Nostalgic is a cable and satellite television channel owned by Nostalgic TV Partners LLC.

2013 (unused)

Nostalgic 2013

2013-2016 (primary), 2016-2018 (secondary)


2016-2018 (primary)

Nostalgic 2016

Nostalgic's logo became more customizable, encouraging creativity among ident creators for Nostalgic, and the text has been shrunk slightly. It is believed that this changed was to promote it's entrance in the FTA market.


Nostalgic 2018
After Laserium Holdings and Nostalgic/Jetix's international channels was purchased by Old Dominion (with it's stake being acquired by Dreamcatcher), Salovaara & Kukkonen Group redesigned the logo for the new Nostalgic. Nostalgic was, for a while, mainly a basic cable and satellite television channel with more modern original programming, rebranded from a classic movies and series channel.

On January 30, 2019, it sold its "modern programming" to Gaga Broadcasting and then reverted itself back to being a classic movies channel. 

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Fenix 2020

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