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OBN 1952.svg

Television in Oasina was introduced in 9 October 1952. The Oasinan Broadcasting Network was launched at the same date, formatted with just the text that was on-screen until 1963.


OBN 1963.svg
Designer:  Casberi Josterico
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

In November 1963, OBN was rebranded to a stylized "OBN" logo, designed by Oasinan graphic designer, Casberi Josterico.


OBN 1975.svg
Designer:  Karveco Design
Typography:  Stop
Launched:  Unknown

In 1975, yet another rebrand was introduced again. The logo was introduced two parallelograms in blue and red, symbolizing two channels OBN 1 (English) and OBN 2 (Thai).


OBN 1979.svg
Designer:  Chermayeff & Geismar
Cranston-Csuri Productions
Image West
Omnibus Computer Graphics
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

Another logo was introduced in May 1979, consisting of stylized "OBN" in Pac-Man-like shapes. The logo was designed by Chermayeff & Geismar.


OBN 1986.svg
Designer:  Pruco Kah Tang
Television by Design
Pacific Data Images
3 Ring Circus
Typography:  Bodoni Poster Condensed
Launched:  Unknown

In June 1986, OBN rebranded to another logo with a new symbol designed by Thai-Chinese graphic designer Pruco Kah Tang. Atlanta-based Television by Design also made the on-screen ident graphics packages for 1986 and 1993, while Pacific Data Images for 1989, GRFX/Novocom in 1994, and 3 Ring Circus for 1998. For any network, the tall purple triangle is replaced with numerals with different colors for each network. Blue for OBN 1, and red for OBN 2.


OBN 2001.svg
Designer:  Velvet mediendesign
Typography:  FF Meta
Launched:  Unknown

OBN was rebranded once again alongside with ident packaging on 1 September 2001, which was created by German-based design company Velvet mediendesign.


OBN 2011.svg
Designer:  The Graphics Design
Typography:  Gotham
Launched:  February 29, 2011

On 29 February 2011, this logo was rebranded again, created by Cuben Corp's owned design agency The Graphics Design. It was well-achieved and eye-touching to a lot of Oasinan viewers. Sadly, the logo only was lasted for 3 years until it was rebranded again.


OBN logo.png
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Designer:  Loyalkaspar
Typography:  Custom-designed
Launched:  Unknown

In August 2014, After three years of using the slick and well-designed logo, the Oasinan Broadcasting Network made another rebrand with a new logo, created by Loyalkaspar. However, this logo gave some mixed criticisms, as many Oasinans wanted the old logo to be reverted.

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