NickToons 2 (programming block) 2000-2002

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Nicktoons 2 was a programming block airing On Nick GAS,MTV & Comedy Central Plus. The programs That Aired On The Block Were Ren & Stimpy,Kablam,SpongeBob,Doug,Rugrats,Invader Zim,The Fairly OddParents,CatDog,Rocket Power,Rocko's Modern Life,The Angry Beavers,The Wild Thornberrys & CatDog.

Noggin 2 (2002-2004)

Noggin 1999

On June,23rd 2002 Viacom Launched Noggin 2. The Channel Aired Noggin's Original Programs. Nick Jr. Shows & Nickelodeon Original Animated Programs & Gameshows + Tween Sticoms. Plus The Channel Would Have Commercials!

Noggin II (second era) 2004-2007

Noggin 2001

On July,14th 2004 Nicktoons On Noggin II Was Launched As A Nighttime Programming Block Aimed For Older Children & Teens.

Noggin II (third era) 2007-2010

Noggin UK Logo 2004-2005

On April,1st 2007 The Channel Would have A Newer Look Even Rebranding It's Old Logo To This Newer One!

Noggin On FOX (fourth era) 2010-2016

Fox Noggin Channel (2005-2010)

Nicknoggin 2016-2018

Nick Jr

Nick Jr. Noggin Ident (2016, fanmade)


Noggin 2.0 2018-2019

Comedy Central Kids 2019-2020

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Noggin 2 (revival logo) 2020-Present

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