malachi (Randomia) | Teletoon Retro Randomia | Nicktoons Randomia | Cube | Toonzak | Frisbee | Kids+ | WowToons | YTV2classic | Nextreme Max | Tooncity | Zeebo | Canal 5 Kids | GBC Kids | Lasmax Japan | The Malachi Channel XD | Hollywood Stars | Hollywood Movies | Spooky Channel by ToonCity | Ybox (consoles) | Esquire 3/4/Horror/Disney/Edge/Plus/Kids/Edu | G4 Movies/Weed TV | KawaiiTV | FMC Germany | ToonSchool (Central & Eastern Europe) | Worldkids (Greece) | Worldkids (Turkey) | KawaiiTV (Japan) | Worldkids (MENA) | DBC Films' Sega World | Yumi | Teamy TV (replaced by TXTelevision (Canada)) | Nysoni Zeta | Cannon Theatrical Productions | Acclaim Studios Los Angeles | Laserium Game Studios Shanghai and Tokyo | Leopard Holdings | ITV Television Stations | 2 Ways Games New York | Computer Corporation Group | Industries Agent | LGS Moscow, Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Austin, Manchester, Vancouver, Paris, Halifax, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Hamburg, Riverside, Dublin and Annecy | CedarMaple Australia, Live Interactive Sydney, Adrenium Monsoon and Black Ship Games, GAC Team, Live Interactive, Roadshow Interactive, GBC Games, CedarMaple Games, Cannon Interactive UK, Laserium Game Studios Berlin and Laserium Game Studios Montreal | MSN-Globo | Singularity Games New York | Laserium Game Studios Shanghai and Tokyo | Laserium Game Studios Mobile and Pinball divisions | MPS Labs | Camera & Lights LP | Ultra Choice | Ultra Carpenter Video | KCER Media | Lumix & Silver Cable | TBS | EnzoTV4babies | EnzoTV4adults | Tele Monte Carlo 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