In 2011, ZombiethekidRUS Has Release The Autism Spectrum Channel, A Remake Channel Of The Nine Network Australia.

2012-November 25th 2015


In 2012, Autism Spectrum Channel Has Launch The Brand New Logo, The Colors Purple And Teal Has Been Replace By Red And Blue.

November 26th 2015-Present


In November 26th 2015, The Nine Network Introduced A Network-Wide Rebrand Of All Of It’s Digital Channels With Autism Spectrum Channel Being Renamed Nine Aspect Channel. Additionally, Nine Aspect Channel Was Moved To Channel 96, But A Simulcast Currently Remains Available On The YouTube Channel.

In October 31st, 2017 (Halloween), ZombiethekidRUS Has Introduced Nine Aspect Channel HD, It Will Starts On November 10th 2017, It Simulcast On Channel 97.

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