Noterex, is Originally a Block on Electric Network around June 2013 until on August 7th, 2018; the block becomes a Television channel. and it's also a sister channel to electric network.

Electric Network Noterex


Electric Network Noterex Logo

Noterex is Originally a Programming block on Electric Network around June 2013.


Electric Network Noterex Logo 2017-2018

on September 17th, 2017; the logo is changed to appeal to the 2017 rebrand of the electric network, and the block was shut down on August 7th, 2018. and became a Channel.



Noterex Logo

on August 7th, 2018; the Block is become a channel; and currently airs reruns of some shows that formerly aired on Electric Network, It's uses the logos from it's Programming block counterpart.

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