The Hosonian version of Nickelodeon debuted on January 7, 1982 as Pinwheel. The show "Pinwheel" aired on Nickelodeon until 1993.

In 1983, they unveiled the new name of the channel. On July 16, 1984; the new logo went on air in TV. This logo was kept until 1987. As for the Top of the Hour idents, they made customs for 1988 and 1989. Top of the Hour 1990 and 1991 were unchanged. Nickelodeon did not use the splat as their main focus until 1993. By then, they began to air Rugrats and Doug. You Can't Do That on Television began in 1986, and went until 1992.

In 1995, they discontinued the mouse, then went for the splat. They also went for WAY more other designs. The logo from 1987 was continued to be used all the way until 2010. The logo also had just the "Nick" text for 6 years before changing back to Nickelodeon on March 27, 2010. Just a few days before July 2014, Nickelodeon Hosona, was rebranded to NickHosona. On November 3, 2018; Nickelodeon and its sister channels rebranded once again with the old logo. On November 8, 2018; NickHosona was once again rebranded, this time back to Nickelodeon.



Pinwheel logo

Nickelodeon launched as Pinwheel in 1982 in the Hosona area. It did not take until 1984 for them to change their logo. Other areas changed their logo much earlier.. somewhere around 1979. The Pinball logo was unveiled in June of 1983, and was eventually used in 1984.

Nickelodeon (first era)


Nick Pinball

Logo from 1984 to 1987. The popular orange logo was unveiled on June 5, 1986; and went on effect on February 17, 1987.


Nickelodeon Logo

This logo was introduced on February 17, 1987; and was used all the way until 2010. On September 27, 2009; the new logo was unveiled, and took effect on March 27, 2010.


Nickelodeon Mouse Logo

This was one of the early splat logos. It was used until 1995.



Logo used until 2006.


Nick 2003

This was the logo used until March 27, 2010.



Nickelodeon 2009

This logo was used until 2014. That one was unveiled in late 2013 as a replacement for the already existing logo.




Logo used from June 23, 2014 to November 4, 2018.

November 3-8, 2018

Nick heart

Logo used for 5 days. Hosona is the only area that changed the logo style back.

Nickelodeon (second era)


Nickelodeon Logo

Logo somehow from 1987 to 2010. This logo was reused for 2018.

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