Film director Wi Turismo, best known for Gran Turismo, was inspired by the Archive. He became a fan of Benny Boy's web show and the riffs, which inspired him to pursue the rights to produce an film adaptation of the show. He approached Ben Minnotte in 2013, but was initially denied, told by Ben that he was not intrested. Wi felt that not making obscure webshows known worldwide wouldn't work. Realizing Ben had some treasure hunt movies on formats like VHS and Laserdisc, Mr. Turismo asked "Why not have the movie be a treasure hunt genre film?" This sealed the deal and, under strict guidelines, the film could be produced. One of these guidelines was that Ben needed to payed only $4.00 a day, because he's always broke. When the agreement went through, Embassy Pictures, with SLN! Pictures and Asinine Productions, travelled to Colorado to shoot the film, with a budget of $45,000 thanks to Kickstarter, some $33,000 of the money generated used to pay for the music and media featured's rights.